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Good evening. We are back


Good evening. European election candidates from


the Midlands have clashed in a special live debate on the BBC's


Sunday Politics. Representatives of the four main parties gathered to


discuss a range of subjects ahead of the elections on May the 22nd. But,


as Kevin Reide reports, the debate was dominated by the issue of


whether Britain should withdraw from the EU.


In a united Europe a lot can be achieved, some would say ` take


Eurovision for example. OK, not everybody's cup of tea, but like


politics there are unexpected winners. So could that be so for


prospective MEPs in the forthcoming European elections. Today on the


Sunday's Politics show the West Midlands candidates set out their


stalls, starting with the Tories. We are confident we have a good


message. We believe our message is popular, the British people buy into


what we are saying. There is still ten days to go. The Lib Dems are the


most pro`European of the main parties, but the polls show they


could end up with no West Midlands MEPs.


ten days to go. The Lib Dems are the The polls are suggesting that we are


concentrating in areas where will we believe the vote will come out for


us. This is a region that depends on Europe for jobs, prosperity and


economic. UKIP were set up to take Britain out


of the EU altogether, and they're expecting major gains. 92% of this


country cannot name their MEP. If I am elected, I will be elected to a


chamber. The only parliament in Western Europe where we will not be


a will to instigate legislation. Labour want to fight for jobs and


growth within Europe, but their main West Midlands candidate believes


focus on the real issues is being lost.


People treat this election as Nigel Farage wants them to treat it, a


referendum on the EU. This is a real election about real issues and that


is what we should be concentrating on.


So a week on Thursday voters in the West Midlands will be asked to put


their X in one of these boxes next to one of the eleven parties


standing and if you want to know more about the parties or the


candidates you can find out on the bbc website where there's a special


section. The results will be announced three days later on Sunday


25th, but it's unlikely to be quite such a glitzy affair as last night's


Euro vote. There will be more debate on the


European elections tomorrow morning on BBC local radio. Adrian Goldberg


will be the host as candidates talk about immigration, the economy and


whether we should be in or out of Europe. That's between 11.00am and


12.00pm on BBC WM, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire and BBC Shropshire.


A 19`year`old man who was arrested after a man and woman were stabbed


to death in Walsall has been released without charge. The woman


and her former partner were found dead at a house in Hollemeadow


Avenue yesterday morning. The 19`year`old, who is believed to have


been known to them, was arrested at the scene. A police spokesman said


the man would not face any further action and that he had provided


"invaluable information." A family of four had a lucky escape


when a car ploughed into their Coventry home, demolishing the front


door and ending up in the hallway. The car was stuck three`quarters of


the way through the hall area after the crash in Earlsdon Avenue South.


A woman passenger was taken to hospital but the man driving was not


hurt. The ambulance service said two adults and two children inside the


house were "extremely fortunate" to escape injury.


Campaigners against the closure of a historic swimming baths in


Birmingham have been rallying support at a special Open Day. The


pool at Moseley Road Baths is due to close next year as part of council


cutbacks. The listed building is one of over 240 around the region which


are on the English Heritage "At Risk" register. Protesters say it's


vital the baths are kept in public use. The argument is always there is


no money for this. We must find the money because it is an important


asset. It is the swimming that is under threat because under the


council's sliming strategy, it is one of the community. Vocals. ``


swimming. Onto football, and on the final day of the Premier League


season, Aston Villa were beaten 3`0 down at Spurs, with all the goals


coming in the first half. Meanwhile, Charlie Adam got the


winner in Stoke City's 2`1 win at West Bromwich Albion.


In League Two, Burton Albion will take a slender lead into the second


leg of their play`off semifinal against Southend, despite playing


for half an hour with ten men. Adam McGurk scored the only goal of the


game just before half`time after latching onto Billy McKee's pass.


The home side were reduced to ten men after an hour when Ian Sharps


was sent off for a second bookable offence, but managed to hold on for


a 1`0 win. Time for a look at the weather now


with Sara Blizzard. Good evening. It has been a windy


day today and we have some seen some heavy showers as well. We will see


those heavy showers through the early part of next week. Much warmer


conditions arriving towards the end of the week, we have showers


filtering end. A minimum temperature of seven Celsius. Throughout


tomorrow the strong winds will die down through Monday. The showers


become heavily into the afternoon. With the wind being lighter, they


will be slow moving as well. Daytime temperatures at a maximum of 15


Celsius. That is it for now. I will Good evening. We have still got some


very heavy showers out there. For ors we are finishing the day on a


more positive note. Clearer skies to the south indicating sunshine but


the cloud still streaming in further north. Tomorrow's forecast brings a


similar mixture, sunshine and showers although the winds will


start to be lighter. That process begins through the night tonight. A


shattering of showers still possible. Clearer skies across


northern Scotland probably our lowest temperatures here. For many


temperatures will begin Monday morning at around 8 or 9 degrees


already with a few showers around. I think be drier spells in between, as


with the nature of showers, they are not everywhere all of the time.


Cloudy with brighter spells mixed in across parts of northern England and


southern Scotland already with the potential of one or two to be heavy.


On northern Scotland on balance through the day on Monday while


there could be a few showers, a slight improvement here. But they


will start to develop throughout the afternoon and with lighter winds we


are more likely to


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