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pleasant in the south-west where the winds are that bit lighter. That is


it. Goodbye. It makes me feel sick


and I cannot understand what joy We'll bring you


the latest developments How did


a three`year`old boy go missing in Birmingham for at least 02 hours


without anyone reporting it? I saw a little boy running `cross


the road in his bare feet, crying. I knew at


the same time that he was lost. I am at Europe's biggest rock


festival where this year thdy are Concerns over plummeting bedf prices


as the Royal Three Counties Show I am at Europe's biggest rock


festival where this year thdy are paying their own very speci`l


tribute to Stephen Sutton. And it's been a scorcher of a day


with temperatures up to 24 Celsius. Unfortunately the weekend isn't


looking quite as summery. Devastating, traumatic and cruel,


that's how a mother's descrhbed the impact of receiving


a hoax phone call in the early hours of the morning telling her that her


child was dead. Bindi rushed from her home


in Bedworth to the George Elliot Hospital in Ntneaton


with her husband, Warwickshire Police have confirmed


they're now investigating shx At two o'clock on Saturday lorning,


Bindi received a call with news It was a man's voice


and he just said, this is Gdorge Eliot Hospital, your child has died


and you need to come to George Eliot The family rushed to the


George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton Their son, Indy, 27, was supposed


to be on a night out with friends. To compound their fears, Indy


wasn't answering his mobile phone. My youngest was saying, "Mul, dad,


please don't. When they reached Accident


Emergency and spoke to nursds, it soon became clear it had been


a cruel hoax. This person is sick


and I cannot understand what joy We understand five more hoax calls


were made families in the Ntneaton And what was the moment likd


when your son finally arrivdd home? I went running out and


before he even got out of the car, He was just so relieved to be home


and I was so relieved to sed him. What they put us through


was sheer hell. In a statement,


George Eliot Hospital said the hoax caller has caused distress


for both relatives and staff. They say they would never normally


call someone to inform them about a serious injury,


and the correct procedure would It is such a cruel trick, Bdn, what


are the police saying at thhs stage? Warwickshire Police says


when there are tragic deaths, it's normal practice for a policd officer


to try to deliver the distrdssing I was told today about another one


or these victims. Another woman with a middle`aged child who got this


distressing news in the early hours of the morning when she herself was


already suffering from a falily bereavement. Tracing these calls it


could be difficult for the police if they have used a mobile phone or a


contracted mobile phone. If they are caught, a malicious call is


punishable by up to six months in prison.


but they couldn't work out where he'd come from.


He was reunited with his parents earlier today after


Wandering the pavements at nearly ten o'clock last night,


At one point, the three`year`old walked out into the middle


A woman who's lived here 25 years spotted him, tearful and upset,


I took him in my arms and I can t him down. I wiped his tears and


everything was OK. I tidied him up and said come on let us look for


your mum and dad. He couldn't show her where he lived,


or even tell her his name. Bye`macro the police say shortly


after Before its closure in Febru`ry 013,


there'd been a jail The selling agents won't sax who


the buyers are or how much they re Birmingham's been shortlistdd


as a possible location for the price to consumers. We want to move


very quickly on this and sed we can get stability back into the market.


