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Companies based near the hotsehold recycling centres in Birmingham say


their businesses are being badly affected by queues for the tip.


The problems started after the city council introduced


They say deliveries are being delayed and staff are


Some waiting patiently, some less so, the clogged roads


Now it?s the turn of businesses living near Lhfford


Lane to vent their frustrathon of what they say is the effect of the


It is a nightmare for us because we have clients comhng to


see us from all over the cotntry and it is frustrating for them


And in a couple of cases, people have given up


Garden waste used to be collected for free, it?s now collected


at a charge of ?35 a year, with not every gardener happy to pay,


Traffic going to and from the tip is also causing hazards


on nearby Melchett Road where parked cars line the way through


Everybody knows there are problems with it.


So I think there does need to be a review there.


But irrespective what they do on Lydford Road,


they need to be addressing the Lifford Road traffic issue.


I think it would be easier for them to do that


if they sorted out the garddn waste issue at the same time.


We spoke to the council tod`y and they said they did change


the layout of the site in the recent bank holidays and thdy're


looking at a range of other options which could improve traffic flow.


They would like to remind g`rdeners that they can still join thd


Residents, businesses and the MP want ` summit


with the council and the police urgent action is needed, thdy say,


A pub doorman has been stabbed and seriously injured in Wolverhampton.


Police were called to the H`rp Inn on Walsall Street in the early hours


of this morning and found the 38`year`old with a knifd wound.


The area has been cordoned off by detectives who are now appealing


Hereford United have been ghven until Monday to pay


The club appeared before the Football Conference board


this morning, to prove they had the funds to pay their debts.


They must do this by Thursday or they could bd kicked


It has lain derelict for almost 80 years, but today


a stretch of canal in Shropshire reopened to narrow boats.


Volunteers have been working every weekend since 2007 on the


Ben Sidwell went along to sde the first boat travel the w`ter


Navigating the waters for the first time since 1935.


This is why volunteers from the Shropshire Union C`nal


Society have spent years working on one small stretch near Oswestry.


And awful lot of hard work has gone into ht.


Not only by myself, but other people.


This is how the canal looked before work started in 2007.


Today it was just a case of applying the finishing touches.


It has taken a dedicated te`m of 30 volunteers seven years and


?250,000 to get this special canal open.


But if you look across the other side of the bridge, you can see


there's plenty of work still to go. The Montgomery Canal


used to run for 35 miles from Welsh Frankton in Shropshire into Wales.


The ultimate aim of course hs to connect this piece of canal


And then in the very distant future, to go right


on to the original terminus which was in Newtown.


Work on that challenge will begin in the very near future.


Some lively downpours today but a better story tomorrow. A risk a few


showers. Some of them could be quite heavy but they fade as the night


goes on. If you clear spells allowing for mist patches to form as


we head into Sunday. A largdly dry start with bright spells and further


bright spells during the dax. There will be the risk of 12`macro


showers. It should feel ple`sant. An unsettled start to the week, but


improving by the middle part. Midlands Today is back tomorrow


Goodbye. Good evening. Most of us have seen


some rain so far today. It started off in the south. As it worked its


way north, we lost the thunder and the lightning. Many of us ended the


day on a decent note. After a decent day in the north of Scotland, that


band of rain marches northwards Be hiengd it, there is a -- behind it,


there is a lot of dry weather to be found. Most of us are dry by the end


of the night and relatively mild.


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