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Good evening. Plans by Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service to share


control room facilities havd been criticised by politicians. The Chief


Fire Officer told the Sundax Politics in the Midlands th`t he


needs to save money. But MPs have questioned why the brigade hs


holding almost ?9 million in its reserves. BBC Radio Shropshhre's


Political reporter, Joanne Gallacher, has the details. Another


cold comes through at the c`ll centre in shoes Billy, does it


really matter where your call is an search? Shropshire's director says


they could save millions each year if they shared a call centrd. We


must start making proposals to save money to balance the budget. Times


are undoubtedly tough. They have already cut their budget by the 2p


since 2010. A further ?900,000 has to be saved. It is reckoned that


?300,000 could be saved by lerging call centres. With pressure mounting


on budgets, there are questhons from local MPs about the amount they have


in their reserves. One thing still not answered by the fire authorities


is about their reserves of ?9 million. I am keen to find out what


they are going to do with those considerable reserves. The chief


fire officer said the money might be needed to meet future challdnges.


The money might be used over the next five or six years. It does give


the fire authority options `bout changes that can be made in the


future. The consultation is due to end in September. A woman h`s died


after the car she was driving, crashed near the Ettington Park


Hotel in Stratford upon Avon. Two cars were involved in the accident


on the A3400 around 8:40 last night. A woman driving the second car, was


trapped for more than an hotr, and is now in a stable condition in


hospital. The Education Secretary will announce the fate of 20 schools


in Birmingham tomorrow caught up in the so `called Trojan horse affair,


alleging increasing radicalhsation of Muslim practise in some city


schools. Ofsted will also ptblish their inspections into the schools


over recent years. More than 3, 00 people in Birmingham have shgned a


petition calling for the ending of a racist witch hunt in Birmingham


schools. But an education academic says all of these investigations


actually throw the academic system into question. The Trojan horse


School has called into question the academy project, the free school


project. These are schools that have been prompted to be autonomous, to


go their own way. If in so doing they become more fragmented and


surveys smaller population over the interests of the larger comlunity it


creates a problem for the schools community as a whole. And Adrian


Goldberg will have a special programme on the Ofsted reports into


the Birmingham schools linkdd to the so`called Trojan Horse plot on BBC


WM from one to four tomorrow afternoon. A piece by a


prize`winning composer, inspired by a visit to an Arsenal footb`ll match


20 years ago, has had its premiere in Birmingham. Around 1,000 singers


performed Crowd Out. It's ddscribed by composer David Lang as bding "an


orchestra of people using their voices". It will be performdd in


Berlin and London later in the month. It's been a mixed dax but


warm. Let's find out now wh`t's in store for this week with Mel Coles.


Good evening. For many placds it has been a fine day with plenty of warm


sunshine but there have been some showers this afternoon which will


continue into this evening, am heavy and sundry. Cloud increases bringing


the risk of ardour showers hnto Monday morning. It will feel humid


with temperatures not dropphng below 11 degrees. Tomorrow starts damp in


some places. There will be showers during the morning. Then a dry spell


but showers will develop ag`in during the afternoon, some heavy and


potentially thundery. That's it for time being. I'll be back with our


late bulletin at 10:15 tonight. I hope you can join me then. But from


all of us here for now, havd Good evening. We got to 25 Celsius


this afternoon. There were some heavy showers elsewhere. Low


pressure to the west of the United Kingdom, anticlockwise winds around


that, dragging in some warm air from the near continent. The showers will


tend to fade away from Scotland and Northern Ireland overnight. Further


showers drifting up. 8.00am, in the South West, it is largely fine and


dry. Fairly warm, though. Could be 17 or 18 at 8.00am. So quite a warm


start to the day. Maybe one or two showers in the south. A much


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