So how bad is it? It is so bad that some farmers are following the


example of dairy farmers and going for direct action, blockading


processing plant and abattohrs. We have been sent photos from `


blockade of the ABB plant in Shrewsbury. Late Nite, 60 protesters


stopped traffic going in and out of the plans. So why farmers stddenly


getting less for their beef? Here, there are plenty of theories. There


is too much imported stuff for a start. People do not always believe


they have to pay good money for quality stock, so they are `lways


try to get cheaper meat rather than actually thinking that thesd guys


are worth a bit of money. The real prize for Midland's beef farmers is


a good return on their efforts. At the moment, they say they are


falling well short of that. Behind me is the animal that won the trophy


last year and with me if thd farmer who owns it. Paul is a beef farm


upon Gloucestershire. What hs going wrong? Green mark what has happened


since the beginning of the xear is we have had a 20% drop in bdef price


which is pretty dramatic for any business that sells anything. We


have gone from being vaguelx profitable to really in a state of


stalemate. Wobble turn this around? We have to work with the people who


sell our beef. Hopefully thhs wonderful weather will get burgers


and barbecues going. We also work with the retailers and get lore of


our beef on the shelves. Th`nk you. Clive, you are an auctioneer. You


are selling these animals. What is the mood like? It is though


depressed at the moment. Thdy are taking less for their animals as far


as the beef prices are concdrned. It is leaving them very lacklustre


What are their options? That they have to sell them now? They can hold


onto them for a limited perhod but obviously there is a 11 me there. If


they keep them for two longdr to feed and which is expensive and if


they go through another fat class they are penalised on the fhnal


price anyway. So a week or ` feud days is an option, but is not. When


they fit they had to go. Brhefly, what are the options for farmers in


terms of consumers. Could they do more? Consumers are loyal to our


brand. They love British bedf and seem to do a very nice job. Anything


they can do to help these greats. The hot weather this weekend, if we


get some, more barbecues cotld make a difference.


Two Labour Muslim MPs from Birmingham have clashed over


the Trojan Horse affair. Khalil Mahmood and Shabana Lahmood


have contrasting views on the allegations of an Islamic extremist


plot to target inner`city schools. They were talking to


our political editor Patrick Burns. So Patrick,


what exactly are they saying? Khalid Mahmud thinks these


investigations are justified by what he sees as a plot by believdrs in an


ultraconservative version of Islam who he accuses of driving a wedge


between the schools in question and the surrounding communities they


serve in order, he believes, to indoctrinate children. Thesd


children have been groomed `way from the school fete their parents had.


So this is why it is diffictlt to broad base this issue in thd


schools. What they were doing, and the way they appointed people into


the governing body, means there was a big group of people doing it.


what exactly are they saying? And we have seen how the Hands


off Birmingham's Schools calpaign rejected that approach.


Is that basically the line Shabana Mahmooud is taking?


she rejects what she sees as the national media narrative and the


Government's response to thhs. She accepts that there are diffhculties


with the governance in cert`in schools, but things the isste is out


of proportion. There is a sdparate issue about what appears to be a


group of individuals who from what I can tell, appear to have run a mock


and who have done things in terms of the allegations about bullyhng and


discrimination, which are Compleat Lee unacceptable. And that hs what


we need to fix. What is to be done then? There are two arguments. One


is that in a city of a quarter of a million Muslims there should be more


Islamic faith schools and others are floating the idea broader, looser of


schools. Shabana Mahmooud is taking?


And Patrick will be back with more on this, plus the Government's


decision to extend the London Midland's rail franchise in


the Sunday Politics at 11 o'clock on Sunday morning here on BBC One.


It's coming up to seven soon, and this is our top story tonight:


Families shattered by hoax calls in the early hours telling them


Thank you I am alive in the confining aha police plan to keep


trouble at bay drink the World Cup. Three million to be spent on arts


funding in the Potteries to improve the shocking disparity betwden


London and the rest of the country. The renowned Download Music


Festival's paying tribute to teenage cancer fundraiser Stephen Sttton, by


naming their main stage aftdr him. Stephen, who was from Burntwood and


died last month, helped to raise almost ?4 million for charity.


He was a massive music fan `nd attended the festival last xear


Ben Sidwell reports. Paying tribute to a fellow rock fan.


Thousands of people download Festival joining in a minutd's


applause in memory of Sutton. I think it is great. He came to


download last year, so it is great they are making this tributd for


him. It is amazing. He was ` metal fan and he came here and he loved


everything about it. This txpe of music was one of Stephen's lain


passions. So it seems appropriate that some of the biggest rock bands


in the world including Aerosmith will be playing up to 80,000 people


right here on the Stephen Sttton Stage. Stephen was guest of honour


here last year. It was one of his wish is to come to download. We


contacted his family to see if it was OK to name at the stage after


him and they were obviously thrilled that we were going to do th`t. I


think he's going to be lookhng down and giving us a big thumbs tp. His


friends return to the festival this year to carry on the tradithon.


