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Good evening. A charity's encouraging more people


to plant trees as a way of helping to reduce the risk of flooding. The


Woodland Trust says trees can help the soil absorb more water, as well


as filtering it. In Holland, however, they've embraced much more


extreme measures to protect their towns. Here's our environment


correspondent David Gregory Kumar, who's been investigating whether


similar schemes would ever be adopted here.


Traditionally, the Dutch have always relied on a vast network of dykes to


protect themselves. But, following huge floods of 1995, the authorities


decided on a whole new plan of defence. And, now, in some parts of


Holland, they're deliberately lowering dykes to encourage


flooding. It sounds illogical, but it's all part of a cunning plan.


It's part of a ?1.8 billion project called Room For The River, taking


place at 34 locations across the Netherlands. The premise is simple


enough. By pushing the dykes back in certain specific areas, they're


creating more of an overflow for the river. So, now, when the water


reaches a critical level, it has a new flood plain to spill onto. But,


to create this space, the Dutch had to evict over 200 home owners and


farmers. To find out more, I've arranged to


meet Professor Nigel Wright, an expert in flood management.


What about radical solutions like in Holland? Could we do something like


that here? That's just the sort of thing we


should be looking at. There may be other measures, but we need to think


differently. What are the choices we have to


make? Widen the river? Displace farmers, shops businesses, people?


In some cases, that may be what needs to be done. And there has to


be a discussion. And, in the end, people will need to be compensated.


That would be popular with farmers. None of this is popular with


anybody. After our fourth major flood in 16


years, is it time to take the Dutch approach, and talk about radical new


ideas to protect the Midlands? You can see more on that story on


Inside Out, with Mary Rhodes, at 7.30pm tomorrow, here on BBC One.


The Environment Agency has now lifted all of its flood warnings for


the region. This was the picture in Worcester today, as the clean`up


continues. Compare that now to the situation a fortnight ago. Those


pictures are on the right of your screen, before the debris was


removed from the bridge. The Department Of Education has


confirmed it's investigating concerns about the way Park View


Academy School in Birmingham is being run. A report in The Sunday


Times says a former member of staff has claimed that non`Muslim staff


were being "sidelined", while female pupils are not allowed to be taught


PE by male teachers. The government says it will take action if the


school, which was rated as "outstanding" by Ofsted in 2012, is


found to have broken equality rules. Crew members from HMS Ledbury were


in Herefordshire today, for special reception and parade. It's only the


third time that the Navy has exercised its rights to march, since


it was granted the Freedom Of Ledbury in 2007. The mine`hunter,


which bears the town's name, is based in Portsmouth, and is the


second ship to be linked to the area.


It is very important the town marks this day, this affiliation goes back


50 years, and two warships. It is to say thank you to all the hard work


that the Navy does. The chairman of Kidderminster


Harriers Football Club has resigned, partly because of comments he's


received via email and social media. In a personal statement, Mark


Serrell, seen here in January, said he was stepping down because of


"vile and abusive attacks", while his wife has also resigned as a club


director. Staying with football, Aston Villa's


relegation worries continue, after they were beaten 1`0 by Newcastle


United in the Premier League. Loic Remy got the winner for the home


side, 90 seconds into second`half injury time. Villa's best chances


fell to Gabby Agbonlahor in the first half, but he failed to convert


any of them. The result leaves Villa in 13th, just four points clear of


the bottom three. The family of Joel Fearon from


Coventry say they're extremely proud of him, and the rest of his four`man


bobsleigh team, for finishing fifth at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.


Despite a very fast fourth heat, the team were pushed out of the medal


places in the last few runs of the competition. But his family say Joel


has come a long way through hard work and training to even be able to


compete at the Games. Shropshire's Ben Simons in GB two finished in


19th place. We want to say thank you to everyone


who supported us, even before we believed in ourselves. Two years


ago, we didn't dream we would be here.


Good evening, a fairly gloomy day. We will see sunshine tomorrow but we


will have to wait before we see that. Not a lot of change tonight.


Dry but a lot of cloud and breezy. Not particularly close `` called


tonight, down to six Celsius. Tomorrow, we will soon see the rain


pushing its way in. Slowly moving east through the day. Eventually, it


will dry up, the skies will brighten. The winds will ease down


with temperatures around 10 Celsius. Staying quite breezy this


week. Before we go, you might like to know


that we'll be launching our World War One At Home series, from


tomorrow, on Midlands Today, and every morning on your BBC local


radio station, as part of the BBC's commemorations of the centenary of


the First World War. I'll be back with more news just


after a 10.15pm tonight. But, Hello. Still no sign of the weather


really settling down next week. There should be an improvement for


most of us tomorrow. It will not be as windy as it has been today, and


the band of rain will slowly peter out. We still have some rain to come


through the night. This band of rain is quite slow moving, it will wander


northwards into Dumfries and Galloway. Close to Northern Ireland,


heavy rain in Cumbria and later in the night it will turn whether in


Wales and the south-west. Southerly wind, quite strong at the moment,


that will ease as the night goes on but it should be pretty mild, six or


seven degrees, typically. Tomorrow, we start with heavy rain, especially


over the hills, as it slips slowly eastwards so the rain tends to


become light and patchy. Buying it, we get some sunshine and maybe a few


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