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Good evening. Votes are now being Ireland. And that is


Good evening. Votes are now being counted across the region in the


European Election. There are seven West Midlands seats being contested


` the winners becoming part of the new European Parliament with 751


MEPs altogether in post for the next five years. Our Political Editor


Patrick Burns joins us now from the International Convention Centre in


Birmingham where the final declarations will take place.


Patrick ` what's in store for us tonight? In the meantime, there's


been further fallout from the local elections.


The feedback is much better than last year. Four races at Warwick


racecourse have been moved to other venues after jockeys had said they


had lost confidence in the circuit. Stephen's teenager Cancer trust


appeal. We have had people from 8am this morning doing 15 minute set in


water skiing, water boarding. We should be into thousands of pounds.


Stephen, who died earlier this month, has now raised a few thousand


pounds Good evening. Some of us had a


pretty good soaking. It downpours around with thunder and lightning.


It wasn't so bad everywhere. The satellite picture across the


Midlands, East Anglia and the south coast, the Isle of Wight. A


beautiful end to the day. You


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