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Good evening. Police have launched a direction.


Good evening. Police have launched a murder inquiry after a man and woman


were found stabbed to death at a house in Walsall. Officers were


called to the house in Hollemeadow Avenue in the Blakenall area early


this morning where they found the bodies of a 32`year`old man and a


29`year`old woman. Police say they are believed to be former partners.


Three girls aged between seven and 11 were found sleeping at the house


and were unharmed. A 19`year`old man was arrested at the scene on


suspicion of murder. Neighbours said it was a shocking thing to have


happened. My first reaction was busy that I was scared because I have


small children. It is literally on our doorstep. When you hear that


there is children at the home as well, it is upsetting.


The BBC has learned that senior council officials in Birmingham have


seen no evidence of an alleged plot by Islamic extremists to take


control of schools. More than 20 schools are under investigation


following allegations of the "Trojan Horse" plot. Council officers told


teachers and governors at a meeting earlier this week that the problems


were more to do with governance and leadership.


A leading environmental group has questioned Birmingham City Council's


new policy of charging people ?35 a year to remove their garden waste.


Friends of the Earth say it would have been better to encourage more


home composting instead. Green waste is being dumped on the streets by


people who are trying to avoid the new charge. Louisa Currie reports.


Composted or recycled. The only options for this environmental


campaigner who says he throws out just one bag of household waste a


year. He says the Council system doesn't make sense. What the council


should be doing is working out what the ultimate destination of all this


garden waste should be and planning backwards to set up a system that


actually delivers it in the right way. I'm afraid they don't really


seem to have a green waste plan, which they should do. For many, the


garden waste is piling up and as the row continues, the number of dumped


bags lining the streets of Birmingham is only getting bigger.


It seems a bit much to me. I don't think that's right, no. I think it


should be part of your council tax, they should take your waste away.


Not very happy with this. You get charged for everything, nowadays.


Birmingham City Council says it will only collect garden waste from


people who've paid the ?35 fee and left it in the correct branded


sacks. So far more than 39,000 households have signed up to the


scheme. But that's still just a fraction of the citys 410,000


households. People who continue to dump waste are being warned they


could face fines of several thousand pounds.


It's been a day of celebration in Stafford as the town marks 400 years


since its first mayor took office. The occasion was marked by a parade


including Army, Navy and RAF personnel overseen by the new Mayor


of Stafford, Councillor Ray Sutherland. He said he was proud to


hold the office in such a significant year. It is an honour to


be mayor at any time but on this 400 anniversary it is extra special. I


am looking forward to actually joining the crowds on the mayor's


Sunday which is going on at the moment. It is a wonderful year for


the borough and it will be an extra special year for me.


Gloucestershire's new Jet Age Museum has been officially opened 14 years


after the previous one was closed. The museum's collection of aircraft


has been in storage since 2000, but a fundraising campaign by volunteers


has resulted in a permanent display being re`established at


Gloucestershire Airport. The museum houses delicate aircraft, such as a


1925 Gloucester Gamecock, and contains an archive of photos and


documents. Just one rugby result to bring you,


in the Premiership. Worcester ` already relegated ` managed their


first premiership home win of the season, beating Gloucester by just


one point. Time for a look at the Midlands


weather now. Well, a very blustery day today. The


second half of the weekend remained that way. It will feel quite cool


tomorrow. There should be some sunshine in between their showers.


They continue this evening, with the wind strengthening further across


parts of Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Tomorrow morning,


the showers start again to form. There will be brightness in between


but it will be another blustery day and cooler as well.


The national forecast is next. Good luck to Burton Albion who face


Southend in the League 2 play`offs tomorrow. We'll have highlights in


our 6:50pm bulletin tomorrow. I'll be back tomorrow morning with Sunday


Breakfast on BBC Hereford and Worcester from 7am. Have a good


evening. Good evening. We have seen plenty of


showers scattered across the country today. There will be drier and


brighter spells in between. Low pressure is sitting across the


country, with some tightly packed isobars to the south. That indicates


some strong winds. They will continue throughout the night, going


up to gale force at times. The main focus of the wettest weather across


parts of West Wales is this rain. It will not be a particularly cold


start to Sunday. Showers, not everywhere, some of us will see


drier weather weather window of sunshine around, but be prepared for


those showers if you're stepping out in the morning. Throughout the day


on Sunday, a bit of


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