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The headlines tonight: That's


The headlines tonight: Fighting in Syria is not an option `


the message from a local mosque as two Birmingham men plead guhlty to


preparing to carry out terrorism. We know that they were writhng ``


they were right in the fighting zone with a group of very much p`rt of


the Al`Qaeda syndicate. preparing to carry out terrorism.


Police praise the parents? vigilance.


Also tonight: Priced out of the countryside `


new figures show people livhng in rural parts of our region would


need a 150% pay rise to buy a home. They wanted a ?25,000 deposht, which


we just could not afford. need a 150% pay rise to buy a home.


Buzzing to be part of the England team ` we talk to Worcestershire


batsman Moeen Ali ahead of the Test with India.


We catch up with the World Cup fans who made front page news,


now they're back from Brazil. There's something for everyone


in the weather for the next few days ` we start with some sunshine, but,


sadly, it's not going to last. I'll have


the full forecast later on. Two men


from Birmingham who had travelled to Syria to fight with extremist


militias have admitted prep`ring to Nahin Ahmed and Yusef Sarwar, who


were childhood friends, spent eight months in Syria after telling their


parents they were going to Turkey. They admitted the terrorist


offences today in court in London. Peter Wilson is in Handsworth,


where the two men grew up. These two men have known each other


since school days and they `ctually plans the operation of going to


Syria with almost military style precision, asking advice from


extremists in Syria as well as Scandinavia. Nahin Ahmed and Yusef


Sarwar were involved heavilx in the fighting out in Syria. The police


were only alerted to them when one of their family discovered ` letter


from them saying they were going out to Syria for what they turndd jihad.


When the police arrested thdm and they arrived home in Januarx they


find a wealth of evidence against them. That is the reason whx today


they changed their plea to ` guilty one. From some of the forensic work


we have done, we saw they h`d explosive traces on their clothing.


Released victors showing thdm holding guns. We know they were


right in the fighting zone with the group very closely affect attach to


Al`Qaeda. They were in the dangerous fighting zone. What has been the


reaction in the Muslim commtnity? These two young men are supposed to


have attended the Green Land Mosque. They don't remember them. A


spokesman from the mosque tonight give this advice. As a mosqte, we


always try to get the message across that fighting in Syria is not an


option. In fact, they should be doing something else to channel


their frustration by helping the humanitarian cause in Syria. I am


joint now by an expert in anti`radicalisation. Why ard young


men travelling I to Syria as Chamakh many of them see the Syrian


situation as a humanitarian problem where innocent people are dxing at


the hands of the brutal big theatre. Also, some of them have


been indoctrinated into thinking it is the right to do without `ny


understanding of the reperctssions on their community and for their


family. Is the campaign frol the government working? It seems to have


run into a problem, because of that contradict each message comhng from


the government, which tends to say that we are supporting the FSA, but


if you get involved you are a terrorist. That sense out a very


ambiguous message. These two young men appeared today at Woolwhch Crown


Court and there will be sentenced at a later date. They have been warned


to expect a long custodial sentence. Breathing new life


into empty spaces ` turning abandoned buildings in Stokd into


theatres, galleries and studios People living and working in the


countryside are being pushed out, as New figures from a national housing


body show house prices in the countryside are betwden 3


and 20 times the average salary A person living in rural parts


of the West Midlands would need Almost half


of the 50 most unaffordable places to live in England outside London


are in rural areas. It had seemed an impossible dream,


but Kate Hodson has fined a home in the village of Gnosall wherd she


grew up. When she started looking at the like they would have to move


away to find somewhere affordable to raise baby Ava. The prices for the


three bed that we wanted, you were looking for a ?25,000 deposht, which


we just couldn't afford. Thhs new estate has solve the dilemm` for the


family. They have moved into one of 30 affordable homes built on the


edge of the green belt at them too. The developers spent two ye`rs


assessing the needs of the village and have provided houses whhch are


up to ?80,000 cheaper than the usual price. In this particular vhcinity,


houses are very expensive. The average young family would not be


able to stay here, so what the parish understood was they would


need to have something developed here that would meet that to keep


the village going, to keep the younger element here. This hs the


village centre at Gnosall. The National Housing Federation says a


number of people in their 30s and 40s living in communities lhke this


has dropped by 9% in the last ten years. It seems that that age group


cannot afford to live in pl`ces like this. What is the cost for providing


for them to stay? A local councillors says the villagd is


being inundated with planning requests for building. This site is


not suitable. It is in a be`utiful part of the country. In the village


itself, opinion is divided on whether or home should be allowed.


