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Good evening. A man has appdared in streets.


Good evening. A man has appdared in court in connection with an acid


attack which left a 19`year`old woman critically ill. 27`ye`r`old


Matthew Wood is charged with causing grievous bodily harm to Aledna


Rafiq, who suffered internal injuries and burns after answering


the door of a property in Thvidale. Musicians and comedians are staging


a charity concert in Birmingham to raise thousands of pounds for


injured servicemen and women. The proceeds from Stand Up For The


Heroes will go to Fisher Hotse, the purpose`built home for relatives of


soldiers being treated at Qteen Elizabeth Hospital. Ben Godfrey


reports. Kerry Ford has been living `t Fisher


House for more than six months. Her husband Norman, who served for the


Royal Engineers, is being treated for severe brain injuries at the


Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Hdre, over the Easter break, they can `t least


feel like they have the comforts of home, even though home is the


Falkland Islands. Just the calm of being able to walk in, shut that


door and just go... At the dnd of what has been pretty bad daxs at


times. Around 650 people have stayed at Fisher House, this home from


home, since it opened last June but donations are critical. It costs


around ?250,000 a year to rtn. # And life, the ground is sometimes


your best friend. # Tomorrow night the Glee Club in Birmingham will


showcase rising stars of music and comedy.


It is a charity gig put togdther by Sebastian Miles, a former Grenadier


Guard who saw action in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan and where in 20 0


his battle group suffered mtltiple casualties. I'm always humbled by it


but saddened by their injurhes and therefore I will dedicate as long as


it takes to raise money for them, in this gig and future gigs ovdr the


years. Profits from ticket sales could see ?10,000 raised for Fisher


House. It's wonderful. ?10,000 provides us with 400 nights'


accommodation, in effect ovdr a year for a family to stay here. Giving


Kerry and other relatives of injured soldiers one less thing to worry


about. The football results now, starting


the Premier League. Aston Vhlla shared a goalless draw with


Southampton, while Stoke drdw 1`1 with Cardiff. In the Championship,


Birmingham City lost 1`0 at Nottingham Forest. In Leagud Two,


Burton Albion beat Hartlepool 3`0, and in the Conference Nuneaton lost


1`0 to Barnet. Birmingham Chty Ladies have also been in action this


afternoon, taking on the Swddish side Tyreso in the first leg of the


European Champions League sdmifinal. Nadine Towell watched the action.


Hundreds of fans packed into the Autotech Stadium in Solihull this


afternoon to watch this latdst instalment in the history of


Birmingham City Ladies' football club. They are enjoying a dream run


in the Champions League. Thdse sides have surprised us in getting this


far, so if they get beaten they get beaten and we are still protd of


them. The men have done it when we played Arsenal, so hopefullx we will


have a win today. The Swedish team were favourites and dominatdd the


first half, but the Blues h`d solid defence. After a goalless fhrst half


Birmingham City were much ilproved in the second and had sever`l decent


chances of their own. This shot was one of the best. The match dnded


0`0. The scoreline testament to the defensive strength of the Blues who


have only conceded once in five games this season. We did not want


them to score because away goals are massive. With the calibre of players


they have, it is a great result for us. Burning travel to Sweden a week


tomorrow. The winners will be guaranteed a place in the fhnal ``


Birmingham travel to Sweden a week tomorrow. Neuer`macro Neuer`macro


Worcester lost 32`20 at Bath, while Gloucester went down 38`30 `t Wasps.


Let's get the Bank Holiday weather forecast from Charlie Slater.


Good evening. Some decent brightness for some others for the end of the


day. As we make our way into Easter Sunday, a fair amount of cloud but


it clears a bit and comes b`ck in the early hours. It will allow heat


to be trapped in, so it will not drop lower than four degree Celsius.


On Easter Sunday, a little bit of rain at times. It is quite short


lived. The majority through the middle of the day. Plan your Easter


egg hunts carefully. The temperatures up to 14 or 15 Celsius.


That is all for now. Our next bulletin is at 6:50pm tomorrow. Have


a Good evening. The temperature


reached 18


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