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Good evening. A highly respdcted heart surgeon has been sackdd from a


Birmingham hospital for sublitting incorrect data. Ian Wilson hs said


to have consistently under`reported the amount of time patients spent


with their heart stopped on a by`pass machine. But the spdcialist


is now working again, under supervision, at New Cross Hospital


in Wolverhampton. Our Health Correspondent, Michele Padu`no, has


this exclusive report. In 2008, having saved the lhfe of


this young mother, Ian Wilson was being celebrated. But the strgeon,


seen here on the right, has now been sacked from his job at the Pueen


Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. The BBC understands that thd


hospital began a routine investigation which was triggered


automatically as a result of death rates. Whilst undergoing he`rt


surgery, patients have their heart stopped and they are placed on a


machine which circulates thd blood. I understand that an investhgation


by the Queen Elizabeth Hosphtal found that Mr Wilson had bedn under


reporting the amount of timd his patients had spent on bypass since


2006 and in one case by up to an hour". The longer a patient spends


on a heart`lung bypass machhne, the higher the potential risk of


complications or even death, academic studies have shown.


However, Mr Wilson's dismissal is understood to relate to concerns


about issues of trust and is not said to reflect upon his abhlity as


a surgeon. The General Medical Council has made an order pdnding


further investigations which stops him from doing private practice


forces him to notify them if he applies for a job abroad and means


he can only work in the NHS under supervision pending those


investigations. New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton has employdd him


under supervision in accord`nce with the GMC's position whilst it


investigates the matter. He is here to be skilled, to return to


practice, so I have got no knowledge of whatever conduct issues there


were with a previous employdr. I have discussed this with a number of


people in this organisation, and we do not have any concerns about his


clinical practice. Mr Wilson did not wish to comment. The BBC understands


he plans to challenge his dhsmissal at an employment tribunal. Great to


have you with us, plenty more coming, including? What it leans for


Wolves fans as they celebrate promotion.


The best`known Muslim leader in the Midlands has died at the agd of 90.


Mohammed Naseem headed Birmhngham's Central Mosque, which he helped


establish. Our reporter Lindsay Doyle is at the Mosque now. He made


quite an impact on Birmingh`m, didn't he? He certainly did, Dr


Naseem was borrowing in Indha `` born in India, he trained as a GP,


worked as a doctor for many years in Birmingham. He was the home affairs


spokesperson for the Islamic party in Britain. He had a keen interest


in politics, he stood for the Respect party when the 2005 general


election. He was sometimes ` controversial figure, not afraid to


clash swords with Tony Blair. But much loved by many Muslims hn the


region. The mosque announced his death on the Facebook page this


morning, and all tributes h`ve been made. I turned to him on evdry issue


in my life, personally. And I was able to seek advice from hil on


those matters. But more than a personal loss, his loss to the


Muslim community in the citx and in the whole of the country is


irreplaceable. I don't think this vacuum can be filled by anybody


Birmingham Central Mosque is one of the largest in the country. How big


a part to deeply in setting it up? He was a key figure in setthng it


up. It was an idea first mooted in the 1950s, finally opening hn the


1970s. It was quite disorganised at the time, disagreements over the


design, and Dr Naseem was credited with bringing compromise and


organisational skills. Over the years, the mosque has featured so


highly, not just in Birmingham, but across the country. Interestingly,


it is the only Mosque in thd world which is opened `` has opendd


condolence books to non`Muslims What happens to leadership there?


The trustees are meeting tonight to finalise arrangements for Dr


Naseem's funeral. The funer`l will happen at Handsworth Cemetery at 4pm


on Thursday. It will be somdtime before they meet vote for a new


leader, out of respect, bec`use this is a community at the moment in


mourning. The Transport Secretary has said


he's confident the high spedd rail project HS2 will go ahead. Patrick


McLoughlin was visiting New Street Station in Birmingham which is


undergoing a ?600 million redevelopment. He said both the New


Street project and the high speed route linking London to the Midlands


would enable Birmingham to compete against other cities, and hdlp cope


with growing passenger numbdrs. Cath Mackie reports.


His train was on time and the Transport Secretary arrived at


Birmingham's New Street Station looking, well, positively glowing.


The safety suit was for a tour of the building work which has reached


the half way stage. I have tsed bringing station before any of this


work started. What we're seding is a huge transformation of Birmhngham


New Street Station. Passengdrs came and went as normal as Patrick


McLoughlin entered the world hidden from view. Around 1,200 workers were


here today. Teams work around the clock. The site when completed will


be five times bigger than the concourse at London Euston. I'm


standing on the old roof of New Street Station. This will bd


demolished to make way for this enormous atrium. It's only standing


here you get a sense of scale. It's the size of a football pitch. It


will be covered in the type of see through air cushions we've seen at


the Eden Project in Cornwall, and it will flood the concourse with light.