It is not a big enough commtnity to have that many houses being built.


Definitely a good idea. Somd of it is a good idea, but not too much.


For Kate, Newhouse has enabled her to keep her country roads, but with


property prices still rising, young buyers need all the help thdy can


get everyone to stay in villages. Well, you've been getting


in touch about this on our Facebook "We should not be building on Grade


One farmland. "New homes should be built on


brownfield, not greenfield sites. There are loads of offices,


warehouses on business parks If you can't afford a house


in a certain area, A fire in a restaurant


in Birmingham's Broad Street is believed to have been startdd


deliberately. The road was closed off


and traffic diverted during rushhour this morning


as firefighters tackled the blaze. A hotel in the same building had to


be evacuated, with more than 20 One man was treated at the scene


by paramedics. An inquest has heard that


the body of Black Country pdnsioner Cynthia Beamond was found


in the garage at her house. The 80`year`old was found ddad


at her home in Halesowen last month, two days


after she'd been reported mhssing. A post`mortem found she died


from serious head injuries. charged A 32`year`old man


and 24`year`old woman have been Police are investigating after


a teacher was car`jacked in front The 41`year`old man was att`cked


outside Kenilworth School and Sixth Form yesterday by two men


in balaclavas, They drove off in his blue


Ford Fiesta, registration BD14 VPV. A former Midlands child protection


expert says at least 20 prolinent paedophiles, including formdr MPs


and Government ministers, children for "decades". Petdr


McKelvie said the activities had been covered up out of


"self`interest" and for polhtical reasons. I'm joined by our reporter


Ben Sidwell. So, who is Petdr I'm joined by our reporter


Ben Sidwell. So, who is Peter McKelvie


and how does he know this? He was a child protection m`nager at


Hereford and Worcester Council. During his time there he worked in


the conviction of a major p`edophile in Worcestershire. While working on


that case, Mr McKelvie says he also came across evidence of a mtch


larger paedophile ring. We `re looking at all institutions weather


will be a small percentage of paedophiles, and a slightly larger


percentage of people who kndw about it. Mr McKelvie says there `re


leased 20 paedophiles involved and many more who knew about it but


covered it up. He also fined seven boxes of potential evidence being


stored by West Murcia policd. I spoke to the police today and they


confirm that documentation were collated as part of the


investigation and these matdrials remain part of an ongoing


investigation. It is not just Mr McKelvie, is it? One Midlands MP has


been leading a campaign to get information from the governlent In


2012, Mr McKelvie took his concerns to the MP Tom Watson. That


ultimately triggered a policy enquiry. Mr Watson has conthnued


since then to try and get the government to establish a n`tional


enquiry into allegations of organised child sex abuse.


Over many, many years I havd spoken to a considerable number of victims.


And, most recently, victims of, perhaps, the most powerful dlite


group of paedophiles. I certainly believe that wh`t they


are saying needs to be lookdd into in great detail.


Mr McKelvie believes that the truth will finally come out.


In Stoke on Trent, more than 20% of shops are dmpty.


The city is faced a growing problem with abandoned


But could a half`a`million pound plan help breathe new life


As our Staffordshire reportdr Liz Copper's been finding ott,


a new project's begun to turn disused buildings into theatres


It is from a time when Cole was King, but Chatterley Whitfidld


Colliery has lost its majesty. Although it is scheduled monument,


these buildings have laid elpty since the 1970s. Today, thotgh, the


old colliery stories was tr`nsformed into an art gallery. It's the start


of a project to bring artists to use these abandoned spaces. We have


people who are internationally known who want to work in these spaces


because it inspires them. The demise of these once thriving buildings as


a source of sadness for forler miners. Mining is in my blood. It is


essential that a place like this, which in the 1930s employed over


4,000 ten, if it can be brotght back together, it will be fantastic. The


?500,000 to transform all khnds of this used basis. Places likd this


old pottery in the centre of Stoke, and these empty shops. Do shoppers


believe the initiative will work? So many places are derelict, it looks


awful. I think if you turned them into something, that would be great.


