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Good evening. A same`sex cotple from the West Midlands were among the


first in the region to get larried this morning after it becamd legal


at midnight. Rebecca Billington`Green and Sarah`Louise


Billington tied the knot in Dudley in front of family, friends and


their 11`month`old son Jacob. Nadine Towell reports.


Just another bedtime for 11`month`old Jacob, but for his


mums, Rebecca and Sarah`Louhse, it's the night before their big day.


After the law was changed l`st summer, from today same`sex couples


have been allowed to marry. It just shows we are equal to her conceptual


couples `` heterosexual couples And this morning at Dudley Register


office these two brides bec`me part of history. To be my wedded wife. To


be my wedded wife. Sarah`Lotise who's a hairdresser, and Rebecca, a


nurse, made the same vows as heterosexual couples as thex were


legally married. I am delighted to announce you are now wife and wife.


The pair, who have been togdther for three years, were one of thd first


gay couples in the region to marry. Brilliant. It was really emotional,


wasn't it? Lovely service, really nice. Rebecca and Sarah`Louhse had


originally planned to enter into a civil partnership. Since thd law was


changed same`sex couples from across the region have been taking


advantage of this new choicd. Most of our couples planning to have


civil partnership, they are now switching and planning to h`ve a


marriage. Some couples have just come forward now the legisl`tion is


confirmed, and booking their marriage. The couple recently bought


a house in Coventry where no doubt pictures from their wedding day will


be among their most prized possessions.


Congratulations to them. Hulan remains discovered near Atthngham


Park in Shropshire have been identified as those of a man who


went missing from Shrewsburx two years ago. 36`year`old Simon


Rothwell disappeared after ` night out in February 2012. His rdmains


washed up in a field last wdek following recent flooding.


A couple from Herefordshire who offer an alternative therapx for


horses say their work is transforming the lives of animals


who would have otherwise bedn put down. Steven and Julie Goodridge are


the only practitioners in the treatment, known as Samsara equine


muscle therapy. It involves repeatedly applying a herbal lotion


to the injured animal. Onto today's football results ` and


in the Premier League in thd lunchtime kick`off Aston Villa lost


4`1 to Manchester United at Old Trafford. Elsewhere Stoke bdat Hull


1`0. And there was a six`go`l thriller in a crucial releg`tion


match at the Hawthorns, a l`te Cardiff equaliser denying Wdst Brom


the three points, the game dnding 3`3.


In the Championship Birmingham lost 4`2 against Bournemouth at St


Andrews, Federico Macheda gdtting both goals for the Blues.


In League One, Coventry earned a valuable three points, winnhng `1


at Crewe. Almost 9,000 travdlling fans saw Wolves beat the MK Dons


1`0. It finished 1`1 between Stevenage and Port Vale. Me`nwhile


Walsall have kept up their play`off push with a 1`0 win over Shrewsbury.


In League Two, Cheltenham got a 1`0 win away at Hartlepool. And Burton


Albion drew 0`0 against fellow play`off contenders York City.


And in the Conference Nuneaton drew 1`1 away at Alfreton. Hereford were


beaten 1`0 by Grimsby. It ended 1`1 between Salisbury and Kidderminster


Harriers. And Tamworth drew 0`0 with Lincoln City.


Onto rugby and in the Premidrship Gloucester got a narrow 14`03


victory over Exeter. And in the Championship a


comfortable win for Moseley, beating Jersey 39`8.


Time for a look at the weather now with Mel Coles.


Time for a look at the weather now Good evening. It has been a


beautiful day. Most places have seen glorious spells of sunshine, and


will keep the dry weather as we head into tonight. We will see v`riable


amounts of clothes work thehr way in, there will be the risk of one to


mist patches, but most placds remaining dry. Temperatures not


falling too far, lows betwedn seven and 10 degrees. Tomorrow st`rts off


cloudy, we will see more sunshine. During the morning there will be


outside risk of a shower, most places remaining dry. Cloud breaking


up nicely. The winds will bd later tomorrow, we could hit highs of 18


Celsius. The clocks do go forward by an hour tonight, don't forgdt.


And that's all for now. Midlands Today is back with your next update


at the same time tomorrow nhght Until then, have a very good


evening. Good evening. We achieved 20 degrees


in the sunshine today but, in contrast, under the cloud in


Northern Ireland, just nine. With the cloud, just seven in the North


East. We take the contrast into tomorrow. At least the cloud here,


creeping back inland, will prevent textures falling too low, down to


six overnight. -- temperatures. Less fog in the south and east. But it


will be an issue further north. Again, a lovely start to the day


before taking a while to left, the cloud


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