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And first the news that the Staffordshire teenager Stephen


Sutton has been awarded an LBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours


Stephen, who was from Burntwood raised millions of pounds


for other teenagers with cancer before he died last month.


His family say the MBE is a wonderful recognition


His bravery and spirit capttred the hearts of millions.


Now there's recognition from the Queen, no less `


Stephen Sutton's fundraising efforts are worthy of an MBE.


Stephen has done so much, you know, in his short lifetime,


that any recognition that hd gains from that has got to be


a positive for him, for his family and for the continuing fund`raising


Stephen died aged 19 last month after


His family say he was notifhed about the honour


by letter shortly before his death and was happy to accept his MBE


An award to make Stephen's home town of Burntwood even prouder


In a statement, Stephen's mother Jane said she was


truly delighted and immensely proud that her son had been recognised in


She said Stephen thought it was an incredible honour to havd been


nominated and his award defhnitely got the thumbs up.


Sentiments no doubt shared by friends of Stephen.


Some of them were at today's Download Music Fdstival


at Donington Park where the crowds remembered the tdenager.


He was a massive music fan `nd attended the festival last xear


He has inspired so many people and to be able to see that fans of


all the music we loved and dnjoyed are here ` it's lovely to sde.


The public celebration of Stephen's life


at Lichfield Cathedral two weeks ago attracted worldwide attention.


And his fundraising continues to do so.


Over ?4 million pounds has now been raised for the Teenage Cancdr Trust


Other Midlands people recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours


include the veteran Conserv`tive MP Bill Cash who's been knightdd.


There's MBEs for the former Wyre Forest MP Doctor Richard Taylor


who campaigned on local health issues and for Cllr


Paul Tilsley, the Liberal Ddmocrat leader on Birmingham City Council.


And Robert Francis QC, who chaired the public inquhry into


Police are trying to find ott how a barefoot three`year`old boy was


left wandering the streets of Birmingham late at night.


The toddler was found by melbers of the public in Sparkbrook `


but officers couldn't work out where he'd come from.


He was reunited with his parents earlier today after


I was parking my car in my drive and I saw a little boy running `cross


I went to the child and I s`id what is the matter darling?


He kept muttering something that I could not understand.


The sale of Dana prison in Shrewsbury has been agredd.


The Grade Two Listed building was put up for sale by the Ministry


Before its closure in Febru`ry 013, there'd been a jail


The selling agents won't sax who the buyers are or how much they re


A mother has described the hmpact of receiving a hoax phone c`ll


in the early hours of the morning telling her that her child was dead


The woman rushed from her home in Bedworth in Warwickshire,


to the George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton with her husband,


Warwickshire Police have confirmed they're now investigating shx


At two o'clock on Saturday lorning, Bindi received a call with news


It was a man's voice and he just said, this is Gdorge


Eliot Hospital, your child has died and you need to come to George Eliot


The family rushed to the George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton


Their son, Indy, 27, was supposed to be on a night out with friends.


To compound their fears, Indy wasn't answering his mobile phone.


My youngest son said, ?Mum, Dad please don't.


When they reached Accident Emergency and spoke to nursds,


it soon became clear it had been a cruel hoax.


This person is sick and I cannot understand what joy


In a statement, George Eliot Hospital said


We understand five or call the made on Saturday morning also cl`iming to


represent George Eliot Hosphtal and also saying that a loved ond had


either been seriously injurdd or had died. As we were leaving thd


hospital and other woman was coming in, tears in her eyes, saying where


is the? Take me to him now. So I tried to comfort her and sax we have


had this call as well. What was it like when your sun finally came


home? I went running out and I gave him a hug before he even got out of


the car. He was just so relheved to be home and so was I. What they put


us through what was sheer hdll. the hoax caller has caused distress


for both relatives and staff. They say they would never normally


call someone to inform them Warwickshire Police are advhsing


people to always check to sde if it's a genuine call asking


for the name and landline ntmber Ben Godfrey, BBC Midlands Today


Bedworth. Midlands Today will be back


tomorrow evening at 7.20pm. I'll leave you with the weather


from Rebecca Wood. Well, after what has been a pleasant


day, things have turned a lhttle bit more unsettled and as we he`d


through the next few days, `lthough we keep the high`pressure, there is


plenty of cloud about and wd will see some showers as well,


throughout the day. Now, we have got high`presstre


still taking control so that does But tomorrow, we have this


weakening cold front which hs So we have some showers to come


through the next few hours, they will be quite lively at times,


with the odd rumble of thunder. And that cloud cover will hdlp keep


our temperatures up overnight, tonight, and we're looking


at lows of between 12 and 14 We start off the cloud abovd us


tomorrow and some showers rdmaining, But tomorrow is dominated


by cloud and our temperaturds will feel a little different as well `


down on where they have been today. The national forecast is on the way


next and I will leave you whth next couple of days, looking good,


temperatures in the 20s. Now the West -- now the National forecast.


Good evening. Over the last two days in the south of England there has


been a lot of sunshine and temperatures up to 26 degrees. Don't


expect temperatures that high this weekend, cooler for many. A lot of


dry weather even if it is a little bit on the cloudy side at times We


see the cloud increasing this afternoon and through the evening.


The cloud has been drifting south. Over the last few hours we started


to see thunderstorms. Over the next few hours, further thunderstorms to


be found across parts of northern England, the Midlands, the eastern


side of Wales. They are drifting south overnight. Every bursts of


rain with that. Most will clear into the English Channel. A lot of cloud


out there, temperatures 14 or 1 degrees. Around the North Sea


coastal areas, temperatures not rising far because there is a cool


breeze from the North. Inland, the cloud -- the cloud breaks up in the


afternoon. Sunny spells developing. One or two


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