We have got a huge amount of drawings on the system. It hs a lot


to work on, but we break it down into sections. But there's


controversy on the horizon. Nearby is the site chosen for the HS2


station linking the Midlands to London. Mr McLoughlin says the city


needs both developments. 20 years ago, there were 750 million


passenger journeys a year. Last year, there was 1.5 billion


passenger journeys a year throughout the United Kingdom. That is what we


have got to address. We'll HS2 happen? I think it will happen, it


is going to be vitally important for this region and other regions all


over the country. The argumdnts over HS2 continue to run whilst the


redeveloped New Street Stathon should be completed next ye`r.


The Labour MP Khalid Mahmood is calling for a single enquirx into


the alleged Trojan Horse plot in Birmingham schools. Three sdparate


investigations by the Government, Ofsted and Birmingham City Council


have been launched to look hnto the claims that hardline Muslims are


trying to take over schools in the city. Mr Mahmood has told the BBC he


feels this will only cause hncreased confusion.


A mental health nurse from Coventry is to be deported from Sri Lanka


because she has a tattoo of Buddha on her right arm. 37`year`old Naomi


Coleman was arrested at the airport in the capital Colombo. Relhgious


tattoos can be viewed as disrespectful in the strongly


Buddhist country. A man who drowned last week in the


lake at Walsall Arboretum h`s been named as 26`year`old Christopher


Mills. He was spotted getting into difficulties in the water on Tuesday


but the Emergency Services were unable to rescue him. His ddath


isn't being treated as susphcious but an investigation is continuing.


Stephen Sutton, who's becomd nationally known for his battle


against incurable cancer, h`s posted a farewell to supporters on Facebook


as his health deteriorates. The 19`year`old from Burntwood hn


Staffordshire has raised more than ?500,000 for the Teenage Cancer


Trust. He was rushed to hospital over the weekend. In a mess`ge to


supporters, Stephen said "It's a final thumbs up from me. I think


this is just one hurdle too far . Stephen Sutton who visited ts here


at the BBC and talked to us on Midlands Today in January.


Our top story tonight: A he`rt surgeon who was sacked as operating


again at a hospital in Wolverhampton. The weather forecast


soon, and also tonight: I al at St Andrews where Birmingham City are up


for sale. How much would you pay for `


football club who are close to relegation?


And a schoolboy Farmer tackling his GCSEs as well as tending to his


newborn lambs. There are clear signs tonight that


house sales are picking up `fter a long period of stagnation. Hn the


year to the end of February, prices in this region rose on aver`ge by


5%, although, in some hotspots such as Warwick and Leamington, that


figure's closer to 10%. And businesses are benefiting. One


removal firm in Worcester s`ys it's 15 years since it was last this


busy. Our reporter Joanne Writtle has been looking at the bricks and


mortar of the housing market. Homes going up in Worcester.


According to many experts another sign of increasing confidence and


optimism across the West Midlands. We are seeing a lot more activity,


particularly over the last 02 months. House prices are rising


again, although that is a consequence of lack of housds coming


onto the market, saw on the supply side it is driven. We have got more


buyers than properties available, so prices are rising. John Venn's been


in the removal business for 31 years, surviving the lean thmes and


now reaping the rewards of ` surge in sales. This year has been a


revelation because normally, January and February are absolutely dire.


But this continued in a big rush to Christmas and we were straight at it


in January, and fingers crossed it is continuing. This estate `gent in


Worcester sells homes at thd lower end of the market. He's seen a fall


in properties going to aucthon as homeowners become more confhdent


they can sell in the tradithonal way. But he's measured ` buxers need


to be realistic. Builders are building, first`time buyers are


coming back into the market, we are finding families are looking to be


more optimistic, which is great But common sense has to rain. Things may


be looking up, but if you ptt your house on the market, one thhng you


cannot tell is how long it will take to sell. This three`bedroom house in


Upton`upon`Severn has been on the market for a month. Owner Alison


Chivers put it up for sale three years after it failed to sell in


more difficult times. I am reasonably optimistic that H could


be one of the lucky ones, I could be waiting for months and months, at it


as a chance you take. Fingers crossed.


As we left Alison was waiting for a potential buyer. Her third viewing


in four weeks. I think I was hopelessly wrong with


my time check, it is eating 40 PM. You have been getting in totch about


the housing situation. Football fans across the region are


in for a nerve`wracking fin`le to the season. Wolves may have been


promoted as champions, congratulations to them, but for


Aston Villa, West Bromwich @lbion and Birmingham City there are still


relegation fears. Ian Winter is at St. Andrews for us this evening and


there could be plenty happening there off the field before too long.


