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Good evening. West Midlands One it's time for


Good evening. West Midlands candidates contesting Thursday's


European elections have clashed over the prospect of a referendum on


membership of the EU. The Prime Minister is promising to give the


public a say in 2017 if the Conservatives win the next General


Election. But voters in the Midlands are seeing a major split between


parties over whether Britain should be in or out of Europe. Ben Godfrey


reports. Every five years, voters in the West Midlands get a say in what


happens here ` Brussels, the home of the European Parliament. The


campaign leaflets have been sent out and in seven days, seven MEPs will


be elected to represent our diverse region. On the BBC Sunday Politics


programme, candidates from the four main parties joined a special live


debate and focused on one thorny issue: a referendum on EU


membership. The Lib Dems and Labour peers are locked a referendum just


recently. So it is clear that we cannot have a Conservative


Government. Let us negotiate, that is get the best deal possible and


UKIP wants the UK to leave the EU as soon as possible. Then have a


referendum. We have clout with the people. They know we are the party


and we have tapped a fair amount of people in the European Parliament to


make them listen. But the Liberal Democrats say EU membership is good


for business. Our view is that outside the EU we will not have full


access to the single market and it will cost us jobs. Labour has said


an EU referendum is unlikely if the party wins the next general


election. It is not a clear, clarion call that the other parties can


offer. If we see more transfer of powers, that is when we will have a


referendum. It is not in the interest of others, here in the West


Midlands, to have a referendum right now. Eleven parties are vying for


your vote on Thursday. The results will be declared in Birmingham on


Sunday after polls across the EU have closed. Ben Godfrey, BBC


Midlands Today. Prayers have been said at churches in Staffordshire


for the teenager Stephen Sutton who died on Wednesday.The 19`year`old


became famous around the world for the positive attitude he displayed


after finding out he had terminal cancer. Tonight, the fundraising


page he set up in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust is on the brink of


reaching the ?4 million mark. It currently stands at 3.9 million.


Meanwhile, hundreds have turned out for a charity football match


organised in memory of Birmingham youngster Harry Moseley.


Eleven`year`old Harry made bracelets after falling ill and raised almost


?1 million for Cancer Research before his death from a brain tumour


in 2011. His legacy, the charity Help Harry Help Others, has


continued fundraising and organised this afternoon's celebrity match at


St Andrews. Families who've lost children because they were born with


only half a heart have gathered for the unveiling of a memorial at the


National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. The dedication was


organised by the Birmingham`based charity Little Hearts Matter, which


is marking its 20th anniversary. Liz Copper has this report. A brass band


accompanied the ceremony as bereaved families gathered to remember their


children. Among the musicians, Peter Groves, who lost his daughter


Stephanie 20 years ago. They are always with us, but having a


permanent place that has a national recognition. We had children that


were here and deserve to be remembered. There were prayers and


poems, and this contribution from Sophie Williamson from Nuneaton. We


never met them, but we know them. We cannot see them, but we feel them.


When we are sad we talk to them and have a heart full of love for them.


Her reading was in memory of her brother, Jacob, and sister, Megan,


who she never met. It was a poignant ceremony ` a chance to share


memories and gain comfort from other families whose children suffered


from this rare heart condition. So what did today's ceremony mean?


Everything. We are able to say their names out loud, because people do


not say their names when they are gone. We are able to remember them.


We are able to come together as a unit and we are all bereaved


families and we are all together in this. It is really important. It


gives them that voice, that we were here. And we were helped in going


forward. There were special children. This is the only national


charity dedicated to providing support for those affected when a


child is diagnosed as having half a heart. But the hope is this will


become a place of quiet reflection and solace. Liz Copper, BBC Midlands


Today at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. I'm sure


you'll agree we've had some superb weather ` but for how much longer?


Kaye Forster has the forecast. Good evening.


We have had some glorious weather through the weekend and it's not


over yet. If you have the day off tomorrow, there is more of the same


to come. Lots of lovely warm sunshine, and, again, the


temperatures will be soaring. And for the rest of the day we stay dry.


The clouds will increase later in the night and we will see cloudier


skies towards morning time, but we are staying really quite mild, with


lows of around 11 or 12 Celsius. Tomorrow morning, a little bit more


in the way of cloud, but equally, some decent sunshine breaking


through as we head on into the afternoon. That will allow the


temperatures to soar once again up to around 23 Celsius. A bit more


unsettled from Tuesday onwards and cooling down slowly towards the end


of the week. That's all from us. I'll be back with our late news at


10.20pm tonight. And tomorrow on Midlands Today, we'll have a special


report on the Midlands' entrants in this year's Chelsea Flower Show.


Have a good evening. Bye bye. St James Park and Sheffield both hit


25 Celsius this afternoon. That gives us our warmest day in nearly


nine months, since 5th September 2013. It goes without saying that it


is going to be a warm night. Look out for some showers clipping into


eastern Scotland. Some of those could be heavy. Still some patchy


rain for western Scotland. More persistent


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