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to you. There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel I'm


Good evening. back with


Good evening. A tower block has been blown up in


Birmingham City Centre in what demolition experts have called one


of the most challenging jobs they've done. The former student


accommodation tower was just six metres from the nearest building.


Engineers have spent almost a year working on how to bring it down


safely. Cath Mackie reports. It's 21 storeys high, it's hn a


built up area and it's about to be blown up. The 1970s student


accommodation block at Aston University in Birmingham pltnged to


the ground. There was a nervous moment as clouds of dust filled the


air. But they soon cleared to reveal all had gone to plan. How rdlieved I


you, on a scale of one to tdn? 2. It is a complex job in a tight space


and it has been 100% successful It was an early start for hundreds of


students as nearby buildings were evacuated for safety. The fhre


alarms went off so it was a start to wake up at that. It was quite


impressive. Everyone like the explosion, I do not think anyone was


buried about `` worried abott the building. The precision of this


explosion is quite extraordhnary. We were told we'd be left with a two


storey high pile of rubble, and that's what we've got. It'll take


about eight weeks to clear ht. It's another dramatic change to the


Birmingham skyline and it'll make way for a five acre green open space


at the centre of the university Cath Mackie, BBC Midlands Today


Birmingham. And


`` The police officer at thd centre of the so`called plebgate row is


seeking libel damages from former Chief Whip and Sutton Coldfheld MP


Andrew Mitchell of up to ?200,0 0, according to court papers. The


Metropolitan Police Officer, PC Toby Rowland, is suing Mr Mitchell for


suggesting he was not telling the truth about the dispute at the gates


of Downing Street in 2012. Lr Mitchell was accused of swe`ring at


police and calling them plebs ` allegations he has denied.


Hundreds of people took to the stre.ets in Gloucester this


afternoon to remember Hollid Gazzard. `` took to the strdets The


20`year`old hairdresser died in February after being stabbed while


working in a salon in the chty. Today a charity walk brought family


and friends together. Hollie Gazzard was well`known in the


pub where she used to work `nd customers and staff remember her


smile. Today it was beaming out from hundreds of tea search as hdr


friends, family and people who just wanted to show their support


gathered for a charity work in her honour. `` T`shirts. There `re so


many people. Not everybody knew her but everybody is a supporter. She


was really, really good. We had friends from a few years ago, we


used to go out with her. Evdryone has pulled together to support her.


Absolutely bowled over by the amount of people that have turned out


today, fantastic. She is well`known for doing self these, and it is a


proud day. Hollie Gazzard dhed in February when she was stoppdd by


working at this beauty salon. And ex`boyfriend has been chargdd with


murder and will stand trial the autumn. Today was about remdmbering


happier times with the imagd of Hollie Gazzard the image of the


afternoon. Nearly ?3 million has now bden


raised for the Teenage Cancdr Trust by Stephen Sutton from


Staffordshire. The figure now stands at ?2.8 million pounds is rhsing


constantly. A charity comedx gig arranged by Jason Manford whll be


held for the 19`year`old cancer patient in the centre of Birmingham


this evening. A number of wdll known comedians are expected at the event,


which was sold out within four minutes. The venue has alre`dy made


ten thousand pounds from ticket sales and expects to add to that


during the evening. One of the largest outdoor Vaisakhi


celebrations in the world attracted tens of thousands of people to


Birmingham today. The annual procession, which marks the


formation of the Sikh nation in 1699, converged on Handsworth Park


for a day of celebrations. 200 members of the Royal Mercian and


Lancastrian Yeomanry marched through Shrewsbury this afternoon. The


regiment is being disbanded as part of army reorganisation, and its


headquarters in Telford are being moved to Edinburgh.


Birmingham City Ladies are out of the Champions League. They lost 3`0


to the Swedish side, Tyreso, in this afternoon's semifinal. Afterwards,


Captain Karen Carney praised her team's performance. I think everyone


gave everything today. Everxone is busy distantly pointed and we do not


think we deserved three goals but we have to be big about it and use it


as motivation to go on in the league.


And just one other football result for you from League Two. Burton


Albion lost to Chesterfield by `0. Good evening. Showers were the order


of the day but by night it hs going to be drier. The showers will be


failing. The cloud will be increasing. There are showers this


evening. They will start to fade. We will see the cloud increase with


possibly mist and fog in pl`ces too. Not a cold night. Still the


risk of showers here and thdre as we head into Monday morning. A great


start and drizzly in places, but the cloud should live through the


morning. We should see more showers in the afternoon and some could be


heavy. Temperatures not doing too badly.


That's it from us. I'll be back just after a quarter past ten. Bx for


now. Good evening. After an unsettled


weekend, the same culprit will be staying with us through the early


part of the new week. No pressure is set to continue producing a fair


number of showers across England and Wales. Still some hefty ones to come


through this evening, particularly across the Midlands, South Wales and


south-west England. Rain will spread from the south-west of Scotland into


Northern Ireland by dawn. A mild enough night. Monday, after a gloomy


start for many of us, the cloud and Risley rain across Northern


Ireland. A reasonably dry start across England and Wales but come


the afternoon, that low-pressure centre is still close by and it


looks like it will start generating some pretty hefty thundery showers.


A few for south Wales, certainly across


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