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stories on the BBC News Channel. That's all from me, stay with us


Good afternoon. The former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg


has appeared in court chargdd with Syria`related terror offencds.


45`year`old Begg, from Hall Green in Birmingham, was arrested along with


three others on Tuesday. He's charged with providing terrorist


training and funding terrorhsm overseas. A 44`year`old wom`n,


Gerrie Tahari from Sparkbrook, is charged with facilitating tdrrorism


overseas. Two other men arrdsted remain in police custody. A


demonstration against the arrests is being held this lunchtime ottside


the West Midlands Police headquarters.


There's been a further protdst in the city this morning against the


propsed closure of a local swimming baths. Tiverton Pool in Selly Oak is


is one of several earmarked for closure by the City Council as a


cost`cutting measure. Locals say it is a vital resource and if ht goes


it will have a devastating hmpact on the community.


A stained glass window belidved to have miraculously escaped unscathed


from the ruins of Coventry Cathedral and delivered to a small Icdlandic


town has been proven to be ` fraud. For decades it was thought the glass


had been stolen during the war and sold to the church in Iceland. Joel


Mapp reports. Before its destruction, Covdntry


Cathedral had two types of stained glass ` Medieval and Victorhan. The


Medieval windows were removdd before the Blitz and saved but the


Victorian glass, well, many believe it was stolen and ended up hn


Iceland. Dr Jonathan Foyle hs chief executive of the World Monulents


Fund Britain and he's come to Iceland to investigate. We heard


that because they haven't explained the history of the windows from


Coventry to London and one of the explanations is that it had been


stolen. As Hitler scrambled his bombers, some of the Cathedral's


stained glass was removed for safekeeping. It's believed that some


went missing, sold by an antiques dealer in London to an Icel`ndic


trader. But Jonathan's not convinced. I don't think, however,


they were from Coventry Cathedral. They were probably removed from many


different church buildings `nd I think the antique dealer probably


used the words Coventry Cathedral to sell them quicker. Coventry's


Victorian glass, then, wasn't stolen and smuggled to Iceland but simply


left in place and destroyed by the Luftwaffe.


And you can see more on The Great Glass Mystery on BBC One tolorrow


afternoon at 4.10pm. The Bromsgrove cyclist Jess Varnish


will be hoping to win a second medal at the World Championships hn


Colombia today. Varnish will compete in the semi`finals of the individual


sprint in Cali after a quarterfinal victory over her GB team`mate and


defending champion Becky Jales last night. She'll then have a third


chance at a medal in the Kidrin tomorrow but admits that evdnt will


be a very different experience. Kierin is like sort of a longer


lengthier sprint so with me just training for one lap and thd


individual sprint, it doesn't really have you in favour unless you're


sort of headstrong and clevdr, really.


Time to check on the weather now with Mel Coles.


Good afternoon. It's been a fairly decent start to the day, perhaps


chilly for many places but some good spells of sunshine. As we hdad


through the afternoon, we'll see a little more cloud and have the risk


of one or two showers. The winds are light today. Temperatures rdaching


highs of around eight Celsits. This evening, most places will h`ng on to


a bit of cloud. One or two showers around. Northern areas may have some


rain from time to time. Temperatures overnight dropping to three or four


Celsius. Tomorrow it will bd wetter and windier.


That's all for now. I'll be back with all the day's football and


rugby results in our next btlletin at 6.05pm.


Hello there. The first day of March, and quite a wintry chill to


the first thing, but conditions have improved a lot, a lot of sunshine


have there, so the daffodils you can see behind me, a good sunny Saint


David's day across Wales. We will hold onto the sunshine for many


places. A fly in the ointment is showers across western areas,


developing through the afternoon. Across the south-east, particularly


East Anglia, a great start, that area of low pressure continuing to


push out into the North Sea. Quite a deal to be a generally, temperatures


slowly climbing, but the winds are light, pleasant in the sunshine A




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