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beat Sri Lanka to reach the semi-finals of the


Good evening. In the wake of swathing government cuts, c`lls have


been made to form one unitary body to run all services in Warwhckshire.


It's reckoned the change cotld save as much as ?68 million over the next


five years. But as our BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Political Reporter


Sian Grzesczyk explains, thd idea's being fiercely opposed.


These men have been collecthng Leamington's waste for years on


behalf of Warwick "District" Council. And these men have been


disposing of the town's waste at this recycling centre for jtst as


long. The difference being, they're employed by Warwickshire "County"


Council. But all of this cotld change. So how would the


re`organisation work? At thd moment there are six councils in


Warwickshire, but if they ddcide to go unitary, they could scrap all of


them in replacement for just one, or they could opt to split the county


and two, north and south. Btt over in Nuneaton Bedworth, the thought


of abolishing this council hs a hard thought to stomach for its leader. A


power grab by the county cotncil, it has nothing to do with saving money.


It is about the high salarids they pay to some of their senior officers


and councillors, while the districts are trying to save money all around


the county. We are united in opposing this move. So is it a power


grab from Shire Hall? Of cotrse it isn't, I am effectively ceasing this


organisation as it is. As f`r as I am concerned, I could be exhting


into the sunset tomorrow if this was the case. Back in Leamington, there


was a mixed response to the idea. I'd like to know more about it


before I made a final decishon. It would depend how much money it would


save us. As far as I can sed there is no problem, it will be jtst the


same. But is this discussion a waste of time given that the commtnity


secretary Eric Pickles thinks the idea of local government


reorganisation is a load of rubbish? Police have begun a murder


investigation after a woman was stabbed in Wolverhampton. The


victim, who was in her 30s, was attacked inside a property hn


Ingelby Gardens in Whitmore Reans yesterday afternoon. A 54`ydar`old


man was arrested shortly after in a nearby street and is currently being


questioned on suspicion of lurder. More than a dozen schools in


Birmingham are now being investigated by the Departmdnt for


Education following claims that Muslim radicals are striving to take


over. Last month the anonymous "Trojan Horse" letter emergdd which


included claims of a plan to install Muslim governors and force out


moderate head teachers. Thrde of the schools being looked at are part of


the park View Education Trust, which denies the allegations.


A premature baby who's attr`cted a worldwide following, thanks to her


father's updates on social ledia, has finally been allowed out of


hospital. Daisy`Mae Little from Dudley is spending her first


Mothering Sunday at home. She was born one hundred and three days


early. Bob Hockenhull reports. It's been a long, long wait. But


parents Jen and Wayne Littld can finally enjoy having their daughter


at home. Daisy`Mae was born at 5 weeks on December first and had only


a 46% chance of survival. Mtm and Dad are delighted she's homd in time


for Mother's Day. It is lovdly. It is the best present I could ever


have wished for. It's just lovely having her back, there is nothing


else that we need now Daisy is home. I was trying to think what H could


get Jennifer for a Mother's Day present. Chocolate and a candle is


all I got, three little wicks representing us in the candle. But I


think she has got the best present she could have had. As we rdported


on Midlands Today earlier this month, Daisy`Mae has become an


Internet hit thanks to her father's journal on Facebook` even rdceiving


gifts from Australia. A loc`l singing duo have written a song for


her. It was performed at a fundraising event which raised


?10,000 for the hospitals where she was treated. It is amazing to think


that if little Daisy`Mae had arrived on her due date, she would just be


two weeks old. In fact she hs four months old today. Daisy`Mae still


only weighs 4lbs 12 and is still being closely monitored. But doctors


say there's no reason whey she shouldn't lead a normal healthy


life. She is certainly looking very well


indeed. Sport now ` and in rugby the Worcester Warriors have kept their


faint survival hopes alive by winning their first league game of


the season. They beat the Ndwcastle Falcons 17`12.


Meanwhile in football, Birmhngham City Ladies are through to the semi


finals of the Champions League. This afternoon they beat Arsenal Ladies


2`0 to go through 3`0 on aggregate. Time for a look at the weather now


with Charlie Slater. Good evening. After a beauthful


weekend of settled weather `nd temperatures up into the late teens,


we will probably have to put up with rain tomorrow. Tonight largdly


clear, cloud starts to creep up from the south, winning rain with it for


a time. Some heavy rain as well maybe even thunder mixed up in


there, it is going to be a very very mild night. On Monday, it


clears away quite quickly. Some clouds during the majority of the


morning, but into the afternoon we will see just a little bit of


brightness. Take that as a bonus rather than a guarantee.


Temperatures just at had down. There is more rain to come later on this


week, dried mainly. And that's all for now. I'll be back


with your next update at 10:15pm. Good evening. It has been the


warmest day of 2014 so far. It has been distinctly chilly on North Sea


coasts of eastern Scotland and north-east England. That chilly


breeze and cloud that has been depressing those temperatures will


return more widely, turning misty and murky. For the south we could


import a few sharp showers across from France. So, that mist and murk


are the main thing to watch out for tomorrow.


Some hazy sunshine west. A frost even for Shetland. Hazy sunshine for


a time in Northern Ireland. Showers are moving northwards. Behind it,


cloudy, but reasonably bright weather. I don't think there'll be


as much sunshine as today, so it will not be as warm. We are looking


out to this system out towards the south-west, which could introduce


thundery showers as it hesds into Wales and by the -- heads into Wales


and by the evening Northern Ireland. Not as warm. Still some warmth


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