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on the BBC News Channel, we are back with the late news


Good evening. The former Gu`ntanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg h`s denied


terrorism charges. The 45`ydar`old from Birmingham appeared in court in


London charged with providing terrorist training and fundhng


terrorism overseas. A 44`ye`r`old woman, Gerrie Tahari from


Sparkbrook, is charged with facilitating terrorism overseas


Today, a demonstration took place in Birmingham, from where our special


correspondent, Peter Wilson, reports.


No justice! The protest outside West Midlands


Police headquarters was noisy. Activists, polititicians, f`milies


and children ` a peaceful demonstration. Moazzam Begg is from


Birmingham. We expected a mtch larger gathering but becausd of what


happened overnight, Moazzam has actually been charged and there is


also a similar gathering outside the courts in London. The former


Guantanamo Bay detainee, 45`year`old Moazzam Begg, was released hn 2 05.


During his captivity he was never charged. Today he appeared hn court


in London facing charges relating to terrorist offences in syria. ``


Syria. He's a director of an organisation representing prisoners


called Cage. The family are obviously very shocked and they are


being forced to real life experiences that they went through


previously and, to then, thhs is Guantanamo all over again. One man


attending the protest was T`riq Jahan, well`known for calling for


peace during the riots in Birmingham. Since then he's been on


a charity convoy to Syria. He says he's concerned the public whll stop


funding aid groups. Those that are helping and giving, hopefully


they'll carry on their work and they won't be put down by this shtuation.


Moazzam Begg appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court and was formally


remanded in custody, charged with Syrian`related terrorism offences,


charges which he denies. He will next appear at the Old Baildy on


March the 14th. There's been a further protdst in


the city this morning against the proposed closure of a local swimming


baths. Council cuts have led to Tiverton Pool in Selly Oak being


earmarked for closure. Locals say it's a vital resource and if it goes


it'll have a devastating impact on the community.


The closure of this pool was taken, the decision, without any


consultation whatsoever with the local people. This is the place


where I learned to swim and I just want other kids to have that chance,


too. It's very well used, it's very popular, it's a part of the


community. It's been a part of the community since 1906. For some of us


who have disabilities, it's our only exercise.


On to the day's football results, starting in the Premier League,


where a second`half penalty from Jon Walters earned Stoke City vhctory


over Arsenal. In the Championship, Birmingham City


lost 1`0 at Ipswich. In League One, Walsall went down 2`1


at Preston, while Nouha Dicko scored twice as Wolves beat Port V`le `0


to go top of the table. On to League Two, where both Burton


Albion and Cheltenham enjoydd 2`1 victories over Accrington and Bury


respectively. Results in the Conference `


Kidderminster went down 5`1 at Cambridge United, Chester and


Nuneaton shared six goals, but Tamworth and Hereford both lost 2`0,


Halifax and Wrexham the victors On to rugby, and in the Preliership,


Worcester, hoping for their first win in a year, lost by a single


point at Harlequins, 21`20, while Gloucester lost 39`13 at


Northampton. And finally, in the Championship,


Moseley beat Bedford 24`13. Time to check on the weather now,


with Mel Coles. Good evening. After a pleas`nt,


springlike day, we are going to see the cloud increase as we go into


this evening. Many places whll remain dry. There will be one or two


spots as we go through the darly hours and the breeze will phck up a


little as well. Temperatures overnight will drop to around three


or four Celsius. It will be quite a dull start to Sunday morning. Plenty


of cloud around and some drhzzle. Showers will push in ahead of the


main band of rain, which will push in during the afternoon. Moderate


bursts and strengthening winds means it will feel more fresh than the


temperature suggests. Finally a word about a spechal


programme on BBC One tomorrow afternoon. A stained glass window


believed to have been stolen from the ruins of Coventry Cathedral


during the war and sold to ` church in Iceland has been proven to be a


fraud. The full story of Thd Great Glass Mystery is BBC One tolorrow at


4.10pm. And that's all for now. Our next bulletin is just after 6.1


tomorrow evening. Until then, have a good evening.


Hello. For some of us, it was quite a decent state, some sunshine


around, but not the case right now in Northern Ireland and parts of


Scotland, chilly with some rain as well, you will have to warm


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