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Good evening. back with the late news


Three women have been treated in hospital following


It's believed they were mauled by a bull mastiff


One of the dogs, the mastiff, died at the scene.


It was on a busy street that two dogs attacked


A cyclist was injured as she tried to help


The attack went on for 15 minutes, before a man intervened.


This was so shocking that some people were too frightened to help.


But at least two women, including a cyclist who was just


passing by, stopped. The two women tried to pull the dogs off.


They were both quite badly bitten and were taken to hospital.


But the first woman, who was so badly mauled,


had to be airlifted to hospital and she's still in a serious condition.


The woman was named locally as Teresa Stinton.


Even if they've got a dog like that in the house, it should


have been muzzled if they know people are going to that house.


Yeah. She was just dropping a bag of clothes off.


Robert Hirschmann, who rescued Teresa, wouldn't be interviewed.


But he said he couldn't believe people stood and watched.


His mother said she was disgusted, but she's proud of her son.


He just talked calmly to the dog and he got the dog off.


Because, according to him and my other son, no one was helping


the woman and the attack went on for about 15 minutes.


Police have appealed for anyone who may have filmed


It may have been that people weren't sure what to do, how to do it.


What I would like to do is appeal for anybody


who did see it to come forward to us.


It's quite possible someone has captured this on a mobile phone


or other device and it would be really helpful to us to see that.


Two men are still in custody tonight and Teresa Stinton, a mother of two,


A 45`year`old man has been charged with murder after


Police found Mark Everard on Bishop Road in Chell Heath on Friday night.


A post mortem examination found that the 48`year`old died


Steven Mutch, who's also from Bishop Road, has been charged


He's due before magistrates tomorrow.


The family of a young woman killed by a lorry driver


as he used his mobile phone have called for tougher sentences for


Ian Glover was jailed for five years but could be out in half that.


He was browsing sexually explicit websites when the crash happened,


killing Laura Thomas, aged 20. Giles Latcham reports.


Tending a garden created in memory of her daughter helps


Laura Jane Thomas, a teaching assistant from Great


Hayward in South Staffordshire, was killed last July.


She was five foot, blonde and really energetic.


She's just missed, missed so much now.


She and her fiancee Lewis were off to the seaside for the day


Laura was killed at the end of this stretch of road, near Shrewsbury.


The lorry crashed into their stationary car,


which had broken down, propelling it into Laura as she stood


On Friday a court was told how the lorry driver,


Ian Glover from Birmingham, had been looking at images


on a sexually explicit dating site moments before the crash.


He pleaded guilty and was jailed for five years.


He will only serve two and a half, possibly.


If it's five years, it should be five years.


Other countries have got far sterner sentences than this.


If you take a life, you should be responsible for that.


The family want tougher action too against motorists


In November 2011, 13`year`old Hope Fennell died in Kings Heath,


in Birmingham, run over by a lorry driver sending text messages.


By making and selling friendship bracelets,


Laura's family have raised ?3,000 for charity, keeping alive the


memory of a girl whose death, said the judge, was utterly avoidable.


A neurosurgeon has claimed that the footballer Jeff Astle died


from a sports`related condition, rather than Alzheimer's,


Dr Willie Stewart says that after carrying out an examination


of the former England and West Bromwich Albion striker's


brain, he believes the 59`year`old was killed


by chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE.


His family want more research to be carried out


A portrait of the Staffordshire charity fundraiser Stephen Sutton


Bidding closed yesterday on the drawing of the 19`year`old


But the portrait failed to meet its reserve price of ?7,5000.


But the portrait failed to meet its reserve price of ?7,500.


Let's get the weather now. Here's Sara Blizzard.


Good evening. Well, it's been a lovely day today.


The cloud did start to increase a little bit more through


the afternoon and it's going to continue to do so overnight.


Introducing a small amount of showery rain, initially,


And, with all the cloud, there is a chance of some hill fog, too.


It's a mild night, the temperatures dropping no lower than 10 Celsius.


Tomorrow, that weather front works eastwards, continuing to produce


The odd heavy burst into the afternoon.


And the temperatures not as today, but still reasonable


for the time of year, certainly. A maximum of 18 Celsius.


Hello. Most of us have enjoyed at least one day of lovely weather this


weekend. That weather will be harder to come by this week. It has been up


and down. Yes, rain or showers at times. Drier, sunny weather, turning


cooler. Signs are that by the end of the week temperatures will recover.


We have seen rain today in Glasgow, Edinburgh, western fringes of the UK


too. The cloud will spread east overnight, with further outbreaks of


rain into the west. Temperatures are in double figures as Monday begins.


We get the sunshine - a lot of cloud around.


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