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Mike Wooldridge, BBC News, Lahore. Good evening. Around 500 people


gathered in West Bromwich today to mark the 20 year anniversarx of the


genocide in Rwanda. At least 80 ,000 people died as the result of the


civil conflict there in just a few months. `` as a result. But today,


members of the Rwandan commtnity in the Midlands said it was tile to


look forward, as well as relembering the past. Audrey Dias reports. 0


years may seem like a long time .. But the pain is still fresh. Not


only for me, but all survivors. Appolinaire was 27 when he had to go


into hiding in the east province of Rwanda for fear of his life. He only


survived, to then move to Coventry ten years ago, because he w`s hidden


by the family of a grateful student. His mother, brother, sister and


father were all killed. Appolinaires' story is one of


hundreds that were shared hdre today, as people gathered to reflect


on the effects of the genochde. I've lost my uncles, aunties, cotsins and


friends I grew up with. When it started, I hid in a church. My


daughter was a baby. We survived the killing. A week later, we wdre


rescued by my brother. Todax's message may have come from the


Midlands, but they want the world to hear. If something like that


happened... One million died in 100 days... After one or two ye`rs, the


international community kept quiet. It could happen in a differdnt


country. A murder investigation's bedn


launched in Staffordshire after a man was found with a serious stab


wound in Stone. The 22`year`old died in the street on Whitemill Lane


early this morning. Officers found a weapon in the area and a 29`year`old


man has been arrested in connection with the death. Extra policd have


also been patrolling the neighbourhood to reassure rdsidents.


The Cheltenham borough councillor who made controversial commdnts


equating rape with the "inevitability" of new housd


building says she won't be standing for re`election in May. Barbara


Driver said she was sorry for the damage her comment had causdd and it


was now time to step back from public life.


Some great news for Wolves fans now ` after beating Crewe today they are


promoted to the Championship. Wolverhampton Wanderers enddd the


match two goals up, much to the delight of the thousands of fans


who'd travelled to support them Kevin Macdonald and David Edwards


were the scorers, with a go`l in each half. It's an exciting time.


That's what we want it to bd. It's a big achievement by the playdrs to do


this with four games to go. We want to build on this now, first by


getting the championship title if we can. We want to be excited, going


into this next year. Other results now. In the


Premiership, Aston Villa lost 1`0 away to Crystal Palace, while Stoke


City beat Newcastle 1`0 at home And there were goals aplenty at West


Bromwich Albion, where the latch against Tottenham ended in ` 3`


draw. In League One, just in case you


missed it earlier, Wolves won 2`0 at Crewe. But not such good news


elsewhere ` Port Vale went down 4`2 at Notts County, Coventry lost `0


away at Peterborough. Shrewsbury were beaten 2`1 at Tranmere and


Walsall went down 1`0 at hole to Bristol City.


In League Two, Cheltenham c`me away 1`1 with Exeter. But Burton Albion


lost 1`0 to Northampton. In the Conference, a 1`0 defeat for


Hereford against Gateshead. Kidderminster won 2`0, though,


against Welling. Tamworth lost `0 away to Southport ` sadly mdaning


Tamworth are relegated. And Nuneaton conceded three goals at Wrexham It


ended 3`0. And moving on to rugby ` it was


close but no wins for either of our teams in the Aviva Premiership.


Worcester lost 33`38 to Exeter while it was even tighter at Gloucester


where it ended 17`18 against Bath. Let's get the weather now whth Kaye


Forster. Good evening. We'vd had a fairly cloudy day today. A few spots


of rain as well. But it's all clearing now, which sets us up for a


decent day tomorrow. It will be dry and there will be a little sunshine.


The rain continues to spill its way southwards and the skies will clear.


It will be chilly tonight. Lows of three Celsius. Plenty of sunshine in


the morning. We are staying and dry into the afternoon. Temperatures


peak at around 15 Celsius. Midlands Today will be back with


more news at the same time tomorrow night. And I'll see you for


breakfast on Monday. Enjoy the rest of your evening. Goodbye.


We start with a look at the latest satellite sequence, because it shows


what has been going on over the last few hours. This band of cloud has


been slipping south across England and Wales. A bit of patchy rain to


come from that, but nothing of significance. Quite the story across


the north of Scotland . And some fairly frequent showers to the north


and west of Scotland. That is it by dawn. Most places will see clear


spells and it wouldn't turn -- it will turn cold, particularly in raw


areas. In the morning, one or two showers along the northern coast of


Ireland. But the south and east are doing well in the morning. Bright


and breezy across the north of England. A decent start to the day.


Further south, plenty more sunshine, although around some of


the hills, there might be missed and low cloud. For many places, it is a


decent day. It would be quite chilly for the start of the London


Marathon, but warm as you go into the afternoon. It


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