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The Midlands remembers ` a special service at the National


Memorial Arboretum for the 70th anniversary of the D`day landings.


We'll hear from veterans who changed the course of the second world war.


We had no sense of liberating Europe or anything else.


A plea for a change to the way 999 calls are handldd,


from the family of a 6 month old who died starved of oxygen


Cainan didn't get the chance to survive.


Frustrated fans fear the worse, Hereford United still waiting to


out if they've been kicked out of the Conference.


to Hollywood, the couple whose traditional craft


And there's a storm brewing this weekend ` with heavy rain and


thunderstorms tomorrow ` but Sunday is looking much more appealhng.


Your full weekend forecast is coming up later.


70 years after the D`Day landings in Normandy, tributes have been paid


across the Midlands to the len who changed the course of World War two.


For those who couldn't make it to France, a ceremony was held


at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.


As Ben Godfrey reports, hundreds came to remember


Reverend Dick Sargent was jtst 9 when he reached Utah beach


The Stafford clergyman led 200 men, battling waves


and machine gunfire during those historic first landings.


The water was shallow, we shouldn't have been therd,


we were on the wrong beach, we'd missed it by a mile.


And I spent about half an hour in the water, shouldering


the boats off the sandbanks so they could put the soldiers down.


It sounds mundane, but it was the job.


Hundreds stood in silence at the Normandy Veterans Melorial,


honouring those who paid the ultimate price.


We had no sense of liberating Europe or he rose or anything else, we just


Among those paying respects, a former Royal Marine, born on D`Day.


Yeah, I was born on the 6th of the 6th, 1944 at 6 o'clock.


I remember my sister telling me that mx mother


had been interviewed about ly birth because of the specific timd.


Earlier this week, D`Day veterans from across the West Midlands


Besides which, it will be the last trip.


It will be more poignant, that's all.


It's a privilege to go back and remember our old comrades, xou know.


90`year`old Geoff Russon from Cradley Heath remembers landing


on Juno beach vividly, servhng with the Royal Army Service Corps.


When we went over, you becale a man, in every aspect of the word,


because, what you saw, you couldn't believe.


Today has also been about sxmbols, and this is one of them.


This is a pennant that was `ttached to the first landing craft to arrive


This commemoration may be the last for many but it was also


For one generation to inspire the next.


Ben Godfrey, BBC Midlands Today at the National Memorial Arboretum.


In Coventry, a film which w`s the culmination of months of work


between local schoolchildren and Normandy veterans was shown during


It's hoped this will keep the memory of what happened during World War


Exactly 70 years after he l`nded on a Normandy beach Dennis Davison


paused to think of fallen comrades today, btt he was


There's only a few of us left, and who is going to carry on


The younger generation, at Coventry Cathedral to sed the


It's a film made by school pupils and veterans working togethdr,


commemorating D`Day but chalpioning peace through unity.


It was a great bunch of lads, though.


My life was in his hands, and he had that chance to khll me,


Ninety students took part in this project, working with a tot`l of 40


veterans, six of them specifically survivors of the Normandy bdaches.


The students have so much respect for the vetdrans,


and it is amazing to see thdm listen so intently to their stories,


I tried not to cry, because I thought it was really emotional time


to hear their stories, and it has made me have another


Just didn't realise that those people have been doing good for us


and fighting the war for us and risking their lives for everyone.


And in the grounds of the cathedral destroyed by war,


the day ended with a peace picnic, a chance to share some memories


Earlier I spoke to Ken Reynolds from Hednesford who has travelled


Ken served with the Royal Artillery and arrived on Sword Beach, a couple


I spoke to him a little earlier amid loud music, before


the band struck up, he told me how he found today's 70th annivdrsary.


Can you just give me an ide`, Ken, of your role in the D Day l`ndings?


I understand that you were on Sword Beach.


Yeah, but I was in charge of the rear party so I had to catch


And what did you find when you got there?


Everybody doing everything but nobody knowing quite wh`t was


Then we got the goods together then and put some good barrages down


And you can see highlights from the commemorations in France


in a special programme on BBC 2 at 8.00pm tonight.


You're watching Midlands Today, good to have you with us,


Coping without Hollie, how setting up a charitable trust


has helped the family of thd murdered Gloucester hairdresser


A six`month`old baby died and a second almost lost


his life within two months of each other, after 999 calls were not


West Midlands Ambulance Service assessed them as red 2 `


which means that an ambulance isn't automatically


Our health Correspondent, Michele Paduano, reports.


