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for the patients of the future. That's all from us. Now on BBC One


Good evening. it's


A former Government advisor is warning young Muslims


against joining Islamist militia groups in the Middle East.


It comes after two Birmingham men today


admitted in court to spending eight months in Syria fighting


alongside rebels linked with Al`Qaeda.


Our special correspondent Peter Wilson has been talking to


Jahan Mahmood who, for thred years, advised the Government on m`tters


He believes the reason why xoung men are joining the rebels is complex.


It's a number of reasons that actually pushes them


One is humanitarian purposes, two is the injustices that Syrian


landscape, but also a sense of adventure, bravado and what they


consider a spiritual battle, really, more than anything else.


The mosques here tonight in Birmingham are telling pdople not


I think there's a greater chance that members of the Muslim community


will listen to the Imams th`n, let's say, someone working on


counter`extremism projects, because ultimately they don't see them as


caught in a contradictory issue because naturally the Government is


pushing out the idea that wd shouldn't go out to Syria btt at


the same time is supporting certain militia, whereas communities or


members from the mosque are in a strong position to be `ble to


stick to their ideals and s`y don't go for reasons A, B or C.


And the reasons are quite clear don't go out there


Also, don't be used as cannon fodder, which is often the case


And thirdly, you have no idda what you're getting yourself into.


I know of one young man who went as a relief worker and his colleague,


who was a white convert, got kidnapped by a militia group out


there and I think that is a strong enough message in itself, don't get


caught in a situation that sometimes there is no way ott of.


A man's been charged tonight with the murder of Birmingham man


Ikram Ullah Khan, who died during disorder in the Sparkbrook


28`year`old Mr Khan, who was known locally as


Ikram Elahi, was fatally st`bbed in the neck during the disturb`nces.


A 28`year`old man is due before Birmingham magistratds


Police have named a couple who were found


stabbed to death at their Solihull home.


The bodies of Pin Chang, who was 58, and his 50`year`old wife, Qtoi,


were found at the address in Hermitage Road yesterday morning.


A 23`year`old man, who's related to the couple, was


arrested on suspicion of murder and is in hospital receiving trdatment.


Police are investigating after a teacher was car`jacked


in front of pupils at a Warwickshire school.


The 41`year`old man was att`cked outside Kenilworth School and


Sixth Form yesterday by two men in balaclavas who were armed with


They drove off in his blue Ford Fiesta, registration BD14 VPV.


The teacher was treated in hospital for slight injuries


The Worcestershire batsman Loeen Ali says he's still ?buzzing?


Ali, who's from Sparkbrook in Birmingham,


And he'll play in just his third Test Match when England facd India


He's at home at New Road, btt Moeen Ali is getting used to being away.


In June, he made his England debut and he's loving it.


It's amazing being involved and being around such top players,


coaches and just everyone who knows what is going on.


It is like a good buzz, you know? You are buzzing every day.


his fourth innings, he's made a good impression.


He's happy to be a role moddl, for his club, his home city


It plays a major role in my cricket, you know?


It keeps me calm, helps me with my patience,


struggle with a lot when I was younger.


and to be a role model for other Muslims and people who follow the


faith and stuff, or other f`iths, it is nice, you know?


Worcestershire supporters love him as a cricketer and as a person.


He's a superb guy, everything about him is good.


He's a great example to any youngster wanting to play the game.


He always appears very courteous, very friendly,


always gives autographs to the children. So he is a nice chap.


He is great to watch and grdat to talk to,


"The beard that is feared", this T`shirt is now available


in the club shop at Worcestdr. It is fair say that


Moeen Ali has got cult statts here at New Road.


Moeen grew up in Birmingham and signed as a professional


for Warwickshire aged just 15. But four years latdr,


he moved to Worcestershire to gain more first`team experience.


Chris Mander is a PE teacher at Moseley School and taught Moeen.


His sporting talent stood ott from an early age.


He could play cricket, obviously, and that was his starring sport


but football, athletics, who was a good athlete,


he played football for me for five years in my football team,


so everything he turned to, he succeeded with.


Moeen Ali says it's unbelievable to play for England.


But now he's made it, he just wants more.


Arts organisations in Stoke`on`Trent have been awarded ?500,000


to turn vacant buildings into theatres, galleries, and cinemas.


Buildings like the former Chatterley Whitfield Colliery are being used


The scheme will run for fivd years and organisers hope it will improve


This project is all about bringing the sort of buildings back to life.


We will be bringing artists from all over to work in thdse sort


of spaces and to breathe new life and work into the atmospherd here,


these lovely inspiring buildings and to make new work in them, bringing


people into them, noise, colour excitement, all of those thhngs


so that the city becomes a really vibrant space again.


That is all from me. We will be back before Breakfast tomorrow. H will


leave you with Rebecca. It has been a day of lively showers


and heavy showers today but thankfully, tomorrow, things start


to calm down. We have high pressure building which will kill off the


showers and settle things down. Sunny spells to come tomorrow and


temperatures are going to climb getting to the 20s again. Wd do have


pockets of clear skies developing and where we get those, we get


those, because could see mist and fog patches developing overnight and


it means temperatures will fall away overnight. These are the values in


towns and cities but in the values in towns and cities but improved


that, possibly into the single figures. The third. To break up


through the day, giving us ` pleasant day, with the best of the


conditions in western parts, where we could see temperatures gdtting up


to the mid`20s. But then ploughed and heavy rain to come from the


east. The National forecast is up weekend. Hot on Saturday with


thundery showers. Good evening, the rain in Rio is


matching the mood, I suspect, this evening. Here, we will take a day


off from the rain tomorrow, at least most of us. There will be sunshine


around. The showers will be back for the end of the week. Dry over night


virtually everywhere. Winds easing down in many places except towards


the North Sea coasts. The south west will keep a breeze going. Not a cold


night, temperatures holding 12- 4 degrees typically. A dry day


virtually everywhere tomorrow. Cloud


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