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A Shropshire MP says any have a second baby. End of story.


A Shropshire MP says any re`organisation of the NHS hn the


county needs to be centred on Telford or in the middle of the


county. David Wright, the MP for Telford wants to hear more `bout the


proposals which could see a new hospital built ` complete whth a


super A Our BBC Shropshire political reporter Joanne G`llacher


has more. Nearly 100 medics are involved in the plans. One new


hospital dealing with all emergencies on one side. In addition


to urgent care centre is acting as support. We think one centrd only


concentrate the work will ultimately improve outcomes. Doctors and nurses


have been asked for their opinions on how things should change. They


have come up with a rather radical solution. Build a super A We need


the main A focused on Telford or a totally new service locathon in


the centre of the county, sdrving both main population centres of


Telford and shrews Billy. Any other option in my view would not be


acceptable to residents. Ond MP cautiously welcomed the plans.


Neither hospital is under threat of closure, this is about how best to


provide emergency care. The clinical commissioning group is keen to


stress that the plans don't involve closing Shrewsbury Telford


hospitals. But the services they may offer may change. The plans they


offer will go to full public consultation early next year.


The Department for Education has confirmed that fifteen schools in


Birmingham are currently behng inspected as a result of thd


investigations into the so called Trojan Horse plot. These ard the


anonymous allegations which have been made that hardline muslims are


trying to take over the running of some schools in the city. The


Department of Education says it ll take firm action against schools


where standards are not being met. Three people have now been `rrested


in connection with the fatal stabbing of a man in Stone this


weekend. 22`year`old Connon McLeod died in the street in Whitelill Lane


in the early hours of Saturday morning. Two men, aged 20 and 2


years were questioned in connection with the case and are now on police


bail. A third man was arrested in Burton on Trent this afternoon.


A Black Country man whose mother walked out when he was a very young


child, has been reunited with a half sister this weekend. 72`year`old


John Haydon from Bloxwich h`d been searching for decades to trx and


trace his missing relatives, but it wasn't until he got a tablet for


Christmas that the siblings were able to make contact. Joannd Writtle


reports. The moment John Haxdon meets his half sister for the first


time. Dee Messer's travelled from her home in Tennessee to Birmingham.


This was John's parents. His mother Eileen left them when he was three.


I can't comment wife. `` whx. But I always found she was out thdre. A


sister he did not know about content their family ancestry site. And


discovered something unexpected about her mother ` who'd didd seven


years earlier: it convinced me she had been married before. Shd had two


sons. I was like, OK. And one had died. I said, are you telling me I


have a brother? His mother travelled the world and


met a second husband in New Orleans. She was very selective about what


she would tell me. But I wotld kid around and say, if I have a brother


or sister, you would tell md? Today, they travelled to their grandparents


unmarked graves. One more twist to this story, when John and Dde met


for the first time yesterdax she was wearing her mother's necklace. Her


mother had nicknamed the necklace Spike, and asked her to wear it at


least once." We were talking about leaving my jewellery to his kids. He


got all funny on me and started asking a lot of questions, `ll


serious. I said, what is it? He said, my nickname as a boy was


spiked. So obviously some of her last thoughts were of him.


And now the weather. It has been a lovely day. Plenty of


sunshine. And there is more an offer tomorrow. We are staying drx all day


long. Moreover sunshine to dnjoy. We will see clouds coming and going


tonight. There will be a brdeze It will keep us frost free.


Temperatures down to perhaps about three or four Celsius. Tomorrow


morning. Dry and bright. Lots of sunshine. Sun will and go. But it


will not track from what will be a gorgeous afternoon. Temperatures


will peak tomorrow at around 15 Celsius. That is all from us for


now. I'll be back with the light bulletin. Goodbye.


We got to 17 degrees in the sunshine in London and many places enjoyed a


pleasant day. A different story for the zero wherein was quite wet and


windy. You can see that cloud is moving south. Things do improve


across Scotland. Showers become confined to the far north and the


winds ease


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