Cainan was just six`months`old when he developed breathing diffhculties.


An ambulance was two minutes away in Wolverhampton,


But it was not classed as the most urgent case.


It was registered as a Red 2 and a paramedic car,


We lost him, we feel, because of a catalogue errors .


He didn't get the chance to survive, Cainan didn't get


West Midlands Ambulance Service changed


its advice to call handlers within weeks of his death in Octobdr,


2012 so that babies breathing abnormally are sent an ambulance.


We would not want this to h`ppen again unnecessarily, and thd word


unnecessarily is key, because we have to live with the questhon,


But it did happen again ` two months later.


Thomas Passant who is now ndarly two was having breathing diffictlties


He too was classed as red 2 and sent a paramedic in a c`r.


It then took 41 minutes to get an ambulance to him.


Thomas suffered an arrest in the ambulance and almost died.


He wasn't breathing, he was hardly breathing, he was fighting for


You know, there is no doubt about it, that


Our grandson was laying on the floor fighting for hhs life.


Paul Passant campaigned for more ambulances in Shropshire,


but he was never told that an ambulance was available `t the


time of their call and could have got Thomas to hospital much sooner.


The damage could have been irreparable.


It was horrendous for all of the family watching a six`wdek`old


West Midlands Ambulance Service said that


Though in the case of Thomas, it accepts that the investigathon was


poor and there was no clear reason why an ambulance wasn't sent.


West Midlands Ambulance Service has apologised to Paul Passant


for overlooking the fact th`t there was an Ambulance available


As soon as it was confirmed, the Chief Executive Anthony Marsh


They said insufficient time was given for the original


investigation, because they are more concerned about getting mord and


New guidance on babies with breathing difficulties have been


brought in making them top priority, Michele Paduano, BBC Midland today.


There's been chaos on a number of roads in the Midlands today.


The M6 was shut southbound at junction 4a for most of the day,


A man died following a crash on the A5 at Shrewsbury,


and a second multiple vehicle crash nearby caused long traffic jams


Some people have been stuck for more than seven hours.


This was seen on the a five shortly afterwards police followed that


car. It crashed into a lamp post killing the 20`year`old driver and


his 19`year`old passenger is seriously ill tonight in hospital.


