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they will be some sunshine in between a band of heavy and thundery


showers and it will be notably What did you say to me? You heard


what I said. The woman involved tells us "We


need police ` but not like him." A packed Wolverhampton Civic Hall


pays tribute to Bob Jones, West Midlands? first Police


and Crime Commissioner. Rebuilding the economy brick


by brick ` the impact Back home, ten`year`old Ben Baddeley


out of hospital ` after an anonymous donor paid


for his life`changing operation. And for some parts of the country is


was the hottest day of the year so far, but it's not as though we


were exactly lacking ` and with temperatures still rising this week


there's everything to play for. A Staffordshire police officer has


been suspended, after a video posted online appeared to show him


threatening to "knock a woman out". The force is investigating the


complaint ` and has also referred the matter to the Independent


Police Complaints Commission. The woman involved, Nikki Wright,


has given her first interview to our This is the centre of Hanley,


filmed on a smart phone, in What did you say? I will knock you


out. What did you say? You said you would knock her out?


Nikki Wright is the woman the officer's referring to.


She says the incident unfolded as she was trying to help


He gave me a bump on my arm, he snatches me. As I stopped myself


from getting any closer, his hand came up, smack, in my face. On my


neck, he slapped me. He grabbed me to the floor. That is when I shout.


I dare you! He lets me go. He let me go because he knows if I got


arrested, the first thing I will say is he has hit me.


This is Trinity Street ` the area where the video was filmed.


Staffordshire Police have begun an investigation.


CCTV from around this area will form part of that investigation.


The events are likely to have been captured on the cameras police


officers carry. It comes at a time when the Police and Crime


Commissioner is placing a focus on transparency. I want a swift


investigation. We need an answer as soon as possible. It is about making


sure that police officers behave properly, professionally, even the


most difficult circumstances. Nikki Wright says she's sorry


for swearing during the incident ` but wants an apology from


the officer who's been suspended. The investigation's expected to


be complete within a few weeks. Whatever its outcome,


this footage illustrates how quickly images can be shared via social


media ` and how footage can have A strong response to this story


on our Facebook page today, and The police officer


didn't do what he said. I don't think he should


have been suspended. An alternative view from


Lee Condliffe. He should not have threatened to


knock out someone while being If he was being threatened or


punched, then surely he has the right to defend himself,


even if only verbally. People think they can get away with


threatening behaviour towards At the very worst,


it was perhaps a poor use of words, Of course, if the troublemakers


were sober, they wouldn't be Poor choice of words,


but that is all. Hope he gets nothing more than


a talking to and the matter closed. As a police officer,


he should know better. Police officers receive a high level


of training for such situations. His actions are showing


Staffordshire police in a bad light. Amber Patterson's


view is quite clear. Not good enough,


just not good enough. If they can't cope with high stress


situations, Unacceptable behaviour


from the police officer. It's his job and part


of that is to deal with stuff More than 800 people have gathered


to pay tribute to the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Bob


Jones, who died earlier this month. Police, community and civic leaders


` as well as Mr Jones' many friends from the Campaign for Real Ale `


joined his family at a celebration of his life in his home city of


Wolverhampton, where he served as a The numbers grew and grew `


hundreds turning out to pay public tribute to a man who gave


his life to public service. Police officers provide a guard of


honour for his coffin, the mourners There were tears `


but there was gratitude too from This was a man of outstanding


ability. A fine mind and a man with a mission. Bob, my friend, we will


never, ever forget you. APPLAUSE


Bob was exceptionally intelligent and his knowledge of policing was


second to none. He was assertive and had a quiet confidence, but never


adopted an air of superiority. He carried his significant


responsibilities quietly. After 30 years as a councillor,


in 2012 Bob Jones became the West Midlands? first Police


and Crime Commissioner, striking up a close working relationship with


the chief constable ` who noticed a change in the


commissioner's unique dress sense. The old red anorak was retired and a


new blue anorak was unveiled to the expectant world. He remained at to


lately unchanged by high office. The abiding colour was read, not black,


and not to Bob Jones' socialist principles. The colour of vibrancy


and warms, a colour with which to celebrate a life. Today, people have


paid their respects and I join with them to be part of a celebration of


a man who contributed so much to the West Midlands. He knew my name and I


was a needle in a haystack. A lovely person. A hard`working, loyal


person. A loss to the community. Aleida, the bloke at the front.


