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Good evening. 70 years after the D`Day landings in Normandy,


tributes have been paid across the Midlands to the len


who changed the course of World War Two.


For those who couldn't make the trip to France,


a ceremony was held at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.


hundreds came to remember and pay their respects.


Reverend Dick Sargent was jtst 9 when he reached Utah Beach


in Normandy. The Stafford clergyman led 200 men, battling waves


and machine gunfire during those historic first landings.


The water was shallow, we should not have been there, we were on the


wrong beach. I spent about half an hour in the water shouldering the


bolts of the sandbanks so they could let the soldiers down. It sounds


mundane, but it was the job. It was what we were supposed to do.


Hundreds stood in silence at the Normandy Veterans Memorial,


honouring those who paid the ultimate price.


We had no sense of liberating Europe or the laws or anything elsd. We


just had rather a lot to do that morning.


Among those paying respects, a former Royal Marine born on D`Day.


I was born in 1944 at six o'clock. My mother had been interviewed about


my birth. This week, D`Day veterans


from across the West Midlands It means everything, really. Being


the last trip, it will be more poignant. I can remember my old


comrades. Today has also bedn about symbols. This pennant was attached


to the last landing craft to arrive at Utah Beach 70 years ago.


This commemoration may be the last for many


but it was also the first for many families.


For one generation to inspire the next.


One of the veterans who did make the journey to France


was Ken Reynolds from Hednesford, who arrived on Sword Beach


just a couple of days after the D`Day landings.


Speaking to me from Normandx amid continuing ceremonies,


he told me how he'd found today's commemorations.


Quite moving, really. Quite moving. Can you give me an idea of xour role


in the D`Day landings? You were on Sword Beach? Yes, but I was in


charge of the rear party, so I had to catch up in a couple of days I


was not in the first lot. What you find when you got there? Ch`os.


Chaos, everybody doing everxthing but nobody knowing. We got the guns


together and shook the enemx up a bit.


A six`month`old baby died and a second almost lost his life


were not classed as the highest emergency.


West Midlands Ambulance Service assessed both cases as Red2,


which means an ambulance isn't automatically sent.


Here's our Health Correspondent Michele Paduano.


Cainan was just six months old when he developed breathing diffhculties.


An ambulance was two minutes away in Wolverhampton


But it was not classed as the most urgent case. It was registered


as a Red2, and a paramedic car 14 minutes away was sent instead.


Sadly, Cainan didn't survivd. West Midlands Ambulance Service changed


We lost him because of a catalogue of errors that he did not gdt the


chance to survive. He did not get the chance to survive. It h`s just


devastated our lives. its advice to call handlers within


weeks of his death in Octobdr 2 12 so that babies breathing


abnormally are sent an ambulance. We do not want this to happdn again


unnecessarily. We have to lhve with the question, was his death


necessary? But it did happen again,


two months later. Thomas Passant,


who is now nearly two, was having breathing diffictlties


in December. He too was classed as Red2


and sent a paramedic in a c`r. It then took 41 minutes to


get an ambulance to him. Thomas suffered an arrest


in the ambulance and almost died. The baby was in distress. Hd was


hardly breathing, fighting for breath. He had erupted heartbeat.


That was a red alert, our grandson was laying on the floor fighting for


his life. Paul Passant campaigned for more


ambulances in Shropshire, but he was never told


that an ambulance was avail`ble at the time of their call and


could have got Thomas to hospital much sooner. West Midlands


Ambulance Service said that Though in the case of Thomas it


accepts that the investigathon was poor and there was


no clear reason West Midlands ambulance service has


apologised for overlooking the fact there was an ambulance available in


that first investigation. The chief executive contacted the grandfather.


They said insufficient time was given to the original investigation


cause they were more concerned about getting more ambulances on the road


in Shropshire. New guidance on babies with


breathing difficulties have been brought in


making them top priority. Hereford United have been ghven


until tomorrow morning to pay their debts or be thrown out


of the Football Conference. The club owe almost ?150,000


to their creditors, The Bulls would be


relegated two divisions if they fail to meet


tomorrow's deadline. That's all from me.


Midlands Today will be back on BBC One


tomorrow evening at 7.30pm. I'll leave you with the weather


from Rebecca. Good evening. It has been a pleasant


day. Through the weekend, things are changing. Tomorrow we have ` Met


Office yellow weather warning in place for heavy rain. 25 millilitres


falling within an hour so wd could get localised flooding throtgh the


day. It is dry at the moment, milder air over the top of us, that will


help keep the temperatures tp. It is going to be quite a sticky night,


showers working their way through in the early hours of tomorrow


morning. Laws of 13 to 16 Cdlsius. We start off tomorrow dry, but it is


not long before the show 's work their way up from the south. Heavy


bursts in there. It will be breezy around them, clearing away, and


behind that, a few residual showers. Temperature is managing to climb up


to 21 Celsius through the afternoon. Sunday looking much better, good


spells of sunshine through the day. Temperatures up to


improve to some extent. The showers move away and a fresh appeal to


things. Good evening. The good news is,


there will be some decent dry on a sunny moment to come through the


weekend. But over the next 24 hours, the threat of thunderstorms


looms large. The ingredients have been coming together today - warm


air pushing northwards out of Iberia, cooler air from the Atlantic


trying to pushed away. In between the cloud has been building with a


lot of energy in the atmosphere sparking off some nasty


thunderstorms across parts of northern Spain and south-west


France. They will produce most of the rainfall tomorrow. Ahead of it,


the cloud is starting to produce thunderstorms itself. We've seen in


Cornwall. A few sporadic thunderstorms across central and


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