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Good evening. on the BBC News Channel, and I'll be


A Gloucester man with a rare stomach condition has been


told he can't have an operation even though it could save


Gareth Pope suffers from Gastroparesis.


But the NHS wont operate, bdcause his case isn't exceptional dnough.


Here's our Gloucestershire reporter, Steve Knibbs.


Gareth Pope needs a cocktail of daily drugs to ease his pain


Gastroparesis means his stolach does not empty normally so he has to be


The cost of his drugs and benefits because he cannot


Yet an operation costing ?14,00 to ?20,000,


which could help him to lead a normal life will not be ftnded.


The fact that I have hardly ever been to the doctors or anything


before this and now all I nded is a bit of help and I'm not getting any.


In a statement of the Gloucestershire Clinhcal


Commissioning Group said thdy were sorry that Gareth was still


The operation which will effectively fit a pacemaker to get Gareth's


stomach working as a 65% ch`nce of success and is recognised bx NICE.


The fact that they could spdnd ?15,000 to ?20,000 and improve


my life, I could go back to work and cut down on medication `nd then


obviously I would be contributing back into the country with Tax and


National Insurance which I've done all my life anyway


This CCG said it would look at any new clinical information


from Gareth doctors and explore other treatments.


But his MP is now taking up the case saying the benefits for Gardth and


the economy of having the operation I just too obvious to ignord.


Steve Knibbs, BBC Midlands Today, Gloucester.


The Labour MP for Walsall North David Winnick,


has expressed concern that six of the region's NHS trusts `re in


The University Hospital of North Staffordshire is in the red


The figures, obtained from Lonitor, the Trust Development Authority


and the House of Commons Library, show NHS finances have gone


backwards in every English region since the General Election.


It certainly need more fundhng than it is getting at the moment.


Would you give it more fundhng, a future Labour government?


It certainly did so last tile, whatever may happen in the future no


one disputes as far as I understand, the Conservative party does not


dispute the very substantial extra funding that has gone into the NHS


from the last Labour governlent and I'm very pleased about that


One of the main routes out of Birmingham has been shut for most


of the day after an accident overnight damaged safety barriers.


It happened on the A38M Aston Expressway, leadhng to


Outbound traffic had to be diverted around the closure.


The Highways Agency said it needed to clear the road


and repair the barriers before traffic could be allowed back.


It's a town that's been a vhctim of events in recent years


from flooding to major roadworks with the result that many shoppers


But now businesses in Evesham are fighting back.


Independent retailers in the town have set up


their own customer loyalty scheme which they hope will also hdlp


Evesham's independent retailers are making sure


The costumes may be a gimmick but their new trading initiativd is not.


The recent closure of the towns main bridge for 6


months was not just frustrating but damaged many businesses.


I actually had to remortgagd and I've moved into a smalldr shop


It's tough can people come back from this, are they hoping they can


We are really hoping to comd back from that which is why the traders


are working together to say that they are now open for busindss.


And they have come up with a new customer loyalty card.


It is so important that all of the independent businessds come


together as a big group, a big group has a big voice.


We have a brand`new bridge now, it is going to be here


for another hundred years, I won't worry about that ag`in.


The sun is out, when the sun is out there is no better placd to


The scheme is also helping the towns heritage.


Because every time a loyalty card is filled in,


local retailers will make a small contribution to to the presdrvation


People are behind it, we have 70 businesses signed up to


Many shoppers are in Eveshal for the Vale's Fresh Food F`ir.


I do try, I do try to support the local businesses yeah.


I pop in for a few bits but not necessarily the main weekly shop.


The hope now is the loyalty scheme will persuade more shoppers


Let's have a look at the weather now.


lovely day today, despite the high pollen count


Just a little bit of cloud development taking place


We may see a small amount of mist forming overnight.


But the temperatures will drop down to a minimum of 12dC.


Another warm day in store tomorrow and again the pollen count


A lot of sunshine in the afternoon but just a chance


of a shower forming, mainly across the southern part of the patch.


The daytime temperatures tomorrow 24dC.


The outlook for the next few days, definitely some sunshine but a bit


Join me for the late bullethn at 22:15PM


East Anglia. Down towards the south coast and widespread blue skies are


likely to be yours. Scotland should improve as the hours go by.


Something you do need to bear in mind is the risk of some showers


developing, heavy across eastern Scotland, southern and eastern


England in the afternoon. They could be isolated but sharp if you're


caught in them. Highs up to 25 or


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