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heart surgeon has been sackdd from a Birmingham hospital for sublitting


incorrect data. Ian Wilson hs said to have consistently under`reported


the amount of time patients spent with their heart stopped on a


by`pass machine. But the spdcialist is now working again under


supervision at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton. Our Health


Correspondent, Michele Padu`no, has this exclusive report. In 2008,


having saved the life of thhs young mother, Ian Wilson was being


celebrated, but the surgeon seen here on the right has now bden


sacked from his job at the Pueen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.


The BBC understands that thd hospital began a routine


investigation which was triggered automatically as a result of death


rates. Whilst undergoing he`rt surgery, patients have their heart


stopped and they are placed on a machine which circulates thd blood.


I understand that an investhgation by the QE Hospital found th`t Mr


Wilson had been under reporting the amount of time his patients had


spent on by pass since 2006 and in one case by up to an hour. The


longer a patient spends on ` heart lung by`pass machine, the hhgher the


potential risk of complicathons or even death, academic studies have


shown. However, Mr Wilson's dismissal is understood to relate to


concerns about issues of trtst and is not said to reflect upon his


ability as a surgeon. The Gdneral Medical Council has made an order


pending further investigations which stops him from doing privatd


practice. Forces him to nothfy them if he applies for a job abroad.


Means he can only work in the NHS under supervision pending those


investigations. New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton has employdd him


under supervision in accord`nce with the GMC's position whilst it


investigates the matter. He is here to be skilled to return to practice


in line with the GMC. I havd no knowledge of whatever conduct issues


there were with previous employer and as I say he is here for three


months and at the end of th`t three months, he will be fit to rdturn to


work. I have discussed this with a number of people in this


organisation and we don't h`ve any concerns about his clinical


practice. Mr Wilson did not wish to comment. The BBC understands the is


planning to challenge his dhsmissal at an employment tribunal.


Tributes have been paid to Dr Muhammed Naseem, one of the


best`known Muslim leaders in the Midlands, who's died at the age of


90. The former GP headed Birmingham's Central Mosque, which


he helped establish. He passed away this morning at the Queen Elizabeth


Hospital. His funeral will be held on Thursday.


I turned to him on every issue in my life personally and I was able to


seek advice his loss will bd felt in the city and the whole of the


country and it is irreplace`ble I don't think this


The Labour MP Khalid Mahmood is calling for a single enquirx into


the alleged Trojan Horse plot in Birmingham schools. Three sdparate


investigations by the Government, Ofsted and Birmingham City Council


have been launched to look hnto the claims that hardline Muslims are


trying to take over schools in the city. Mr Mahmood has told the BBC he


feels this will only cause hncreased confusion.


A mental health nurse from Coventry is to be deported from Sri Lanka


because she has a tattoo of Buddha on her right arm. 37`year`old Naomi


Coleman was arrested as she arrived at the airport in Colombo after


authorities spotted the deshgn. A police spokesman said she w`s


detained for hurting others' religious feelings.


There are signs that house sales are increasing up across the region


after a long period of stagnation. In the year to the end of Fdbruary,


prices in this region rose on average by 5%, although, in some


hotspots such as Warwick and Leamington, that figure's closer to


10%. And businesses are bendfiting with one removal firm in Worcester


saying it's 15 years since ht was last this busy. This year h`s been a


revelation because normally January and February are dire. It continued


on a big at it in January. Fingers crossed, it is The future of


Birmingham City Football cltb could become clearer in the next 02 hours.


The club's board is meeting in Hong Kong to consider bids from potential


new owners. It comes as Bluds sit one place clear of the relegation


zone with just three games to play. Our reporter Ben Sidwell is at St


Andrews for us tonight. What do we know about any bidders for the club,


Ben? There is said to Birmingham city have spin of herself up


currently it is 5:30am in Hong is likely to take place while lost of


us are fast asleep. The whole situation seems shrouded in secrecy.


It must be frustrating fans are being kept in the dark and they are


frustrated and annoyed and want information from the board `bout the


future there has been a lack of Tonight die out also quite lild We


start the day we will see some showers breaking out ahead of the


main the end of the night whll be dry and clear with


is not looking too bad. That's weather front.


It is never too early to think about next weekend and I will be doing


that in a couple of minutes. But we have a sizeable chunk of this


week's whether to go first. There are more showers, but there will be


spells of warm sunshine around as well, so there will be no frost at


night. Bands of showers across the western side of the UK and


Scotland's passing through overnight. Another heavy burst


coming into the south-west later on in the night. This rain band slowly


comes in from the South West and this is how


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