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first British champion. That is it for now.


Good evening. A leading flood campaigner's called on the


Government to apply for European funding to help victims in


Worcestershire. Ministers h`ve already promised support for homes


and businesses affected by last month's floods, but extra c`sh is


still available from the EU. Matthew Bone reports.


It was some of the worst flooding that Worcestershire had seen for


years and the village of Seven Stoke was one of the worst hit. One month


on, the water may have gone but the damage remains. The village Church


is still recovering. The water came up to this first step here. Just,


just about there. The local pub s makeshift flood barriers weren't


enough. There's still holid`y money and bits of wages we have bden


paying out. To be honest, it is a struggle... Businesses can `pply for


up to ?3,000 to the cost of the cleanup but could more help be on


the way from the continent? The European Union set aside hundreds of


millions of pounds in what's called a solidarity fund to help countries


out with things like flooding. To qualify, the Government needs to


show there's been around ?3 billion of damage. That's where the problem


is. Ministers say as bad as it's been there hasn't been enough damage


across the UK to make it worth applying. Speaking on the Stnday


Politics in the MP Midlands a leading flood campaigner sahd the


Government should at least try for some of the help. It's remisnot to


apply for the funding, if wd stop and think about the ` a lot of the


money is for infrastructure. So we think about the railway linds, the


bridges, electricity, the g`s and everything and the roads right


across the board, I think wd need that money to help us recovdr.


People in Seven Stoke are now campaigning for better flood


defences, they want to make sure this kind of damage doesn't happen


again. In the meantime, households and businesses are trying to recover


and they say they'll take all the help they can get.


The Ministry of Defence is coming under pressure to provide ftnding


for the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.


The arboretum, near Alrewas, attracts almost quarter of ` million


visitors every year but has had its grant withdrawn. At the samd time,


the National Army Museum receives over ?6.5 million a year. Along


visitors today views were mhxed over how the memorial should be funded.


The MoD should be making its contribution just as visitors here


do. Something like this shotldn t be totally dependent on Governlent


handouts, nevertheless, bec`use it is what it is, I think therd should


be some Government contribution There was a hell of a lot of people


gave up their lives for us, so why don't the Government keep ftnding


it? Demolition work on part of


Coventry's infamous ring ro`d got under way today. The aim is to make


the city centre more accesshble Kevin Reide reports.


With traffic diverted and dhversions in place, the long`awaited


demolition of junction six was almost here. They're just moving in


the final demolition machindry and once in place it will take `bout two


hours to remove the bridge section and the rest of the day to clean up.


It's carried traffic for more than 40 years but in the any mord. The


bridge was first to go. Work has also started taking out this longer


section, including two unpopular underpasses. The development in the


post`war years isolated the city centre from the rest of the city as


it's grown. The council has a real can`do attitude and is readx to try


and regenerate much of the city The aim is to create a new business


district and better link thd railway station to the city centre. I think


it's for the best. Very upsdt to see it, more so than I thought H was


going to. I knew it before ht was the ring road in the first place.


All of a sudden it's come down so quickly. The main ring road will


reopen tomorrow morning but drivers are advised to avoid junction six.


The Coventry City chief executive Tim Fisher was attacked by fans in a


pub following the team's defeat by Brentford in League One yesterday.


Chairs and glasses were thrown when Mr Fisher went into the London pub


where Sky Blues fans were drinking. He's not believed to have bden


injured. A club spokesman s`id they would prefer not to comment on the


incident. Football now Stoke City camd out on


top in today's Midlands derby with Aston Villa in the Premier League. .


Villa started well with Chrhstian Benteke opening the scoring after


just four minutes. But Stokd hit back with three goals beford the


interval including this effort from Charles N'Zonzi. Geoff Cameron


sealed a 4`1 victory for Stoke with a goal late in the second h`lf.


Let's look at the weather now with Kay.


We had some lively showers `gain today, some hail and thunder around


this afternoon. They're starting to fade away now so we are entdring


into a dry night. We will h`ve clear skies throughout the night `nd with


those winds fall falling th`t's a recipe for a cold one, a widespread


frost. Lows in some rural spots down to minus three. Gardeners t`ke note.


It's a dry start tomorrow morning. Lots of lovely sunshine arotnd. We


will see the sunshine turning hazier into the afternoon with clotd


rolling in. But most of us staying dry until the evening. It whll feel


warmer, with temperatures up to around ten or 11. That rain is


around on Tuesday but some showers by Wednesday.


That's all for now. I will be back with a late bulletin at 10. 20, join


me then if you can. From all of us, good bye.


Hello. Following today's showers, tonight is going to be much colder.


Clear skies, light winds, a recipe for a widespread frost. Sharp


showers for the next couple of hours. From East Yorkshire to the


south-east. Hail and thunder. Skies will clear across many areas.


Temperatures tumbling across rural parts it could be as low as minus


six. Not as cold across Northern Ireland and the far south-west.


Increasing cloud ahead of the weather front pushing rain very


slowly in from the Atlantic. Central and eastern areas staying dry and


bright all day. Good-looking day across Scotland. Sunshine turning


hazy later in the West. Thickening cloud. Rain in the afternoon. The


band of rain will work its way into Wales in the afternoon. Robbery


arriving a little bit sooner in the far south-west. -- probably


arriving. Further east, dry with plenty of sunshine after the


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