Bob Jones loved his country, its countryside, castles, real ale,


steam railways and above all his family.


Police have charged a former West Midlands MEP with money laundering


Nikki Sinclaire, who lost her seat in the European Parliament after


the May elections, is due before Birmingham Magistrates in September.


Sian, what more have West Midlands Police said?


Well, that it was their economic crime


unit that charged Nikki Sinclaire earlier today, and that she's due


She's facing claims that she made "false and dishonest submissions for


travelling expenses and transferred the proceeds of fraud through


It's alleged to have taken place between October 2009 and July 2010,


which was her first year in office as an MEP.


I spoke with her on the phone this afternoon and shortly afterwards


she released a statement saying "I strongly refute these charges and


I am certain I shall be found innocent of these ludicrous


She was originally arrested back in 2012 and has been


West Midlands Police also said today that the three other people who were


also arrested in connection with this will face no further action.


An urgent appeal has been issued to find two children who have


gone missing in the Washwood Heath area of Birmingham.


Saina Sava, who's 11, and four`year`old Adi Sava,


were last seen in Wright Road at around midday.


It's thought the pair have a black and red pushchair with them.


A man's body was discovered in a burnt`out car in Birmingham.


Police were called to Fentham Road in Erdington last night following


They arrested a man a short while later.


The dead man has not been identified.


A former care worker from Birmingham has appeared before magistrates


in Dudley charged with seven counts of sexual assault and one of rape.


Dauda Kamara is alleged to have carried out the attacks against


The 45`year`old, who's originally from Sierrra Leone,


will appear at Wolverhampton Crown Court in October.


The National Association of Head Teachers is calling


for the Birmingham City Council commissioned report into the


The union says the local authority's investigation wasn't as thorough


as the government report into allegations of a hardline Muslim


It believes the council missed crucial evidence.


There are clearly things that the council did not know about, were not


privy to. In light of the revelations and the disturbing


findings of the enquiry, the council do now step back and review its


findings in light of the enquiry and look at the recommendations.


It was one of the defining images of the recession.


Millions and millions of bricks left unused, stockpiled,


as the construction industry collapsed like a house of cards.


Six years on and it's a very different story.


Demand for bricks to build new homes is now so great ` it's outstripping


supply, helping to bring one redundant factory back to life.


Stanbrook Abbey near Worcester is undergoing major refurbishment.


On`site you'll see carpenters, electricians and plasterers.


What you won't see are bricklayers, because there aren't any bricks to


Normally you'd expect bricks to be on a three or four week delivery


and on this project it's about a 14 week delivery period , so yes, we


Here at least there is a lot of other work to do while they wait


for the bricks to arrive but for others it is causing real problems.


We have a project not far from here that lost six weeks


on an order of 360,000 bricks that was suddenly stopped


because production ran out, and we had to source alternative bricks.


But the fact that the demand for bricks is outstripping supply


is actually a good sign for the construction industry as a whole.


You don't have to look much further than this brickworks in Hartlebury


This place was mothballed in 2008, when the construction industry


Now it has been brought back to life.


Because more demand means the construction industry is building


The company which owns the Hartlebury site also


They are looking to recruit 36 full`time workers


at the Worcestershire plant, including apprentices.


This year we will probably build 165,000 houses in the UK.


Compare that with 2012, when it was as low as 120.


The government quite rightly suggests we should be building


a minimum of 200,000 houses going forward so


it is not just today's demand, it is the demand going forward which gives


It is a far cry from 2008, when millions


Now millions are being imported to cope with demand.