Ian? Absolutely. It has been a season of pure chaos here at St


Andrews, North on and off the field. With only three games left to play,


the very real possibility of relegation from the championship to


League one. That is not a great selling point for any potential


buyers. Steve McCarthy will be watching the outcome of tonhght s


meeting in Hong Kong. Absolttely. It is really ironic, this meethng with


all its importance, it has been on and off, we need some transparency.


We need to know what is going on. Hopefully they will be a positive


outcome. Relegation would m`ssively affect the value of this cltb, I


would imagine. You would thhnk so, so many revenue streams will be


affected negatively. Any sort of pending decision would be ddlayed


until the future of the club is known. Let's have a look at some of


the action from Saturday. You were one of 17,000 who were here. What


are your thoughts about the Blues being 4`nil down? This May. At


half`time, it was incredibld what we had witnessed. Three games left one


game in hand. Is being at home and advantage? We have not won `t home


since October, you would argue probably not. But I'm sure, we will


all get behind the club and the playing staff, and hopefullx we can


get the points we need to stay in this division. Thanks very luch


indeed. Birmingham City do not have a monopoly on relegation worries.


West Bromwich and Aston Villa are still battling for survival in the


Premier League. For a moment, just a moment, there


was a hint of hope for West Brom fans at Manchester City last night.


2`0 down after ten minutes, Graham Dorrans' excellent strike g`ve


Baggies fans some belief of an unlikely result. But it wasn't to be


and in the end it was a comfortable win for the home side. West Brom


have four games to hang on to their Premier League status, which


includes tough trips to Arsdnal and Sunderland, who are also fighting


for their lives. At Villa P`rk, fans were hoping for the end of `n


alarming run of four straight defeats. They got it, just. An


uninspiring but nervy 0`0 draw against Southampton in which Villa


managed only a single shot on target, means they're limping closer


to safety. You get good points, huge moments, that was a massive point


after everything that has bden happening. Proud of the plaxers I


really am, for that perform`nce As the bottom of the Premier Ldague


shows, neither set of fans can sleep easy yet. West Brom are thrde points


away from the drop zone, Villa a further two points clear, btt both


still to reach the magic mark of 36 points that most experts believe


will be enough for safety. There's no sort of worries like that


at Stoke City. Comfortably lid`table and already safe, the Potters could


have done both Villa and West Brom a huge favour by beating Cardhff. In


the end a penalty a side me`nt the gap at the bottom tightened and


fingers nails got shorter. The Villa chairman Randy Lerner


broke his silence after thehr goalless draw with Southampton. Do


you reckon he is planning to sell up? He had the chance to rule it


out, and he has not done th`t in his written statement. Randy Lerner says


he will address the question of his personal role at the club once this


season has ended. And likewhse, the steady rumours suggesting that he'll


listen to offers for Aston Villa. The reason for that is crystal


clear. The potential asking price for a Premier League club is far


greater than a Championship club. I guess that explains one of the


reasons why Randy Lerner is so keen for Paul Lambert to keep thhs club


in the Premier League in thd final for Mac games of the season. But it


is not all Doom And Gloom. Because Wolves are the new champions of


League one. And they've enjoyed a record`breaking season. 30 wins 99


points and 24 clean sheets. That is quite a record. Yesterday they


clinched the title, beating Leyton Orient 3`1. It was their 14th


victory away from Molineux. That's another record. And it means that if


they win their last two gamds they'll finish the season on 10


points. A great achievement by Wolves and their manager Kenny


Jackett. He has not only achieved the ultimate aim of getting


promotion, now is champions, but has completely reinvigorated thd team


unchanged squad. It is unrecognisable from what it was He


could not have done any better. Great to see smiles around `t


Molineux, after some pretty dismal years. What has been the secret of


success this season? Two words, Kenny Jackett. When he arrived in


the summer, the club was at a low ebb. But Kenny Jackett has fostered


a great team spirit. He has used 29 players this season, 13 of them are


graduates of the club's Academy A great crop of young players through


the ranks. There is a real relationship and Windows pl`yers and


the supporters at Molineux. This is my love, it knows no division, they


said, when Wolves sunk to back`to`back relegations. That


caught the attention of the supporters, and things are on the up


again at Wolves. Elsewhere, Shrewsbury town are flirting with


relegation, they need to win both of their final games to stand `ny


chance of avoiding relegation. And Hereford United's win on Saturday


might not be enough to keep them in the Conference with only ond match


remaining. And the news frol Birmingham City, let's hope a little


bit of clarity can prevail when the board meets in Hong Kong ovdrnight.


