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Good evening. Cyber crime is Premier League


Good evening. Cyber crime is estimated to cost businesses in the


UK ?1,000 a second and is now ranked as one of the top four threats to


national security. In Coventry, police and computer experts have


gathered to discuss ways of tackling the problem described as "evolving


at a rapid pace". It comes after eBay became the latest high`profile


victim of hackers. Audrey Dias reports. Wendy Moore knows all too


well about cyber crime. Her company has been a victim of identity theft


on several occasions. we buckled in terms of fraud, invoice fraud when


someone steals identity of our company and tries to place orders on


our behalf. Here at Coventry University she joined others


affected by cybercrime to find out how they can make their systems


safe.With eBay the latest victim, it's clearly a problem and is on the


rise. Thereof 30 million people today that will use the Internet in


the UK and are 10 billion processors that you can perform within the


Internet. Obviously, criminals are exploiting opportunities within


that. One of the biggest problems with cyber security is to find the


right people to make online systems safe. That's where 19`year`old Dale


comes in. He's what's described as an "ethical hacker". I am more


focused on the ethics. So to know how to defend against hackers, you


need to know what they do. Companies are employing people like Dale to


spot vulnerabilities in their online systems. He showed me just how easy


it can be for hackers. I'm going to provide a minnow News Coventry as a


password. I'm going to login, here you see it. It is that simple.


Cybercrime is growing fast. And with more of us getting online, learning


how to protect ourselves is becoming increasingly important. The family


of a man who was murdered in Wolverhampton in March have appealed


for information to help catch his killer. 54`year`old Stephen Philips


was found with head injuries at his home on Dudley Road in Blakenhall.


Police believe he was attacked and robbed before walking home where he


collapsed and died. Aston Villa have sacked assistant manager Ian


Culverhouse following an internal investigation. The 49`year`old was


suspended in April, although the club didn't make their reasons


public. Head of Football Operations Gary Karsa has also been sacked


after he too was suspended last month pending an investigation.


Despite heavy rain, thousands of people braved the elements for


Birmingham's annual Pride festival. It's become the biggest event of its


kind in this country. We sent our reporter Karen Kenworthy to soak up


the atmosphere. Umbrellas and ponchos were the must`have


accessories at Birmingham's 18th annual Pride festival. But, with


around 20, 000 tickets already sold for the event, partygoers weren't


about to let rain spoil their parade. Weekdays know how to party,


whether they wet or dry we should have a good time! I bought some


special wellies. It is going to be a great stay! Organisers say Pride


brings in around ?20 million to the city's economy and that the bad


weather won't keep people away. we have a huge main stage, a Dan Sparky


and a cabaret marquee. They are big enclosed areas. So rain or shine, it


will be an amazing weekend. The theme of this year's festival is


Equality and Freedom across the World. We are here to show


solidarity with LGBT poll who are at risk of imprisonment or even murder.


And equality is a theme close to the hearts of the crowd enjoying the


parade. It is still unacceptable in some places, so it is a thing to get


across. If you're happy, you happy. You can go out just in what you want


here, I can! Well, the rain's still coming down but it's not affecting


the party spirit here at Birmingham Pride. Celebrations will continue


all weekend with events going on until midnight on Sunday. Thunder


despite the weather. Now after monsoon`like conditions today, let's


get the forecast for the rest of Bank Holiday from Mel Coles. After


the rain, come the showers. Some showers will be heavy tonight and


potentially thundery. They are less intact `` intent of the night goes


on and below is around nine or 10 Celsius. So a cloudy, shower it


starts to Sunday on some of the showers could once again be heavy


and thundery. More in the way brightness in the way of tomorrow


afternoon. Temperatures will fare better with highs of around 17


degrees. Still some uncertainty about Bank Holiday Monday, we should


get to see some dry, bright spells, but there is the potential for


showers. That is all from us, no tomorrow night just before 7pm.


The heavens opened for some of us today. As


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