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more throughout the evening on the BBC News channel. We are back with


the late news Good evening. Stratford`upon`Avon is


gearing up for a major tourhsm boost as they celebrate the 450th


anniversary of the birth of their most famous son, William


Shakespeare. The tourist industry is worth hundreds of millions of pounds


to the town and to make surd everything goes smoothly thdy're


asking residents to get involved. Ben Sidwell reports. If you can go


down to the clock... Lending a hand to help tourists get most ott of


their visit to Stratford upon Avon. But with tens of thousands dxpected


for Shakespeare's 450th Birthday celebrations, the town is c`lling on


residents to become voluntedr Play Makers. We are seeking volunteer


Ambassador or is that can boost the service to group select your


visitors and they will be ddployed at key points that we cannot


currently resource. Between ten and 20 Play Makers are needed. @ll will


be trained up in time for the celebration weekend and alrdady a


few volunteers have come forward, including the town's former ferry


man. Yes, this is what I want to do. That was really how I thought of it.


Because I think I may be quhte good at it, but I don't know. Evdry year,


almost 5 million people comd to this area to visit the attractions of


Shakespeare, bringing ?335 lillion to the economy. 198 jobs here relies


on tourism. College students in the town are keen to take to thd


streets. It is a good idea that local people should be involved with


the celebrations. It is helping to show Shakespeare and Stratford to


everybody else. Although thdy'll only be used initially for this one


event, the hope is the Play Makers could soon become a regular sight on


the streets of the Bard's home town. A man's in a critical condition in


hospital after being attackdd in the street in Stoke. It happened in the


early hours of this morning in Brownlee Road in the Smallthorne


area. Police say the victim was badly beaten and is being c`red for


at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire. They're appe`ling for


anyone with information to call them on 101. A prison worker has been


sacked and others disciplindd over the escape of a convicted drug


dealer. John Anslow, who's 33 and from Tipton in the Black Cotntry,


was on his way to court when he was freed by a masked gang near HMP


Hewell in January 2012. He was arrested in Cyprus two months later


and sentenced to seven years for escaping custody. He was already


serving 22 years for drugs offences.The Prison Service says the


disciplinary action was takdn against a number of staff. Let's


move onto today's football, starting with the Barclays Premier Ldague,


and Aston Villa ended up with a 2`1 defeat there against Fulham. West


Brom put a troubled week behind them with a 1`0 win at Norwich. Stoke


City are at Chelsea, and ard losing 2`0. In the Championship, Bhrmingham


City beat Doncaster away ` 3`1, easing their relegation fears. In


League One, a loss for Coventry ` 2`1 against Milton Keynes Dons. Port


Vale beat Walsall, 1`0. Shrdwsbury beat Stevenage 1`0. And a 2`0 win


there for Wolves who were entertaining Peterborough. Onto


League Two: Burton Albion bdat Plymouth 1`0. Cheltenham lost 2`1 to


Southend. And in the Skrill Premier League, Tamworth lost 5`0 at


Gateshead. Hereford ` still trying to pay their tax bill ` lost 2` to


Woking. Kidderminster lost 0`0 to Grimsby. And Nuneaton lost 0`0 to FC


Halifax. Let's take a look at the Midlands


weather, with Mel Coles. Good evening. The rain has been hit and


miss, but we will see furthdr showers as we go on then to delight


us back as we go on into tonight. Temperatures will remain in double


figures, but low temperaturds of around 11 Celsis. Tomorrow, we will


see further outbreaks of rahn. It will be breezy but temperattres not


doing too badly. The rain starts off with showers, but becomes more


persistent in the middle part of the day, and we could see some loderate


downpours. We might catch some late evening sunshine. Temperatures not


doing too badly, it will be breezy and remaining unsettled for the


start of the league. Finallx, congratulations to Dr Richard


Newland, who trained the horse that won today's Grand National. The


former GP trains just 12 horses at a small stables in Claines in


Worcestershire. Pineau de Rd, who wasn't one of the favourites, was


ridden by jockey Leighton Aspall. That's it. Sunday Politics will be


talking about 'zero`hour' contracts as 150,000 people in the West


Midlands region struggle to find full`time jobs.


That's tomorrow morning at 01am Midlands Today is back tomorrow


evening at 6:50pm. For now, bye`bye. Good evening. We may have got to 18


Celsius today in parts of East Anglia but it was the bright spot in


an otherwise cloudy day and it is the cloud that will dominate


tonight, bringing splashes of rain and dryer moments as well


particularly in the north-east of Scotland but heavy bursts can't be


ruled out in the West, where it will be misty and murky and breezy later


in the night. The breeze is south to south-westerly and temperatures in


the morning higher than they should be in the afternoon this time of


year. Sunday, whilst milder, is going to be breezy and a bit matter


for many of you. Again, not -- no one is immune from the wet weather.


We could start with splashes of rain down eastern areas but there will be


dryer moments.


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