I suppose anything is better than boarded`up shops. Dined there there


are some horrible derelict places. Empty shops makes the place


miserable for everybody. Thhs exhibition is the start of `


five`year programme. The hope is that artistic creativity will lead


to renewed economic activitx. Fighting in Syria is not an option,


a message from a local mosqte as to Birmingham men face a trial for


fighting in Syria. 150 miles in six days


in 40 degree heat ` just a walk We'll ask him why he's taking


on the Marathon de Sables. Flying the flag for the Midlands `


young dancers prepare to he`d to Glasgow for the first


Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival. The Worcestershire batsman Loeen Ali


says he's still 'buzzing' to be part Ali,


who's from Sparkbrook in Birmingham, He'll play in just his third Test


match when England play Indha But, Moeen Ali is getting


used to being away. In June, he made his England


debut and he is loving it. It is just amazing being involved


and being around such top players Everyone just knows what is going


on. And with an unbeaten centurx


in just his fourth innings ? he has And he is happy to be a rold model,


for his club, his home city, That was something I struggled


with when I was younger. And to be a role model


for other Muslims and peopld who And, Worcestershire supportdrs love


him as a cricketer and as a person. He is a great example to anx young


person wanting to play the game He always appears to


be very friendly. He always gives autographs to


children and old men! He is great to watch


and great to talk to ` Moeen grew up in Birmingham


and signed as a professional for Warwickshire aged just 15, but, four


years later, moved to Worcestershire Chris Mander is a PE teacher


at Moseley School and taught Moeen. His sporting talent stood ott


from an early age. He could play cricket `


that was his best sport. Anything he tried he was good at.


He says it is great to plax for England, but now he has madd it he


just wants more. Tributes have been paid to


the former jockey and trainer Michael Scudamore,


who's died at the age of 81. He won the Grand National on Oxo


in 1959 and went on to become a successful r`cehorse


trainer at his yard near Ross on Wye His grandsons, who now run the yard,


have paid tribute to Michael saying: "He was the original and thd best",


and ?Our feelings Brazil take on Germany


in the first semi`final of the Watching at their homes


in Worcestershire will be three fans who have spent the past month


touring the South American country. They were hoping for England


footballing glory, but had to settle for selfie and a media storl,


as Ian Winter has been findhng out. Meet the boys from Brazil, `nd B,


Alex and Josh, back home in Worcester after a 12 hour flight


from real. No sign of jet l`g for a World Cup burn`out because they have


just enjoyed the sporting trip of a lifetime. It was incredible. Really


different. It was the best trip I have ever done in my life. The Lance


worked hard to save ?3000 e`ch for their 31 day trip but they never do


dream they would be making front`page news themselves. They


sneaked into the England te`m hotel and find themselves face`to`face


with the England squad. We saw Roy Hodgson next to the toilet. We asked


them for a big year. He was more than happy to do it. Every 410


minutes there would be a different person. We saw Joe Hart. Thdn little


Jack Welch. Many years from now the boys will be able to tell their


grandchildren we were there when Luis Suarez shattered our World Cup


dream. The time the lads turned up for the final game against Costa


Rica, hard fate was sealed `nd the Worcester three were not thd only


ones feeling frustrated. Thd brains behind this banner is David Smith,


and his campus framing shop created the banner that was seen around the


world. Was the experience rdally priceless? Despite the earlx


elimination, I would definitely go again. Brazil is a fantastic country


and we have the holiday of ` lifetime. Davis to undecided about a


trip to the next World Cup finals, but Andy, Josh and Alex havd already


started planning for Russia in 008 team. `` 2018.


He's run seven marathons in seven days on seven conthnents.


He's run the London marathon for 10 years in a row.


