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That's it for now. We're back with the late news at 10. 15pm. Now it's


Good evening. A memorial service has time


Good evening. A memorial service has taken place in Herefordshire for a


serviceman who died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan last month.


Lance Corporal Oliver Thomas, who was 26, grew up and went to school


in Kington. This afternoon, hundreds of mourners turned out to remember


him. Yvonne Brissett reports. Honoured in the town where he spent


his childhood. Those who couldn't get into the packed St Mary's church


in Kington this afternoon listened to the service outside as they


gathered to give thanks for the life of Lance Corporal Oliver Thomas.


Oliver lived his life to the full. There was never a dull moment when


Oliver was around. He was a lovely, kind gentleman. It was clear that


when you spoke to those who came into contact with him how much they


warmed to his presence. Inside the church, moving tributes to the


26`year`old army reservist who'd told his family he was fulfilling


his dreams by serving his country. Lance Corporal Thomas was one of


five servicemen killed in the helicopter crash in Kandahar last


month. Flight Lieutenant Rakesh Chauhan from Birmingham also died.


The Ministry of Defence has said it believes the crash was a tragic


accident. His family held a private cremation service yesterday, but


wanted to give the wider community a chance to come together and


celebrate Oliver's life. He was a very caring and genuinely caring


person for everybody. A fitting recognition for a young man


described as "courageous, brave and selfless". Yvonne Brissett, BBC


Midlands Today, Kington in Herefordshire. In football, Burton


Albion are heading for Wembley. The Brewers drew 2`all against Southend


in the second leg of their League Two play`off semifinal this


afternoon. The result gave them a 3`2 aggregate victory. They'll face


Fleetwood in the final on the 26th of this month. Binmen in Birmingham


have been working overtime to collect tonnes of green waste which


has been dumped across the city. Since the council started charging


for garden waste collections, many objectors have left their bags at


the roadside in protest. Earlier, some of the worst eyesores were


cleared. 16 fire engines were called to a fire at a wood recycling plant


in Meriden last night. The blaze involved a huge pile of wood


chippings. Around 70 firefighters helped bring it under control. There


were no reported injuries. A statue of a gorilla made entirely from


spoons has been unveiled in Shropshire. The 12`foot`high beast


took five months to complete and will go to the home of the


entertainer Uri Geller, who says he commissioned the work to help


inspire sick children. Ben Godfrey reports. In the shops shut


sunshine, a pilgrimage of sorts to meet a primate made solely of


spoons. A short Rolls`Royce drive away, a caged gorilla was waiting.


The entertainer Uri Geller along with Prince Michael of Kent, could


wait no longer. I'm stunned. Amazed. I cannot believe what I am seeing. I


have not seen it completed. This is one of a kind. The British ironwork


centre created this in just five months. At first, it will reside in


your regular's garden in Berkshire. It will be used to take to certain


children's hospitals to raise money for charity. It is all for a very


serious purpose. 40,000 spoons were needed. Samantha Maxwell collected


over 700. It was a bit of a job to be honest. we have had it under lock


and key for months. No press, no media. So how will they get this


gorilla into your regular's garden? He says he will hire a helicopter


and winch it into a nets just like in King Kong. It's been a glorious


day. Here's Kaye Forster with the weather.


in King Kong. It's been a glorious day. Here's Kaye Forster with Born


Sunshine to come tomorrow as today. Temperatures will be soaring once


again. A bit of cloud floating in this evening but it is mostly dry


tonight. Temperatures not much lower than ten or 11 Celsius. Tomorrow


morning, a beautiful start once again with lots of lovely sunshine.


There will be a bit more cloud into the afternoon but it is dry, sunny


and very warm with is eyes of 22. That's it from us. Midlands Today is


back tomorrow evening at 6.50pm. Until then, enjoy your weekend in


the sunshine. Bye bye. Good evening. Who needs an expensive


holiday? Today at 24 degrees, Suffolk was warmer than Ibiza and


Crete. There was lots of warm sunshine to be found across England


and Wales. Of course, that hasn't


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