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Good evening. evening on the BBC News Channel.


A march has taken place in Birmingham today,


calling on the Crown Prosecution service to decide whether charges


should be brought following the death of a man in custody.


Kingsley Burrell died three years ago but his family say they're


Friends and family marching for answers.


Three years ago Kingsley Burrell a 29`year`old father of two was


detained under the Mental Health Act, after he had made a 999 call.


The police were called to the hospital unit where he was


being treated after a disturbance broke out,


Three long years it has been insuring.


We are glad for the community support


because they know what we are going through and how to rectify this.


Following an independent police complaints


investigation the Crown Prosecution Service are still investigating


whether there is enough evidence to prosecute a number


There was no one available from the CBS for interview that


in a brief statement they said our review of the evidence relating


to the tragic death of Kingsley is nearing completion.


We'll finish the review as soon as is practical.


We demand, I use the term demand that the perpetrators


of this crime because it will amount to a crime, should be prosecuted.


Today's March of Unity is the third the family


have organised in what they say is their quest to find answers as to


The father of a six`year`old Birmingham boy


who's trapped in Syria is calling on the government to help him


Muadh Zain moved to Syria with his mother after his parents split


The Foreign Office says it's offering advice


The Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming has been given a court date


for his case against Birmingham City Council He's applied for a litter


abatement order, following the widespread dumping of green waste.


A campaign to promote businesses in Worcestershire is celebrating,


claiming to have generated almost a million pounds


The Worcestershire Hour started a year ago.


There are now plans to roll it out across the rest of the UK.


They all came from the big car salesmen with big ticket


prices to the cake bakers ` tweeting has brought them all new sales.


Quite often I try to put a photo of something we have made freshly


that day to salivate the taste buds and for people to take notice.


For the sake of tweeting on a Monday evening and in the week, generates


between six and 12 enquiries for us a week relating to new business.


This festival of business stemmed from an hour of local businesses


When we started a year ago there were 35 of us taking part in the


first Worcestershire hour and now we get between six and 700 people


I am a bit of a techno`dinosaur but it seems in this day


and age you really are a twit if you don't Twitter.


The majority of these businesses show have given up thei shop front


The world might be virtual but the money is real.


It is estimated almost a million extra pounds is generated


There is an entrepreneurial spirit in Worcestershire


and this is a great way to make sure whne you are looking


The money raised today will be given as grants for new small firms.


And although some things never lose their attraction, it seems


Time now for the Midlands' weekend weather forecast.


Time now for the Midlands' weekend weather forecast.


It was disappointing at times today


with the amount of cloud staying around but it is thinning


and breaking more throughout the evening and overnight.


We will see some mist and fog developing into the early


hours and the temperatures dropping to a minimum of eight Celsius.


Tomorrow starts with a bit of sunshine across Coventry


and Warwickshire and central Birmingham but the cloud


will thicken up across Shropshire into the afternoon and there is the


A maximum temperature of 20 Celsius, low`pressure taking charge next


Midlands Today is back tomorrow evening at the same time ` 6:50pm.


Until then, enjoy your Saturday night.


Hello. So far, so good. Most of us have had a dry start of the weekend.


Some of us will be turning wetter tomorrow. For that change we look to


the far north-west of the UK. Overnight into western Scotland,


thicker cloud. Patchy hybrids of rain moving in. Some of that


reaching Northern Ireland late in the night. Elsewhere, dry. Where you


are clear, you will see some patchy mist and fog developing.


Temperatures just over a single figures. There will be a different


look to the weather across the western side of the UK. Western


coast 's of England and Wales, so much sunshine today. More cloud


around, maybe a hint of drizzle. In the evening we will start to see our


bricks of rain. Central and eastern England will see a fair amount of


morning sunshine. Southern and eastern Scotland, a dry start. For


Northern Ireland and western Scotland, not just goal, but rampant


places to begin the day. Easier when you


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