We are getting some consequences of that which is a shortage


I would rather have that than sitting around twiddling our thumbs,


wondering where the next project will come from.


The brick shortage is expected to level out, but the industry is


hopeful their new`found confidence will last a lot longer.


Suspended ` a Staffordshire police officer taken


off duty after he appeared to threaten to knock a woman out.


We'll find out how much longer these high temperatures will last.


Shefali will be here with the forecast.


What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner ` we


Very rare leopard cubs have been drawing in the clouds. `` crowds.


A ten`year`old boy is back at home after undergoing a life`changing


Ben Baddeley, who has cerebral palsy, was due to


have the surgery on the NHS in February ` but it was cancelled.


His parents were able to pay for the operation privately earlier


this month, after an anonymous donor came forward.


Our health correspondent Michele Paduano reports.


Ben Baddeley is learning to walk, again, but the ten`year`old appears


to be taking it in his stride. It feels loose. It is really easy. This


was his gate before. In February, he was due to have an operation but the


NHS stopped viewing `` stopped funding it. An NHS `` BBC Midlands


viewer offered to pay for it after seeing this. His condition cuts the


nerves and causes spasticity. That is taking it to a whole new level.


Ben is having physiotherapy, but as his back strengthens it will become


daily for at least a year. There is lots of strength in him. He gets it,


he understands, which is half the battle. He understands that the


harder he works, the better he gets. He works very hard. His mum is


delighted. Before, his foot was so tense that his ankle, foot and toes


moved as one. But now his toes wriggle and his foot moves and he


can twiddle his ankle about. Everything has changed, his


sleeping. Part of his improvement is in hand coordination. NHS England is


going to start funding this operation again. 120 cases will be


done, although none in the West Midlands and Oswestry has missed


out. Then has to pay for his the physiotherapy, because he paid for


the operation `` Ben has to pay for his physiotherapy. Seven months down


the line, they are saying the complete opposite. They told us a


load of rubbish and we have been through hell, when it could have


been easier. It is not just the physiotherapy that is tough.


Fly`tipping ` it's unsightly and a health hazard.


Now a council in Shropshire is taking an unusual approach


Telford and Wrekin Council is treating its


latest outbreak as a crime scene, taping off the area and putting up


signs warning people that it's a criminal offence to dump rubbish.


Our reporter Amy Cole is on the Brookside estate in Telford `


A discarded mattress, a child's scooter.


Telford and Wrekin Council say it's had enough and is now treating this


as a crime scene ` effectively sealing it off with tape


They want to shame people into coming forward. They have been


handing out leaflets. Will this be effective? The council work closely


with the community. We need them on our side. We might have a short`term


benefits if we come in for a period of time, but we need the public to


informers of the problems they are seeing and individuals that may be


causing the problem. We are on a bigger state here. People know each


other. If they have information they might be fearful of reprisals and


not come forward. That may be the case. We will try to ensure we do


not compromise people who do come forward. Is it expensive to dump a


mattress? It is quite cheap. We offer discounts. We have looked at


our pricing. When prices have been introduced, fly`tipping hasn't gone


up. It is just people not acting responsibly. The council will remove


this on Friday. It was dumped on Monday night. They say anyone caught


fly`tipping will face prosecution. Two


of the world?s rarest big cats have been born at Twycross Zoo, on the


Warwickshire`Leicestershire border. Amur leopards are on the brink


of extinction in Russia ` and it's thought there are just 50


of them living in the wild. Sarah Falkland's at the zoo


for us now. Sarah ` any sign of the leopards,


or are they camera`shy? Mum and one of the babies has come


out. These cubs are seven weeks old. The staff have not been able to see


what sex they are. They are incredibly rare. The birth was


straightforward, we understand. Mum, Christa, is a three`year`old from


the Czech Republic. The father was bred here in captivity at Twycross.


It was a short, uncomplicated labour. There are two gorgeous cubs.


