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A Birmingham businessman who was robbed at gunpoint in his own home


says he's sickened the gang leader responsible has absconded from jail.


David Blood, from Tamworth, is one of almost 90 inmates


currently on the run from Ford Open Prison in Sussex.


The 48`year`old from Tamworth absconded from Ford Prison


Police say he's highly dangdrous and shouldn't be approached.


Businessman Tony Swannie experienced Blood's menace first`hand,


when his gang forced their way into his Sutton Coldfield home


It tooks months for our kids to get through this, but it's a very,


Now this sort of person, the writing's on the wall


What on earth is he doing in an open prison?


Blood was finally caught and convicted after robbing


In 2003, he was jailed for life and describe as the leader of one


of the most dangerous gangs the West Midlands has seen.


A man who's now one of 90 inmates at large from Ford prison.


Blood, we're told, contacted his solicitor recently claiming he was


facing tougher restrictions because of the case of armed robber Michael


Wheatley `nicknamed Skullcr`cker ` who absconded from another open


David Blood is certainly not a dangerous offender.


I received a telephone call from him approximately thred weeks


ago in which he was deeply tpset as a result of a temporary release


that he was going to go on had been unnecessarily and unfairly withdrawn


from him due to outside circumstances, such


The Ministry of Justice said it can't comment on those clails.


I mean, in the past, he's done violent crimes,


Blood is described as 6 feet 1, of small build with brown exes.


Detectives say he has links to Staffordshire and Warwickshhre.


Fans of West Bromwich Albion have reacted angrily to the annotncement


that Alan Irvine has been appointed as the club's new head coach.


The 55`year`old former Preston and Sheffield Wednesday boss has


signed a 12`month rolling contract at The Hawthorns.


He replaces Spanish coach Pdpe Mel, who left the club


by mutual consent at the end of the Premier League season.


Many supporters are unhappy at the appointment.


I think it is a appointment. Let's see what he does. I think wd've gone


for cheap. We needed someond with a bit more experience, I think, so I'm


not very happy. I'm not verx happy, I wanted Tim Sherwood at thd


manager. I think he would h`ve been a better manager.


There will be more reaction to Alan Irvine's appointment on


Pete Morgan at Breakfast on BBC West Midlands tomorrow morning from six.


Tennis superstars Tim Henman and Martina Navratilova werd


in Birmingham today for a charity match in memory of


The 30`year`old former Brithsh women's Number One had liver cancer.


Legends of tennis put on a spectacle at Edgbaston Priory Club, Grand Slam


supremo Martina Navratilova playing alongside James Ward,


All in memory of former British number one Elena Baltacha, who


played at this club and lost her life to liver cancer last month


She dealt with a lot of advdrsity in her career, but you know, to be


playing in the biggest and best tournaments was a great achhevement,


and as I got to know her more and more over the years, you understand


The match was originally arranged to lift Elena when she was hll.


Instead, it was played in her memory, raising monex for


a cancer charity, and a foundation she set up to help children


Andy Murray's mum Judy knew her from the age of nine.


She was amazing. She was ond of my favourite people in the world.


On court, she was a really, really fierce competitor, heart of a lion,


She really maxed out on everything she had, because she battled against


some very significant illnesses and injuries throughout her carder, and


still managed to play 11 ye`rs for Fed Cup and make the top 50 in two


successive years, which is a huge achievement, given all the


Rally for Bally matches are also taking place at the Queen's Club


and in Eastbourne, the events being described as the tennhs world


coming together to celebratd the life of Elena Baltacha.


These stars tennis maybe afternoon fun for all concerned, all hn memory


of a fellow player who lived for just 30 years.


Time for a look at the weather now. Kay Forster has the forecast.


Good evening. It's been a bit of a grey d`y


We've certainly been lacking that sunshine,


but we are on the quiet sidd at the moment, and we'll be staying


High pressure dominating thd scene, so a lot of dry weather,


and there should be a littld bit of brightness to enjoy as wdll.


Still a couple of showers to get rid of first.


They will be pushing their way southwards and westwards through


We keep a lot of cloud, and we'll keep that mugginess


as well, with temperatures down to 13 to 14 celsius.


So, tomorrow morning, the cloud and rain will continue to ptsh


Some brightness through the morning, but then the cloud will roll back


in into the afternoon, so it's mostly dry, but fairly cloudy,


and we are staying on the w`rm side, highs of 20 to 21 Celsius


That's all for now. I'll be back


with the late bulletin at 10:20 here on BBC One.


Until then, have a good evening Bye for now.


The weather won't be far of what we experience of this weekend. Dry


weather here and there and fearing amount of sunshine. The best of


sunshine is in the West. Temperatures getting into the low


20s. Disappointingly cloudy further east. In between, a few showers


North-west Scotland and Wales, the odd sharp shower disappearing


through the night. We could see one or two light showers across East


Anglia and Kent. The breeze has been keeping temperatures down through


the day. It will keep temperatures around 12-13. Elsewhere,


temperatures up more than where they should be for this time of the year.


Varying amounts of sunshine around. Breezy in the south-east. Thicker


cloud pushing into northern parts of Scotland through the morning and


early afternoon. It could be misty on the coasts, and light bursts of


rain and drizzle


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