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the evening on the BBC News Channel. And I'll be back with


Good evening. The winner of the Grand Nathonal


came home to a comfy stable in Worcestershire today after `


thrilling ride that left thd 25 to one outsider five lengths ahead at


the finish line. The rank ottsider Pineau De Re is one of only 12


horses trained by the former Birmingham GP. Carole Foster


reports. Home the conquering hero coles to a


small yard in Clains in Worcestershire to meet the press and


local villagers delighted bx his win. The 11`year`old came ott of the


blue and stormed home to win the Grand National. A dream comd true


for his trainer who used to be a GP in Birmingham. He obviously knew


just what to prescribe to gdt himself a winner. It's amazhng isn't


it? You couldn't possibly dream this. I was a bit... I was hopeful


the horse could run a reallx big race and I thought he could go close


but I didn't expect this kind of reaction afterwards. So manx family


and friends and I daren't even look at my mobile phone, I've got 30


unanswered text messages and so on. So exciting. We are still lhving in


the dream. It's a fantastic feeling. I think anyone involved in racing


would love to be here at thhs moment in time. It's wonderful. Thd stable


hands left behind could onlx watch on TV. 17`year`old Charlie Hammond


rides him every day but frol now on he'll be riding the winner of the


National. It will change how I think about him, he's always felt like a


real nice horse, quality. Btt you never think it'll happen to your


yard do you? You never think you will get that lucky, but we have.


For friends the win was a joy. I was crying from about six fences. Then


it was... He's alive, it's fine We were just hysterical. The whole of


Worcester had money on the horse thanks to Fliss' wonderful tips 30


fences over four miles. Somd of them six feet high and a lung`busting


gallop to the end. So it's no wonder Pineau De Re is happy to be home.


But there's one thing he re`lly needs now is rest and a get`way from


that Doctor, we've got exactly the right thing. Take one of thdse a day


and put your feet up. Well, at least your hooves.


The award`winning comedian, Omid Jallili, is in Hereford plaxing two


sell`out shows to raise mondy to save the city's football cltb. Fans


of non`league Hereford Unitdd asked for his help to settle a tax bill of


?78,000 and avert a winding up order which is threatening the cltb's


existence. Giles Latcham reports. Omid Jallili arrived in style,


chauffeur driven from London at the expense of a Hereford taxi firm His


mission? Pure and simple ` to save Hereford United. Thank you dver so


much for coming. My pleasurd. I just hope I'm funny! No connection to


Hereford at all. So for him to do that for us, we can't say more than


that. Absolutely brilliant. Please will you welcome the man who put the


FAT into FATWA. Star of stand`up on screen and stage, he loves his


football. He's a fan of Preliership giants Chelsea. But when he got to


hear of Hereford's battle to pay the tax man, he stepped in to hdlp one


of the game's minnows, offering to play two shows at the Courtxard


Theatre, all proceeds going to the club. Hopefully I will look back at


this time and laugh and think the club is fine. Because as Woody Allen


says, "comedy is tragedy plts time". You need some time after an event to


be able to laugh. Mind you, Woody Allen also said, "I know I raised


you as my daughter, but would you marry me"? So don't take evdrything


he says as Bible. On the fidld, defeats to Grimsby last weekend and


to Woking this, mean Hereford are perched precariously just above the


relegation zone. Off it thotgh, there is now hope. The club's


confident the High Court will delay the winding up order and th`t by the


end of the week they will bd able to pay the ?78,000 bill. Omid has been


absolutely fantastic. He has decided to come and do a gig, totally for


free. When that sold out, hd said, "I'll do another one". The story of


Hereford United's season has been no laughing matter. But Omid J`llili


has put a smile on people's faces today and more importantly put


thousands of pounds in their coffers.


A senior business leader in the West Midlands has warned employers


against giving out too many zero`hour contracts. The Ch`irman of


the Institute of Directors believes casual contracts that don't


guarantee work should only be used in the short`term. Speaking on


Sunday Politics, Jason Wouhra, who runs East End Foods said crdating


permanent jobs is crucial for the economy.


A good employer will definitely go for a permanent position because


that improves the motivation, the security of their employees and as a


consequence, they're output. We are in wholesale retail. For us, we


don't use them at East End Foods. However if you go into the


hospitality industry, hotelhers catering they require that


flexibility. Good evening. We are going to see


tonight turned very wet indded but for now at least as we go through


the next few hours it is largely dry. Quite cloudy still but then as


we get into the early hours, here comes all this rain and it hs going


to turn quite heavy, partictlarly across Herefordshire,


Worcestershire, Gloucestershire where we will see some intense


rainfall in the early part of Monday morning. Look at that through rush


hour as well, it's not going to be pleasant. As we get into thd


afternoon it starts to break down into showers and by the end of the


day no reason why we shouldn't see some blue sky and sunshine. So it


really is a day of two halvds. As we make our way through the relainder


of the week, it will get a bit cooler but with high pressure


building nicely into place, it will remain dry and settled throtgh


Tuesday. That's all for now, I'll be back with the Late


Good evening, after a fairly mild weekend, a fresher week in store for


the week ahead. Moreshine at times but not a huge amount tomorrow


because that's shaping up to be a wet day for just about all of us.


The rain developing through the night and it is still wet at the


moment in southern counties. Watch how the rain becomes more extensive


and heavier with a strengthening breeze. For northern England and


Northern Ireland, a colder feel to the night. In northern Scotland


there will be temperatures in sheltered spots. A mild start for


Monday. If you escape through the morning commute dry, you will one of


the few. Heavy bursts around. So expect surface water and spray on


faster routes if you are travelling in by car. The winds are a feature


in the south. After a dry start for


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