So, to say that Blind Dave Heeley is now preparing to take


on the ultimate challenge mdans it's going to be tough!


He's here along with his running guide, Tony, to tell us mord.


So, Dave, you're going to rtn the Marathon des Sables ` 140 miles


I asked myself the same question! It is something I have always fancied


doing and never had the opportunity. Tony has done it before. He said it


was tough, very tough and hd would never do it again, unless hd allowed


me to become the blind runndr so he would become the guide. I don't


think he was expecting me to say yes! We are in, paid`up, fully


fledged members! Tony, how well do you know Dave, because you tickle a


challenge and his nose and he sneezes straightaway. Do yot regret


your words? Yes! Give us an idea of how tough it is. It is a good, hard


race. The hardest thing I h`ve ever done. It is a six`day event, in the


desert, running in the tempdrature, carrying your equipment. How do you


go about training for those conditions? It is a difficult one.


The fact that through this seven marathons, we are getting otr


knowledge together in referdnce with the training. We can never really


simulate what will be like. All Tony has said to me is that they heat is


there, it will be there, no cold days, no rain and you just have to


take it on the chin. The tr`ining, the running, the walking, the hills


that we will attempt, time on our feet, all the time, rain, whnd,


Shine, that will put the strength in. You just have to take the


experience on the chin. Self belief has got you a long ways so far. You


are doing this for fundraishng? For the Albion foundation. I am an


ambassador for them. What they do for disabled sport is unbelhevable.


They also support underprivhleged children and kids, bringing them off


the streets, putting them in the team. They give them confiddnce and


belief. It is fantastic what they do. We wish you all the best. We


will keep up`to`date with your progress!


Young dancers from Birmingh`m are getting ready to head up to Glasgow


to open the first ever Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival.


They'll be joined by hundreds of other young people


Our Arts reporter Satnam Rana caught up with some of them


Move is being perfected for the big performance. These young people from


the RDC youth company will be dancing away from Birminghal to


Glasgow for the inaugural Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival.


We are a strong community of young people from in and around Bhrmingham


and the West Midlands. We are going to open the Commonwealth Yotth Dance


Festival. It is amazing. Thd first time I have ever been away from home


to perform. It is a huge achievement. The company only set up


a year ago. As an added bonts, they are opening the festival. Young


people going into an intern`tional market. They will get to sed the


other live companies from around the world. They will take part hn


workshops, meet even pick jtrors `` meet different teachers. Ovdr 4 0


young people will be taking part. What does it mean for them?


Hopefully, more opportunitids to dance and do more things like this.


It is recognition for the company because even though it is a big


achievement, because we had just been together for a year, btt just


more recognition, more opportunities. For these yotng


people it is a once in a generation opportunity to take part in cultural


celebrations ahead of the Commonwealth Games, which start


later this month. Some rather strange weather


around today, Yes, some very lively showers today.


Very lively showers working their way through today. They will start


to die out and tomorrow looks much better. I pressure is buildhng so


things will start to dry out. We still have some of the lively


showers working their way through the region tonight. Things will


settle down overnight, and we will have some clear spells. We could see


some mist and fog patches tomorrow morning. Temperatures overnhght will


be mild. A ridge of high prdssure will move in, but only build for a


day. That is because this low pressure is moving in. Behind the


weather system the air is mtch warmer. Tomorrow is a good day with


good spells of sunshine to come from the word go. Cloud is about the sun


will burn through that and temperatures will get up to about 22


Celsius. The wind will start to pick up. Quite a pleasant end to the day


tomorrow with the sunshine remaining. Slowly as he worked away


to tomorrow evening, the cloud will fill in from the east. The showers


will start to make their prdsence felt. Temperatures will do ` little


bit better tomorrow night. By Thursday, we have rain in the


forecast. The best of conditions will be in western parts. Bx Friday


it will be much more humid `nd there will be the risk of thunderstorms.


The childhood friends from Birmingham admit fighting alongside


That was the Midlands Today. I'll be back at a later timd than


usual tonight, following thd World Cup semi` final here on BBC


This is the first example we know of of infrared communication.


Imagine if you could talk to the animals.


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