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the Queen, whose 88th birthday it is Good evening. Two months after the


devastating floods, shops and businesses in Worcester are hoping


the Easter Holiday weekend will provide a much`needed boost to the


local economy. Some businesses had to close after the River Severn


burst its banks. Kevin Reidd reports.


Worcester looks a totally dhfferent place than it did just two lonths


ago, with riverside venues well and truly open for business. It's a far


cry from when the River Sevdrn burst its banks. The Quay restaur`nt was


one of the worst affected. We had the initial flood just after


Christmas. We started getting prepared to open again and then we


got hit worse than the first time. Luckily, we kind of prepared for it.


It's been two`and`a`half months of redecorating, cleaning... Gdtting


everything back up to open `gain. Downstream, and the Diglis Hotel is


also welcoming the start of the tourist season. It survived the


worst of the flooding but whtnessed the overall downturn, and it's one


of a number of businesses which has benefited from a financial relief


fund, receiving around ?5,000. But it's not just hotels and restaurants


hoping for an Easter boost, also shops and businesses in the city


centre just a short distancd from here. The shopping areas have long


been back to normal ` and this department store says signs are


good. Easter trade has started brilliantly and we're reallx


encouraged by that. We're not where we'd like to be but we're m`king


headway. Back down at the Sdvern and although it was a foe in thd winter,


it's fast becoming a friend for the spring and summer. The medi`


coverage did actually put Worcester back in people's minds. Somd came


for flood tourism and perhaps want to see it when it's not flooded


We're getting busier and busier and all of the work that the agdncies


are doing is helping that. @nd what's more, the Severn will be


celebrated in August with the announcement of the revival of the


city's River Festival. Police have launched a murddr


inquiry after a man who was injured in a fight outside a West Mhdlands


pub died in hospital. The 27`year`old victim, who's bden named


locally as Paddy Woodhall, was punched to the floor during disorder


outside the Deer's Leap in Streetly on Friday. Four men, all in their


20s, have been arrested. The head of Ofsted is to le`d the


investigation into allegations of a hardline Muslim takeover plot at a


number of Birmingham schools. Sir Michael Wilshaw will visit the city


next week to meet those dirdctly involved in the inspections. Ofsted


has assessed more than a dozen Birmingham schools in the w`ke of


the so`called "Trojan Horse" allegations.


The Roman Catholic Bishop of Shrewsbury has used his Easter


Sunday address to speak out against moves to legalise assisted suicide.


The Right Reverend Mark Davhes told worshippers that the sanctity of


human life is at risk. Ahead of a Bill going before Parliament next


month, he warned against ch`nging the law, saying he believes it would


"weaken" the protection givdn to vulnerable people. It's a moment


when we have to be ready to speak for something so fundamental as the


sacred value of human life htself. We're also concerned with how we


care for those at the end of life, and to breach the very sanctity of


human life with this change of the law is going to leave those people


more vulnerable. While Christians in the reghon have


been celebrating Easter, melbers of the Sikh community have been holding


celebrations of their own today to commemorate Vaisakhi. In Coventry,


local non`Sikh Charities also benefitted from the event, `s Nadine


Towell reports. The streets of Coventry were filled with noise and


colour as hundreds of Sikhs joined today's Vaisakhi procession. Because


of what we believe in we're supposed to be identifiable in crowds of


hundreds of thousands. So the colour, the turban... There goes a


Sikh! At the time there was persecution and tyranny, a Sikh


couldn't hid back in the crowd. You had to do your duty and help. The


festival is one of the most important in the Sikh calendar,


marking the founding of the religion. For local Sikhs, ht's


important to celebrate in ptblic as one large community. It brings a lot


of pride to us, to see the Sikh community join in and walk the


streets. It's emotional. It makes you proud to be a Sikh when everyone


is out on a day like this, hn unity. It's very important. Everyone looks


forward to it and the community love to get together. Everyone fdels


united. The celebrations brought other residents on to the streets,


too. While some were happy to watch, others were keen to join in. As part


of the procession, all along the route members give out free food and


drink. Basically to keep those walking along full of energx!


Non`Sikhs have also benefitdd from today's celebrations, as thd


community donated to a numbdr of local charities.


Let's check on the weather now with Charlie Slater. Good evening. Happy


Easter. Watch out for some rain as we go through the next few hours.


You can see from the colour it is quite heavy for a time, particularly


through the counties of Herefordshire and Worcester.


Thankfully through the night it does dry out and we're looking at seven


or eight Celsius. Tomorrow, we might see brightness. But also thd odd


shower. Mild temperatures btt maybe not feeling quite that mild when you


factor in the rain. Probablx a good idea to keep the umbrella close at


hand over the next few days. That's all for now; I'll be back


just after quarter past ten tonight. Until then, enjoy your evenhng.


Hello. Well, it was another lovely sunny day across the north of the


UK. What a difference over the south. The rain set in for the


course of the afternoon. There's more of that to come. It has been


getting heavy across southern England. A narrow band for


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