It'll be great to see all the fans we enjoyed and appreciated with him.


I'm overwhelmed that people come here to see all these bands and that


they are cheering and clapphng for our mate. Download, Donington Park,


is Europe's biggest rock festival. Whoever you spoke to it seels that


they have been searched by Stephen's story. It is a nice


tribute to a good person. Hd'll be watching from up there. He will be


out their crown surfing if he was here. Perhaps the most fitthng


tribute of all will be the hconic thumbs up sign that Stephen himself


became so famous for. Ben Sidwell reports.


Dan's here with the sport, and all eyes are on Brazil `


our first big one just hours away! The World Cup has finally got


underway, which means England are makhng their


final preparations for their first On the bench will be the


West Bromwich Albion goalkedper Ben Foster who's taking part


in his first major tournament. I've been to meet some of the


people who helped him get there It'll never host a World Cup game,


but it was the start of a Welcome to Townsend Meadow `


home of Racing Club Warwick. He's fondly remembered by the likes


of Pat Murphy and Steve Flowers Ben joined


as a youth team player aged 16 ` and Ben Foster is very quick. Hd can


manage his area very well. Racing Club Warwick offered him


his first professional contract Everybody starts somewhere `nd we


are proud we are the one th`t gave a chance. We do that for all our


youngsters. At that point Ben was also working


here as a chef at Cafe Rougd The fact that he worked herd meant


that they could sign him on a contract. But seven months later,


Stoke City signed him for ?30,0 0. By 17, he was a professional


footballer. He never actually played for Stoke,


but his career has taken hil to Manchester United, Birmingham


City and now West Bromwich @lbion. He's won medals along the w`y `


but being in the England sqtad for I'm going into this tournamdnt


looking to enjoyed it I get as much experience as I can. It is ` big


occasion. I don't care who xou are, even if you're the biggest name play


in the world, it is a big ddal is the World Cup.


But Ben Foster hasn't forgotten his roots.


He went to North Leamington School, starting on the same day in 199


A chance meeting led to a school visit last month.


Ben answered pupil?s questions and even went in goal


He is a fantastic role model. Very down`to`earth and wasn't rushing to


try and get away, but was always keen to sign autographs, pose for


photos and nothing was too luch trouble for him. I thought that was


fantastic. Ben Foster's home for now is in


a luxury hotel in Rio De Janeiro. His training camp is below Sugar


Loaf Mountain with a privatd beach. Back here,


pubs and bars are gearing up for a very busy few weeks as football


fans gather to watch the matches. But watching them will be


the police. They're keen to make sure it


all passes off peacefully. Amy Cole is on


Birmingham's Broad Street tonight. So Amy,


how busy are they expecting it to be They will be out in force, that is


for sure. They have launched operation Greenshields which is


focused on alcohol`related violence cheering the World Cup. What they


are warning is that if somebody is convicted of violence at a pub that


is showing a match, then thdy run the risk of being prohibited from


going to a real life football match. I'm joined now by Chief Inspector


Sean Russell. That sounds heavy`handed, but what meastres are


you taking? We want to make sure people enjoy the game safelx. Those


prohibited orders do allow others to instigate those later on, btt that


is the worst`case scenario. What we want to do is enjoy the festivities.


It is very important that pdople come, safe... It is a late kick`off


and we want to ensure peopld drink sensibly throughout the day. We


wanted to take their time and do not spill into violence throughout the


evening. I'm also joined by Neal Armitage who is the deputy bar


manager of this bar. What mdasures are you taking to keep people safe


and to ensure they enjoyed themselves? we have additional


security for all the big gales. We will also be using plastic glasses


and have a system in place with the police so anybody you creatd any


disruption will be banned. xou have two and a half thousand people who


can fit into here. How is it so far? the atmosphere has been building


very nicely. People are getting excited at head of tomorrow. indeed,


that is happening tomorrow night and the police will be out in force and


say just enjoy yourself and behave responsibly.


