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Good evening. The Ukranian community in Coventry have today calldd for


peace, and said prayers for those who've been killed during the


escalating conflict. Whilst diplomatic efforts continue to


resolve the situation British Ukrainians say it's vital the wider


community support a peaceful resolution. Joan Cummins reports.


Global images of rising tensions in the Ukraine are causing concern for


Ukrainians living in the UK. Today payers were said at the Ukr`inian


Catholic Church in Coventry. It could be a devastating impact. We do


not want potentially full`blown war. In a special ceremony with the


Ukraianian flag flying the congregation prayed for peace.


There are just 5000 Ukraini`ns living in the West Midlands, but the


situation in the Crimea is leaving them fearful. I have got melories of


World War II. That is why they want to go to Europe, for peace. .


Although the international community say they won't recognise a


referendum on Crimea, congrdgations here just want the Ukraine to have


peace. Firefighters are dealing with a


blaze at a recycling centre in Tipton. The fire broke out `t


Bloomfield recycling and skhp hire just before four o'clock thhs


afternoon. West Midlands fire service say people living and


working nearby are not in d`nger but roads are affected. We pridd


ourselves on our response thmes We can get to incidents like this one


as quickly as possible. The significant amount of resources that


we put into fires like this makes communities safer.


The National Health Action Party ` founded by the former Wyre Forest MP


Dr Richard Taylor ` is conshdering fielding a candidate in Stafford at


the next General Election. Ht comes after the Health Secretary `nnounced


that the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust will be dissolved, with somd


specialist services moving elsewhere. Ben Godfrey reports.


It's survived countless scares, but your friendly`neighbourhood hospital


offering a range of acute sdrvices is reaching the end of its life We


have become more technical `nd specialised. You cannot havd a brain


surgeon in every hospital. The Stafford Hospital crisis marks a


turning point for re`structtring NHS hospitals. Members of the c`mpaign


group which led 50,000 people on a protest march, are joining the


recently`formed National He`lth Action Party ahead of the 2015


General Election. The entire situation, once the


community realises it is here, they will have a lot of interest.


The co`founder of the party is Dr Richard Taylor who became an MP in


2001 after a campaign to protect Kidderminster Hospital from cuts.


The 79`year`old plans to st`nd again in Wyre Forest at next year's


General Election. He told the Sunday Politics programme that the state of


hospitals will draw more people to the polls. The national focts in the


NHS is still top. We had a work experience wired and I gave him a


series of questions. How important was the NHS to 17`year`olds? It was


top. They do not last long. Once you get into office you have got to


deliver. The Government says it is trying to save ?20 billion of


savings. . Experts suggest lore merged services are likely `nd this


hospital will set a new benchmark for change.


Ben Godfrey, BBC Midlands Today Stafford.


A main route into a Worcestdrshire town is due to re`open tomorrow six


months after it was closed for repair work. The Abbey Bridge and


Viaduct in Evesham needed what's been described as "critical


reconstruction work" and were originally due to re`open bdfore


Christmas. But the project over`ran by many months, with retaildrs and


residents complaining the ilpact of the closure was damaging thd town's


economy. Turnover has droppdd by between 30 and 70%. It will take


three years for footfall patterns to return. We need an active m`rketing


campaign to get people to rdturn to the town.


Just one rugby result, in the Championship, Moseley were beaten


42`18 by London Welsh. It's been an absolutely glorious day


for March, but will it conthnue Here's Charlie Slater to tell us.


for March, but will What a beautiful day we havd had.


The best day of 2014 so far. It starts off clear then the clouds


feeding. I mainly dry night. Quite an mild one. A fair amount lore


cloud around. Some brightness at times. Not as nice as today. We hang


on to the milder temperaturds. High pressure continues to sit over as.


I'll be back with the late news bulletin around


Aggro in good and Wales had warm weather today with the hotspot


Gravesend in Kent. For Scotland and Ireland, your


weather will improve this week. It wasn't there today with the cloud.


Some rain in Northern Ireland pushing across more of Scotland and


the next few hours. This weather front is moving south overnight but


by the end of the night is nothing more than a bit of cloud. Behind


it, skies clear by the end of the night in Scotland and Northern


Ireland, so a touch of frost, patchy ice and fog. Tomorrow brings a


complete reversal of fortunes. The northern half of the UK will be


sunny once any patchy fog clears away. Not much warmer numerically


but in the sunshine, it will feel warmer, whereas much of England and


Wales will be cloudy and cooler compared to today, especially along


the North Sea coast, with cloud and a brisk north-easterly wind. Where


we saw 19 degrees today, it will be closer to nine tomorrow, which will


feel very


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