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Good evening. before the start


West Bromwich have tonight `nnounced that Alan Irvine will be


The former Preston and Sheffield Wednesday manager is currently


in charge of Everton's acaddmy side and has signed a 12`month rolling


Rob Kelly, who worked under Irvine at Preston and Wednesday,


has been appointed joint assistant head coach alongside Keith Downing.


The Chair of Ofsted is to meet Birmingham


parents after five schools were put in special measures this wedk.


It follows allegations that schools were being taken over by hardline


muslims and not doing enough to protect students from extrele`ism.


It was vocal gathering in the heart of Birmingham.


But, today, this rally opposing Ofsted's decision to place five


city schools in special measures only attracted around 30 people


The children feel happy in the school and they are achieving in the


school. The agenda in my ophnion and in the opinion of a lot of Luslims


in the country is an agenda to secularised the Moslem youth.


We've learned that Sir Michael Wilshaw,


the Chair of Ofsted, has agreed to meet parents in Birmingham.


On the other road, they werd saying their kids have been knocked back


forward speeds with companids in the city.


Near Park View Academy todax ` a school rated inadequate


and accused of failing to protect pupils from extremist ideas ` the MP


for Hodge Hill met people ddsperate to see the evidence first h`nd.


I demanded that he can talk face`to`face with parents. That is a


meeting we will want to get setup is as. Parents are very pragmatic about


this. If things need to change, they are saying, let's get it ch`nged.


The Ofsted chief says a culture of fear has gripped some schools but


this `` these campaigners s`y it is intimidation that are gripphng parts


of the Muslim community in Birmingham follow the `` following


the reports. Police are still hunting


a Staffordshire convict who's one of around 90 currently on the run


from an open prison in Sussdx. 48`year`old David Blood,


from Tamworth, was jailed He absconded from Ford Open Prison,


near Arundel, on Thursday. Hundreds of people have turned out


for a special concert for Stephen Sutton, after it was


announced he's been made an MBE The Burntwood teenager, who died


last month, has raised ?4.2 million An ambitious event,


for an ambitious teenager. Organised in just six weeks,


nine bands will have taken to the stage at Burntwood Rugbx Club


by midnight, raising more ftnds It is heart`wrenching. It whll be a


roller`coaster of emotions. We have the highs and the lows but ht is all


about just a big party and remembering Stephen and celdbrating


what he has done for everyone. Unbeknown to most, one of the last


things Stephen did before hd died To be honest, I can feel thd hairs


on my neck standing on end during someone talk about it. I had the


pleasure and honour of helphng Stephen fund raise for the last 18


months. I knew what an absolute outstanding human being he was.


And those sentiments were shared by everyone here.


He did so much for the charhty and the fundraising. Hopefully this will


Today's about continuing Stdphen's fundraising legacy, but it's also


been an opportunity to presdnt his mother with a trip to Pdru.


So she can tick the 46th itdm of Stephen's bucket list on his behalf.


Are England fans in for some Brazilian weather too?


There's a chance of a shower. Some showers continuing for the next


couple of hours but eventually they will fade away, leaving us dry


throughout the night. More cloud drifting in later on in the night as


well. Temperatures down to 02 or 13 Celsius. It is a bit of a grey start


tomorrow morning but I am hopeful the cloud will be chopped up as we


head into the afternoon. Sole bright weather and sunshine later on in the


That's all for tonight. Our next bulletin is at 6:20pm tomorrow on


BBC One. Until then, enjoy xour Saturday evening. Bye for now.


But from all of us on the team, goodbye.


Good evening. We don't have any of the sultry heat they have in Brazil,


but it is a warm evening for many. A few showers in eastern parts of


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