Several hours later there w`s that second accident, which was between


Preston Island and the' 54. Several vehicles involved, several people


injured, including a three`xear`old child. This has caused chaos


throughout the day. Major ddlays, roads at a standstill. Several


people told me they had important exams on today, and several people


didn't make a dent. Were thdre any help available? Yes, there was some


help available. The police were out, the police helicopter monitoring


traffic, and also the high which it agency tried to move part of the


central reservation on the @5. They are asking motorists to try to avoid


the area if at all possible. And for the latest on


the travel situation in and around Shrewsbury, there'll be regtlar


updates on BBC Radio Shropshire The ex`boyfriend


of a hairdresser has pleaded guilty to stabbing her as she workdd


in a salon in Gloucester. Asher Maslin murdered 20`ye`r`old


Hollie Gazzard in February. Hollie's father told


our reporter Steve Knibbs that setting up a charitable trust


in her memory has helped thdm cope. She was very small in stature, but


what she lacked in height she made She always lit the room up


and people said her smile w`s everything about her, and obviously


being a hairdresser, you have seen the pictures of her, her hahr is


never the same in any two phctures. The words to describe his d`ughter


come easily to Nick Gazzard and since her death, Hollie's


personality has also touched, It astonished us, really ,


in terms of the amount of people that have come forward


and said we knew Hollie, we had been in contact with her


she was such a fun`loving ghrl, she Hollie's family are determined that


she will live on not just for them, The trust now set up in her name


has already raised nearly ?40,0 0. It will pay to train aspiring


hairdressers to also follow Hollie's A massive tragedy,


what happened to Holly. For us, for her friends,


and the rest of her family. But we can focus


on something positive. And we wanted the trust to be


something positive that camd out Money will also go to local


charities that worked to trx The first one being domestic abuse


and we are supporting others and we are hopefully going to create a


program to go into schools, to talk to people about domestic abtse and


also with Increasing Peace, which is a project on antisocial beh`viour


in Gloucester and trying to move youngsters away from knife crime


and gun crime, really, so those two things are really positive things


for us and the community. Hollie's family now all wear


rings inset with her ashes. It is their way of carrying


her with them all the time. From the pain and tragedy


of Hollie's death, her family now hope much will be


done in her name to change It's 14 minutes past seven,


this is our top story tonight: The Midlands remembers `


a special service at the National Memorial Arboretum for the 70th


anniversary of the D`day landings. Your detailed weather forec`st


to come shortly from Rebecc`. Fifty years on,


survivors from a train crash involving 230 schoolchildren look


back at a remarkable recovery. And spinning a yarn,


the Staffordshire couple who played Hereford United have been ghven one


last chance to save their place The club have been given


until tomorrow morning to p`y their football creditors


including the player's wages. Well,


Ian Winter is at their ground now. This must be a relief to thd fans,


Ian. If a lot of very worried faces in


Hereford today. People who care passionately about their football


club. People who fear that their club would be kicked out of the


conference this afternoon. H want to be watching them in the futtre in


the conference or in the Football League. It almost feels likd a death


in the family. We just don't know what is happening. I don't know We


are waiting for some news. Hopefully it will be good news, but at the


moment it is looking very bleak I think they are in intensive care at


the moment. At 6:30am this lorning, news came of that the prefix. Let's


talk to Keith Dodd from the supporters Association. Your


reaction? Absolutely delighted. We need to make sure the owner takes


full advantage of this and pays the bill tomorrow. You are thinking now


at the last chance saloon. Definitely we cant mess this one up


now. We have to make sure that bill is paid tomorrow. Martin Watson is


from the supporters trust. How confident are you that the new


owners will deliver the ?140,00 needed by tomorrow morning? This


really is the last chance now. It was supposed to be paid yesterday.


10am tomorrow, if we haven't played it, we have to pay it. Can xou even


contemplate what the possibhlity of relegation would mean for this club?


We are more than ?19 in debt. It doesn't bear thinking about. OK


thank you. A couple of months ago, Hereford United survived on goal


difference only. Tonight's battle for survival could be just `s close


and we could also go right to the wire. Back to you.


At the end of a week in which the Government proposdd


a new generation of garden cities, the National Trust has raisdd


the possibility of one being built in the Black Country, which could


possibly be called 'Albion'. A Staffordshire MP and Government


minister has told the BBC the top priority for future housing


developments should be to use 'brown field sites.


Nel Mac I think the point about the garden cities is that it is making


development where local people want it. People in Staffordshire are very


clear that when we got brown field sites, we need housing, we have


villages where housing is ndeded. Local communities make the decision


where that housing should bd. field sites.


And the Sunday Politics will also have a special report on proposals


for Shropshire Fire and Rescue to share control room services with


neighbouring brigades. That's on BBC One from 11.00am


on Sunday. The Second Battalion,


the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers have marched through


Warwick today, as they recehved It was probably the last tile


the soldiers will be on par`de there, as the battalion is due to be


disbanded in August, as part of A hero's welcome for The troops


in Warwick today. Warwickshire County Council has


awarded the freedom of the county to The Royal Regiment of Fusilhers


And, as a show pf thanks, the 2nd Battalion took part


in a special parade. Looking on was 91`year`old


Jean Waldrop, whose grandson was part of the landing.


So difficult because they all look so much alike, but he told


us that he had a sword, and we looked out for him and saw him.


And captain Robert King also has a family connection to the regiment.


My grandfather served in The Royal Regiment on D`Day,


this day 70 years ago, where he won the military Cross


and also my father, who was here watching the 2nd Battalion, between


1969 and 1988, so for me to then carry that tradition on is `mazing.


The County Council says it hs keen to capitalise on tradition


and the regiment's strong rdlation with Warwickshire.


They are part of our DNA, wd are a strong recruiting area for them.


And we felt we wanted that commitment to be exposed


and nationally exposed. It is really important for ts that


the Fusiliers are welcomed `s part of the family of Warwickshire.


It seemed the spectators couldn't agrde more.


It is really worthwhile. It gives them a big opportunity to


show everybody what they can do He could be the future, couldn't he?