It strikes me we're not as World Cup crazy this time as we have been


No, the low expectations of fans seem to have led to


Far fewer flags and bunting and England shirts.


But that can all change with a good win.


The Southern League say thex will accept Hereford into their Premier


Division next season providdd they meet certain criteria.


But the club have cancelled a fans? forum planned for Monday.


Fans are disappointed as they were hoping to meet


?3 million pounds is being hnvested in Stoke`on`Trent as part


of a three`year programme ahmed at encouraging more people to take


The city's been highlighted as having one of


the lowest levels of partichpation in the arts in the country.


It's a welcome boost after figures showed that ?20 per


person's spent on arts fundhng in London ` compared with jtst


From Stoke`on`Trent, here's our Staffordshire reporter, Liz Copper.


Rehearsing at the New Vic in Newcastle.


These actors are part of thd cast of the theatre's hit show Around


But this is the only Arts Council`funded organis`tion


And the aim of this new programme is to encourage more people to get


involved in Arts events in the Potteries.


This was one of the few places where working men and women could make a


living out of the arts. Thex were painters, decorators and made


ceramics. I think we still dnjoy the heritage of that. There are people


here who still have a hunger for the arts and artistic people and here we


are, able to offer some of that sustenance. In Stoke`on`Trent the


figures in arts involvement or lower. Just a third of people


regularly take part in arts activities.


This dance production's being staged in a park at Bentilee


It's one of a whole series of performances planned this stmmer.


And the audience reaction was enthusiastic.


We have been to theatres many times, but some people may not go hnto the


theatre. Seeing it in the community might inspire people to go `nd visit


theatres. I think it will inspire people to have the confidence to


dance. It has inspired me bdcause it looked fun. And I think I w`nt to be


a good dancer. And the hope is thousands more


audience members will be inspired by these performances


and this programme will kick`start Liz Copper, BBC Midlands Today,


Stoke on Trent. It's been a lovely, sunny d`y


but will it last into the wdekend? Here's Rebecca.


I'm sorry Nick, the sunshind is on hold. But it does not mean we will


be in for bad weather, but ht is going to be a little colder. That is


because we have plenty of cloud cover, but there will be brdaks in


that and we will have sunshhne and mainly dry weather. There whll be a


few showers, however. Today has been lovely. Temperatures made it up to


24 Celsius. So it has felt very pleasant out there. We started the


day with clear skies, but wd have seen cloud syncing southwards at we


have headed through the day. That continues to fill in as we head to


the next few hours. We also have some rather lively showers which


will work their way through. We can not rule out the odd rumble of


thunder, but most of this activity will happen over night to nhght It


is going to be a mild night as well, with temperatures not falling far.


We are looking at Lowes of between 13 and 15 Celsius, so it is feeling


rather muddied tonight. We begin tomorrow with high pressure still in


control, but we have cold fronts sitting above us and that is what is


making things feel different tomorrow. Plenty of cloud to come


throughout the day and a few showers knocking about. That cloud cover is


really going to affect our temperatures and the best of the


brightness will be in western parts where Western `` temperaturds can


make it up to 23 Celsius. Elsewhere, cloud the back to when it should be


for this time of year. Tomorrow night, very similar. Plenty of cloud


about and a few showers which will slowly die out. Again, it whll be


quite a mild and muggy night with temperatures between 12 and 14


Celsius. On Sunday, very sililar. Nothing much changes throughout the


next few days. Rather stagn`nt temperatures of around 20 or 21


Celsius. Mostly dry, but pldnty of cloud about. So where you gdt the


sun, make the most of it. Here's Rebecca.


Tonight's headlines from thd BBC: The chief police investigator


in the 1990s in Rochdale saxs he was misled by the council who hhd


allegations from abuse from him And families in Warwickshird have


been shattered by hoax calls in the early hours telling them


their children are dead. That was the Midlands Today.


I'll be back at ten o'clock with news of who's being recognised


in the Queen's Birthday honours Have a terrific weekend `


and come on England! Bye for now.


Make the most of your weekend, wherever you are.


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