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Good afternoon. Cider makers in the Midlands fear production cotld be


hit by a shortage of apples following one of the wettest winters


on record. It comes as the Chancellor this week moved to help


the industry by announcing ` freeze on cider duty in the Budget. Lindsay


Doyle reports. Cider apple trees and floodwater


don't mix. At Evesbatch Court Farm in Herefordshire the meticulously


planted Orchard could be hiding a sorry secret. With the wet winter,


the young trees, we are worried about the rainfall and we are


concerned we will not see the damage until the summer. Amongst the tiny


emerging buds some of the trees are showing a greenish tinge, a possible


sign of damage, if trees st`nd in waterlogged soil for more than


fourteen days the roots can be killed off. The trees take 05 years


to grow but there is a fear they will be lost to saturated soil.


Bacteria thrives in standing water. This year's budget saw the


Chancellor George Osborne freeze the duty on ordinary cider, a dhrect


response to flooding in the West Country, for cider makers, lanner


from heaven. It is a positive step for the government to do th`t. We


are price sensitive and it hs stopping consumers buying products.


If we invest in the future, planting orchards costs a lot of mondy. Just


four months ago the National Association of Cider Makers


predicted a bumper crop for this year, the best for ten years in


fact, a little ironic but the farmers are not writing off their


saplings just yet, they shotld know by May how and if the trees fought


the deluge. A woman from Birmingham who suffered


a seizure in the street had her purse stolen by a bogus Good


Samaritan while she lay unconscious. Police say two women seemed to go to


the aid of the 25`year`old `fter she collapsed in Summer Row last month.


They've now released CCTV ilages of two women they want to speak to


about the incident. A spokesman said it wasn't clear if the two were


together and that one of thdm may have been genuinely trying to help.


Thousands of people have turned out to support a fundraising evdnt for


two hospitals which helped saved the life of a premature baby from the


Black Country. Daisy`Mae Little was born at Russells Hall Hospital in


Dudley last December weighing less than two pounds. She also rdceived


specialist care at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton. @ day of


family activities at Mary Stevens Park in Stourbridge has restlted in


more than ten thousand pounds being raised for the two hospitals.


Daisy`Mae's family say they're overwhelmed by the support they ve


received. It brings a lump to my throat. I am bowled over. I cannot


believe the response. I did not think this many people would turn up


today. Wonderful. Sport now. Let's start


with football and the Premidr League, with West Bromwich @lbion


being beaten two`nil at Hull City ` former Baggies midfielder Shane Long


getting one of those goals. Onto the Championship, a 2`1 defeat for


Birmingham City against Reading Blues still waiting for the elusive


home win. In League One, le`ders Wolves beat Sheffield United 2` .


Coventry lost three one at Brentford. Port Vale beat Tranmere


3`2. Shrewsbury beat Bradford 2`1. And a 1`1 draw there for Walsall


against Leyton Orient. In Ldague Two, Cheltenham lost 4`3 at AFC


Wimbledon, seven minutes into added time. Burton Albion lost 1`0 at


Scunthorpe. In the Skrill Conference Premier, Hereford ` who sacked their


manager in the week ` lost 2`0 to Barnet. Kidderminster drew 0`1


against Southport. Tamworth lost two one to Macclesfield. And Nuneaton


lost 1`0 to Grimsby. Let's move on to rugby now, starting


with the Aviva Premiership where Gloucester beat Newcastle 40`33 And


in the Championship, a loss there for Moseley ` 23`20 against London


Scottish. Time for a look at the weather now. Here's Kaye Forster


with the forecast. We had some lively thundery showers


this afternoon and some snow earlier. Hopefully things whll ease


down through tomorrow, not `s many showers and there should be more


sunshine. One or two of the showers continue tonight, most placds dry


out, clear spells developing as well. It will turn cold with lows of


two or three Celsius. Tomorrow morning, most plus estate dry and


bright. Some sunshine, one to showers in the afternoon. For most


of us, lovely sunshine with highs of nine or ten.


I'll be back tomorrow morning with Sunday Breakfast from seven on BBC


Hereford and Worcester. And there's more from Midlands Today at 6:5 pm


tomorrow evening. For now, bye`bye. The Wind a lot showers around at the


moment, still hale and thunder too. As we turn the wind north-westerly,


these areas will bear the brunt of the showers overnight. A chilly


night, a touch of frost in rural areas. A few showers first thing.


Sunshine too. Cloud will bubble up and showers will develop in England


and Wales. The main focus in the afternoon is an eastern areas.


Across Wales and the south-west very few showers all day. The


north-westerly wind lines the showers up in the afternoon. East


Anglia and parts of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire could see quite a few


showers. Hit or miss. All or


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