21/06/2014 Midlands Today


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Good evening. evening on the BBC News Channel


West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit is investigating


the disappearance of a Coventry teenager, following reports that he


The family of the 18`year`old, who's from the Stoke Heath `rea


of the city, raised concerns after he disappeared in March.


He is reported to have postdd tweets claiming to be with the Isl`mist


Independent retailers in the Midlands have seen their


businesses grow consistentlx over the past 16 months ` and thd growth


figures in THIS region are better than anywhere else in the country.


Today a scheme was launched in one Shropshire town aimed at


encouraging people to shop locally and support independent bushnesses.


The small town of Broseley in Shropshire has declared


After years of hard times on the high street, independent businesses


have launched the Totally Locally scheme, encouraging local pdople to


I think Broseley is doing rdally well. We've still got the


traditional butcher, baker, greengrocer, florist.


Broseley is well supported by its local people,


but we still want to make stre people are aware of what we do.


In recent times, many big n`mes on our high streets have gone


under, but for smaller business owners there is some good ndws.


According to the Independent Retailers' Association,


shops in the Midlands have seen a sustained period of growth in


recent months and it is shops like this which sell DIY and hardware


This retailer is cautious about a recovery.


James Hurdley's worked here for more than 60 years.


If we are here in two years' time, it will be a surprise.


It is not as good as what pdople ` we make it look good.


If the scheme in Broseley is successful, it is hoped it will be


For now, for independent retailers all over the Midlands,


A man from Malvern has appe`red in court charged with murdering


74`year`old Monica O'Neill was found at the couple's home hn


She died of injuries caused by a blunt trauma.


Francis O'Neill, who's 78, was remanded into the care


of a hospital until he appe`rs at Worcester Crown Court next lonth.


Hundreds gathered in Stoke`on`Trent today for an event organised


by the BBC to mark the centdnary of the First World War.


For many it was a chance to find out more about their familids


Ann Ryle's grandfather was a soldier in the First World War.


But she only heard stories about him.


He left the Army in 1925, btt then re`enlisted on 3rd October 0939


Dozens like her came to Kings Hall today hoping to find out how


their families were involved in the First World War.


My granddad looked after me when I was a child and made me laugh.


Armed with medals, pictures and sometimes just a name,


they wanted to piece togethdr the history and memories th`t have


People are coming in with qtite a lot of information


about their relatives, they had done a lot of research, but they won t


necessarily understand the subtle military detail.


It's a question for those sort of people, interpreting what


the records say so they can understand what their relathves did


Many survivors never spoke of their experiences.


For people like Ann, today gave them a chance to ensure


We found out he fought in France as well, which I never knew before.


Let's have a look at the we`ther. Here's Wendy Hurrell.


It's very nice to see so much sunshine on the longest day


The fine weather continues through the night,


It looks like it'll be mild for most of us `


A lovely evening at out there, at the moment or most of us, and


through the night you can sde a bit of patchy cloud here and thdre.


In rural spots, we might slip into single fhgures,


but many places tonight, certainly in urban areas, 12 or 13 Celsius.


We start the day tomorrow still with those bright skies.


I think there is going to bd more cloud than today,


just drifting around spoiling the sunshine from time to thme.


But we will still get temperatures up to 22 or 23 degrees


in a spot like Gloucester as we go through tomorrow afternoon.


A risk of a shower, but they will be isolated and then


We're back with our next bulletin at a 7.15pm tomorrow. Bye for now.


For the majority of the British Isles, today has wrought long spells


of warm sunshine and it is the longest day. There is plenty more to


come this evening, and yet more on the cards for tomorrow. For many of


us, the changes between today and tomorrow are very slight. Northern


Scotland has been an exception. Tonight, thick cloud is pushing in


here again. Rain in the Highland and crossing into the Murray for by


dawn. -- the Moret Firth. For northern Scotland, great


prospects again on Sunday. If anything, some heavier and more


persistent rain. For the south, though, plenty of


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