They are coming out of the pen now. They have been drawing in the


crowds. This is what some of the children said about them. It was


amazing. I said, wow, I can't believe it. Amazing to see something


like that. Very privileged, amazing. Would you like to take one home with


you? Yes! And keep it at that age? Yes, it is a shame they grow up.


They have gone back indoors. But they are very rare. The reason is


because the habitat is being encroached upon all the time and


they are being hunted. This is Dr Charlotte MacDonald to tell us more.


How important are your two new cubs to the survival of the species? This


species is on the brink of extinction. There are less than 50


individuals in the wild. Every cubs that is born, whether in a zoo or in


the wild, is vital. The breeding programme we are part of, we worked


really hard to ensure they will not go extinct. What is the future for


use two cubs? Will they be released into the wild? If a reintroduction


proves possible, and it is being investigated, there is a possibility


that could happen. Otherwise they will go to other zoos and become


parents, hopefully. They are Amur leopards, and there has been plenty


of loving around here. Time to introduce you to steam punks


` people who celebrate Victorian One explanation


of this cultural genre is "what the past would look like `


if the future had happened sooner". A Midlands band is celebrating steam


punk Steam punk,


yesterday's future today. It's a sort of science`fiction


celebration of all things 19th`century that typically


features steam`powered machinery. And these boys from Birmingham and


the Black Country are rocking it. Basically it is messing around


with history, taking elements of history and bringing them straight


up to date, trying to power the With a first record deal signed


and videos shot, Birthrite gig around the country,


living a dual existence. Mark, for instance,


works in machinery design in Kings Norton, joining his eclectically


dressed bandmates by night. My musical history is punk


and glam rock, Adam Ant, Mixed in with the steam punk vision


of military`wear and the badges and Influenced by the works


of great writers like Bram Stoker with his Dracula and HG Wells and


his famous Time Machine, treating I went along, I gained experience


in handling the machine. The Midlands industrial heritage,


the birthplace of the It's the ideal backdrop


for steam punk, which pays homage to We had amazing industries throughout


the Victorian period and a lot of the people who made their fortunes


from business, from industry, actually poured that money and that


expertise back into the community. No steam punk band sounds


the same and coming from the Midlands it includes a large section


of rock, celebrating the region I'm in danger of repeating myself `


how much longer will this hot The hot weather is set to last for


the next few days. Today, the highest temperature was in the South


of the country, 29.4 Celsius. For us, 28 and 27 in Birmingham. Until


an hour ago it was roasting on the balcony. Now the heat is beginning


to ease to something more sumptuous and comfortable. If you are slapping


on the sunscreen and topping up your tan and vitamin de, this hot weather


is set to last through the weekend. It will come hand`in`hand with a few


showers towards the end of Saturday and into Sunday. We are seeing a few


showers breaking out even now. They are drifting up from the south`west


and should continue into the early part of tonight. Later on, fading


away. They are likely to be light. They seem to be dying a death as


they move up from the south`west. There could be an odd heavy before


they fade away. A clear night. An oppressive, sticky and stifling one.


Temperatures a minimum of 16 Celsius. Very light winds. Clear


skies. Through the morning tomorrow, as the winds turn to an


easterly direction, it will cut off the flow from the North Sea cloud


that we saw today. The morning will be sunny. It continues through the


day. With the sunshine, the temperatures will rise a degree or


so higher, highs of 28 or 29 Celsius. When you get the breeze


like today, it cools things down. Tomorrow night, clear, cool. We have


a system moving down from the north`west later on Saturday to


introduce showers. The first bodies from the Malaysian


airline crash in Ukraine arrive Suspended `


a Staffordshire police officer taken off duty after he appeared to


threaten to knock a woman out. We're not far off the


Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, with action


getting under way tomorrow morning. The Midlands has athletes involved


in cycling, swimming, And we'll have reports on the Games


throughout the day. I'll be back later than usual


tonight ` following the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games


here on BBC 1`around 11:00pm.


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