He could be one of the future soldiers here, and it is


very good to show how proud we are of our actual citizens and how well


they have looked after country. I think we are very lucky


to have such people. This parade holds additional


significance because it will be one of the last


ceremonial occasions by the troops from the 2nd Battalion as the merger


with the 1st Battalion in Atgust. A salute for the Duke of Kent,


an historic day for the reghment. Amy Cole, BBC Midlands Todax,


Warwick. It's been a poignant day


for a Staffordshire town, as people turned out to mark


the fiftieth anniversary of a train Two children and a rail worker died,


whilst others lost limbs on the so called Lollipop Express, which


was taking them on a day trhp. Joanne Writtle joined peopld in


Stafford, including a crash survivor When dad arrived at


the hospital that day, therd was a Mary Tiernan, aged nine,


one of 230 children who set off from Stafford, but never re`ched


their destination in York. The train, known as the Lollipop


Express, derailed in Cheshire. I was in a coma for three months,


and I had a blood clot on the brain. I had burns to my legs, scalds,


burns. Mary's parents travelled dahly to


Manchester to visit her in hospital. When I woke up, I was surrotnded by


doctors, and then I saw my dad and Mary spent nine months


learning to walk. Today, he joined her and thd rest


of her family at a service to mark Mary and Liam Heffernan,


now in their eighties, lost their daughter, Christhne


Heffernan and Louis Heffern`n died One that even 50 years afterwards,


you don't forget where you were or At Saint Austin's school,


rose bushes were planted. The shadow the crash cast over


Stafford is still evident h`lf a century on, with the incrddible


support this commemoration has had. John Gibson lost his arm,


but embraced his life. I can never really remember being


that upset about it, to be honest, because I was always too busy


trying to get on with my life when I I could still ride a bike,


I could still play rugby, Survivors and family have got


on with their lives for the last 50 years,


but today was a day to remelber It seems


like another life time away to us. And you can read more the


Lollipop Express on the bbc news A couple from Staffordshire who ve


taught themselves to make sheepskins and yarn, using wool from r`re


breeds of sheep, have caught The makers of a new Walt Disney


blockbuster starring Angelina Jolie contacted David and Karen Griffiths


` asking them to help creatd sets Nine years ago,


David and Karen Griffiths knew nothing about the woollen industry,


but a personal tragedy led to them reviving a traditional


and once common crafting skhlls We lost my oldest son from


my first marriage in a car crash nine years ago and decided `t that


time to get out of the rat race and The couple make fleeces using bolt


from the UK's 60 rare It is a craft that has declhned


considerably in recent years, one that has brought Hollywood film


makers to their smallholding. It is in the story of sleephng


beauty, starring Angelina Jolie It was made at Pinewood Studios and its


producers asked David and c`rrying to supply 36 places to addrdss some


of the main sets. It is not everyday that you expect a little back garden


business to end up being involved with Disney. One of the reasons the


film`makers got in touch was that they wanted traditional fledces from


rare breeds here. If they h`d gone for the modern fleeces that we are


used to, it simply would not have had the same dramatic effect. In her


workshop, Karen spends her time preparing the will customers from as


far afield as America and Atstralia. She has become passionate about a


cottage industry which she fears has been in danger of dying in this


country. Back in the 40s and the 50s, women's magazines, thex had


come to data patterns, people were passionate about knitting. We seem


to have lost, to a certain degree, that crafting ability. The film has


just been released in the chnemas, and of course David and Kardn have


been examining the sets cre`ted for this fantasy world, with


particularly keen eyes. Tomorrow certainly isn't gohng to be


the best weather to be out `nd about ` but the weekend isn't going


to be a total washout. And it's certainly been


a nice day today. Our temperatures haven't done too


badly either ` up to 22 celcius in Hereford and still plentx


of sunshine to enjoy this evening. We're under warmer air too so it's


feeling rather pleasant out there. We have had some cloud


around today ` particularly earlier on ` but plenty of clear spdlls


through the afternoon and more to come over the next few hours ` with


that warmer air over us temperatures A few showers working their way


up from the south during thd early hours, and it'll be a sticky


night with lows of 13`16 celcius. Tomorrow is a different picture `


we have a Met Office Yellow weather warning in place for heavy rain `


we could see 25 mm of rainf`ll within an hour ` with some


localised flooding possible as heavy Those showers with us


from the morning some heavy bursts in there, hail, thunder


and blustery around them too. They will start to clear aw`y


during the afternoon ` still The air


behind those showers is a lhttle fresher ` but the sun is sthll


strong and later in the day those temperatures will start to rise up


to 21 celcius ` possibly higher Once the showers clear away some


sunny spells to enjoy to end the day and clear spells to come ovdrnight `


it'll be a slightly fresher night than we're seeing tonight ` with


lows between 11 and 13 celchus. looking much better on


Sunday ` we're still in the grip of high pressure `


but sunny spells and the odd shower Good news if you're heading


off to the Cosford Airshow ` there will be some cloud about


but not a bad day with tempdratures And it's a very similar


picture into next week ` So once we get through tomorrow `


it's looking much better. D`Day remembered `


world leaders have paid tribute to the men who changed the course


of the Second World War.


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