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Good afternoon. A same`sex couple from the West Midlands were among


the first in the region to get married this morning after ht became


legal at midnight. Rebecca Billington`Green and Sarah`Louise


Billington tied the knot in Dudley in front of family, friends and


their son Jacob. Nadine Towdll reports.


Just another bedtime for 11`month`old Jacob, but for his Mums


Rebecca and Sarah`Louise it's the night before their big day. After


the law was changed last sulmer today's the first day same sex


couples have been allowed to marry. It just shows we are equal to


heterosexual couples, no different to that of heterosexual couples It


is nice to say we are marridd rather than civil partnership, which is no


different legally, but it is nice to see that you're married. And this


morning at Dudley Register office these two brides became part of


history. To be my wedded wife. Rebecca, who's a nurse, and


Sarah`Louise, a hairdresser, made the same vows as heterosexu`l


couples as they were legallx married. I am delighted to `nnounce


you are now wife and wife. The pair ` who've been together for three


years ` were one of the first gay couples in the region to marry.


Brilliant, it was really emotional. Lovely service. The couple have


recently bought a house in Coventry where no doubt pictures frol their


wedding day will be among their most prized possessions.


Human remains discovered ne`r Attingham Park in Shropshird have


been identified as those of a man who went missing from Shrewsbury two


years ago. 36`year`old Simon Rothwell disappeared after ` night


out in February 2012. His rdmains washed up in a field last wdek


following recent flooding. A couple from Herefordshire who


offer an alternative therapx for horses say their work is


transforming the lives of animals who would have otherwise bedn put


down. Steven and Julie Goodridge are the only practitioners in the


treatment ` known as Samsar` equine muscle therapy. It involves


repeatedly applying a herbal lotion to the injured animal. Our job is to


put horses back together ag`in that have become unworkable. That is the


vision, we take courses that have been written off and we say,


actually, we have a different idea. In football, almost 9000 Wolves fans


are making the journey to Mhlton Keynes for their match against MK


dons. Initially the club was allocated 6500 tickets for the game


before seeing that increased. The best for an away following `t the


ground came earlier this se`son when 7000 Coventry fans made the trip to


Milton Keynes. Time for a look at the weather forecast.


the Good afternoon, the clocks go


forward by an hour, but this weekend for most places is going to be dry


and warm, plenty of hazy sunshine around. Quite a grey start, from


that cloud and mist, clearing quite nicely. Most places enjoying hazy


spells of sunshine. It will be breezy at times, leverage is


reaching highs of around 17 or 8 Celsius. `` temperatures. Possibly


one or two patches of mist, temperatures not dropping too far, a


mild night, lows of around seven Celsius. Tomorrow we will do it all


over again. I will be back with the football and


rugby result in our next bulletin at 5:50pm. Until then, have a good


Saturday. Good afternoon. The clocks go


forward by one hour tonight, British Summer Time begins. Hard to believe


that this was the scene exactly one year ago in North Wales when we were


in the grip of one of the coldest springs for many a decade. A


different story this weekend, of course, with


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