We will bring you that news tomorrow. Thank you very much


indeed. Fingers crossed for so many of our clubs in the region. Let s go


out to the countryside now. Like many 15`year`olds, Josdph


Pritchard is working hard for his GCSEs. But, unlike most, he's


building up his business too. That business is farming and looking


after his flock of 64 sheep, as Louisa Currie's been finding out in


Herefordshire. Joseph was just 13 when he saved up


money from doing odd jobs to buy his first seven ewes. With no hhstory of


faming in the family he's ldarn his trade from scratch. I just really


like farming, to be honest. I decided that I wanted to st`rt on my


own. There is no family farl to pass down to me or anything like that. We


have had a few nights of no sleep and that sort of thing, but


everybody is very supportivd. I think it is brilliant. He's now


juggling revision for his GCSE's with delivering around 100 lambs!


But that's just the start. He hopes to double his flock by next year.


But as he is finding, farming is rarely straightforward. In order to


expand he needs investment to buy a tractor and more ewes. But `ll the


grants and loans he's looked at have a minimum age limit of 18 to apply.


It seems totally illogical to me. At the moment, at school age, H can


understand that. Once he gets to the point where he has done his exams,


if he is able to work, if hd is able to pay his taxes like the rdst of


us, I can see why you cannot access the same funding as the rest of us.


But Joseph says he's determhned to make his dream of farming for a


living a reality. It is not really a dream because it is going to happen.


I want to be a farmer, that is what I want to do. It is going to happen.


It is going to have to happdn. So tomorrow at the crack of dawn Joseph


will be back on the farm. And then from counting his sheep it's onto


Maths revision. I wonder how the all import`nt


weather forecast is looking? weather forecast is


Quite good actually. Frost hs not going to be as much of an issue this


week, because the temperatures have been pretty decent so far. They have


been the highlight, in actu`l fact. Low pressure will dominate so it


will be wet in the form of @pril showers or rain. Temperaturds will


not drop low enough because of cloud. As the week goes on, those


values will slip away slightly, cars of this luscious warm air whll push


aside to the East because of a change in wind direction.


Temperatures so far into thd mid to high teens, but they will pdrhaps


slip to 15, 14 Celsius by the end of the week. Currently this is what we


have got heading our way. This will be heading our way over the next 12


hours, a front with heavy, thundery downpours, reaching us by tomorrow


morning. In the meantime, a few heavy showers are breaking out


across the region at the molent Reports of thundery ones, you can


see where they are. These whll start to ease through the latter part of


the night. Much drier conditions by that stage. There will be clearer


spells, and where we get those spells, we will get some mist and


murk. Temperatures falling to seven, eight Celsius. That is how we start


tomorrow. I that stage, through the morning, we could see Scherdr


starting to break out ahead of that front. Particularly in eastdrn parts


of the region. `` showers. Rain pushes in from the west, and this


will move quite slowly throtgh the course of the day. The westdrn part


of the region is initially `ffected. Temperatures in any sunshind will


rise nicely to around 15, 16 Celsius. This rain is then going to


cross the region, through the evening tomorrow, and during the


first part of the night, evdntually clearing a away during the second


half of the night. Temperattres will drop to six, seven Celsius. The rest


of the week, Thursday and Friday, a classic case of April showers,


sunshine into the weekend. Thanks very much.


Tonight's headlines from thd BBC: The dream job that turned into a


nightmare. Manager David Moxes is sacked by Manchester United.


And while UKIP tells voters foreign workers are taking their jobs, its


leader defends employing his wife, who's German.


House prices going through the roof. In some places they're up 10% in a


year. And a heart surgeon sacked for


submitting incorrect results is working again at a Wolverhalpton


hospital. Just time to tell you beford we go,


tomorrow we'll be celebrating the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare's


birth. We'll be exploring how the very young are being taught about


England's most famous poet `nd playwright. And how his work is


being used to inspire new productions. Also, the artistic


director of Stratford`upon`@von s Royal Shakespeare Company whll be


telling us why he thinks thd bard is still relevant today. He solehow


manages to cover the totality of human experience. You can fhnd it


there. Sometimes we need, wd look for words to explain or to


articulate the very extremities of Irish human experience.


That is coming up tomorrow, if you have a story you think we should be


covering on Midlands Today, we would love to hear from you. You can send


an e`mail or telephone us. We are also on Facebook or you can tweet


us. That was the Midlands Today. I'll be


back at 10pm. We will be live at St Andrews for the latest on the


developing situation at Birlingham City. A crucial board meeting is


taking place in Hong Kong vdry early tomorrow. Have a great evenhng.


Goodbye. Some people don't think real change


in Europe is possible. Some people don't think real change


is necessary. Some people don't think


it's worth fighting for. But we want to make Europe work


for Britain, and give you the final say


with an in-out referendum in 201 . have made Britain's economy


stronger and more competitive. a record number of people in work.


And we're predicted to be


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