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with the latest news at 10.10. Now on BBC One, time for


Good afternoon. A month aftdr the floods began in Worcester,


businesses affected say thex need money from grants and hand`outs as


soon as possible to help thdm survive. This week, Worcestdrshire


County Council announced ?200,0 0 had been made available to help


companies who lost trade. Bdn Sidwell reports.


The water may have long gond, but the damage it caused is still very


much evident at the Severn View hotel in Worcester. Here, they had


to shut for two and half wedks due to the floods. I can't give you an


exact figure but, I mean, it's thousands and thousands. Enough to


cause real hardship for me `nd my business partner. As well as money


promised from the Government, the hotel's owners could also now


receive up to ?3000 from Worcestershire County Counchl. When


we get it, it will give gre`t help. But it's just, like I said, can I


survive until that point? Wd'll be looking to turn those applications


round as quick as possible because we absolutely understand th`t


businesses need that help now to help them deal with the immddiate


clean`up and recovery effort. Thank you. But it's not just the


businesses that were flooded who suffered. Take this restaur`nt, for


instance. Because of road closures, they lost more than two thirds of


their trade over two weeks. These photos taken during the height of


the floods show just how bad things were around Detroit's restatrant


compared to now. We were hugely affected because we had to lay off a


lot of members of staff. On a busy night, we do at least 180 covers.


That week, I would say, not more than 20. The County Council says


businesses like this, that were affected but not actually flooded,


could still receive up to ?0500 But unless some get the money soon, the


fear is they may not still be trading when it eventually `rrives.


Relatives of some of the 21 people killed in the 1974 Birmingh`m pub


bombings have been demonstr`ting outside Downing Street this morning.


It's over the so`called amndsty letters. The Government admhtted


that as many as 200 former HRA suspects were told they wouldn't be


prosecuted for past crimes `s part of the Northern Ireland peace


process. Brian Hambleton's sister Maxine died in the pub bombhngs and


he says they want her killers to brought to justice.


Our only weapon against the authorities is our voice. And we


will continue, whatever brick walls and barriers and doors are put up in


front of us as a campaign, we will have to try and walk through them or


demolish them because I will not give up till I die.


Fans protesting against the current owners of Birmingham City Football


Club have unveiled a banner at today's match. They unfurled the


flag during the sixth minutd of the game, as the number six means wealth


in Cantonese. It follows thd sentencing of former owner Carson


Yeung to jail for money laundering. Only one football result to bring


you so far today, as the other matches are still being plaxed. In


the Premier League, West Brom were beaten 3`0 by Manchester Unhted


And you can follow how your team is doing on your BBC Local Radho


station, or Final Score has just started over on BBC Two.


Here's Sara Blizzard with your weather.


Good evening. Well, at times, the cloud did not always want to leave


us as we headed through the afternoon but it is starting to


clear a little bit more now through the evening. And the wind is easing


down as well `just enough, H think, across parts of Herefordshire and


Worcestershire to see a little bit of mist developing into the early


hours. But tomorrow will be a fine, dry day once again. We start off


with a bit more sunshine tolorrow. The wind will be slightly lhghter as


well. The sunshine through the early part of the morning will help


temperatures, too. A maximul tomorrow afternoon of 16 Celsius.


BBC Midlands Today is back tomorrow just after six in the evening. Bye


for now. Most of us have enjoyed a fine and


dry start to the weekend. But all of us had the sunshine and a range of


cloud conditions across the UK. There was a lot of cloud across


Northern Ireland and Scotland to start the day. Some of it has


remained through parts of the Midlands and northern England, so


just hazy sunshine here. Temperatures in Glasgow are normal


for the time of year. The winds are very just the for the Six Nations


match. -- they are very dusty. Some patchy drizzle to the west of Wales.


For the rest of England and Wales, mainly clear skies, but a patchy fog


towards the south-west later overnight. Temperatures hold up


above frost level in the breeze but it will still feel fairly chilly.


Tomorrow, the cloud stays with us in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Pat


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