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Good evening. Businesses in the Much more on the BBC News


Good evening. Businesses in the Midlands are being urged to make


more of Shakespeare's legacy to help give the region global recognition.


It comes as ten's of thousands of people headed to Stratford today to


mark the culmination of the Bard's 450th birthday celebrations. From


around the world thousands lined the streets as a parade in the Bard's


honour marched by. For those living in the town a sense of pride and


recognition of what Shakespeare has done for them. Very important but


not just for Stratford, for Britain. It brings a lot of people in.


Without that, I think the Among the 600 strong procession are diplomats


and dignitaries representing more than 30 different countries, all


drawn to stratford by the power of Shakespeare And at a celebratory


lunch a chance for local business and arts leaders to make the most of


that power. Time would die. And at a celebratory lunch...


You are buying into a brand, the brand of Britain. You are paying for


quality. Shakespeare is absolutely in the core, the DNA that makes you


want to associate yourself with a British product. And Shakespeare


isn't just a product. There are opportunities there. There are


exchange opportunities. Many people study in universities here and many


would like to come here to study more. It is clear Shakespeare will


continue to bring millions of people to Stratford years to come. The


challenge for businesses is to capitilise on his legacy.


Police have released an e`fit image of a woman who called at a house in


Gloucestershire posing as a social worker. She was carrying a fake


Social Services badge and asked to check the mother's four`month`old


son. The incident happened in Quedgeley on Wednesday afternoon.


Anyone who recognises the woman is asked to contact Gloucestershire


Police. A public meeting's being organised


in Stoke on Trent over a recycling depot which residents claim is


blighting their area. Thousands of tonnes of plastics are being stored


without a licence at the site at Minton, and the owners want to make


it a permanent arrangement. They've been invited to attend the meeting


along with the Environment and Highways Agencies. A date has yet to


be set. The Highways Agency has been


explaining its plans to reduce congestion on part of the M40 in


Warwickshire, at two public exhibitions. Motorists currently


face mile long queues at junction 12 at Gaydon, during the morning rush


hour. The proposals involve lengthening and widening the


southbound exit slip road. Onto the day's football now and in


the Premiership, Stoke lost 1`0 to Spurs. Aston Villa are just four


points above the relegation zone after a 4`1 thrashing at Swansea.


But a win for West Brom who beat West Ham 1`0. Meanwhile in the


Championship Birmingham City's woes continue losing 3`1 to Leeds at St


Andrews. The Blue's are now in the bottom three, but with a game in


hand. In League One Wolves have reached 100 points after a 1`1 draw


at Coventry. At the other end of the table Shrewsbury have been relegated


after losing 4`2 at Peterborough. Meanwhile Walsall lost 3`2 against


Stevanage. And in League Two it finished


Rochdale two, Cheltenham zero And finally one Rugby result to bring


you. In the Championship a win for Moseley beating Plymouth by 16


points to 11 Now let's hope all the rain we had yesterday has passed ``


here's the weather now with Mel Coles.


Good evening. After a showery day, there are more showers to come this


evening and into tomorrow as well. We are going to see quite a lot of


cloud work its way in as well. This evening, there are going to be one


or two showers. They will fade from some areas, hanging onto


Herefordshire and Worcestershire as the night goes on but it will not be


a cold night with those of seven or eight degrees. Tomorrow morning,


there is more to come. The showers will creep their way in once again.


We will see variable amounts of cloud around with those showers


could be quite lively with the risk of hail and thunder. Temperatures


tomorrow will reach highs of 14 degrees. Looking ahead to next


week, there is more to come. Remaining unsettled, certainly for


the start of next week. That's all for now. Your next up


date from Midlands Today is tomorrow evening. Have a good Saturday night.


Good evening. An area of low pressure has wrapped itself around


the British Isles for this weekend. There have been a number of showers


today, particularly in the south-west, and there is more to


come overnight. You can see this swirl of cloud, the centre of it in


the south-west of England. Close to the centre of that there will be


some strong winds in the south-west of England and some heavy showers as


well. There will be some big waves along


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