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Good evening. in Glasgow.


A Staffordshire police officer has been suspended


after a video was posted online which appeared to show him


It was apparently taken during a night out in Hanley.


Both the force and the Independent Police Complaints


Commission are now investigating while the woman involved has told


This is the centre of Hanley, filmed on a smart phone, in


Nikki Wright is the woman the officer is referring to.


She says the incident unfolded as she was trying to help


All of the sudden, they grabbed my right arm. I actually had a bump on


my arm where they grabbed me. As I stopped myself from getting closer,


his hand comes up and slaps me. He pulls me to the floor. That's when I


shout, idea you, and he lets me go. `` I dear.


This is Trinity Street, the area where the video was filmed.


Staffordshire Police have begun an investigation.


We take complaints about the conduct of our officers very seriously. I


have seen the footage and it now forms part of a robust investigation


into a complaint from a member of the public about an officer's


behaviour. CCTV from around this area will


form part of that investigation. Events and also captured by Cameron


is that police carry. The commission are placing importance on


transparency. We need an answer on this as soon as possible, it can


strike on. I need to make sure that police officers act professionally


even in difficult circumstances. Nikki Wright says she's sorry


for swearing during the incident but wants an apology from


the officer who's been suspended. The investigation is expected to


be complete within a few weeks. Whatever its outcome,


this footage illustrates how quickly images can be shared via social


media and how footage can have The former MEP Nikki Sinclaire has


been charged with misconduct in The 45`year`old is due in court in


September to face claims that she made false statements for travel


expenses and then transferred the The allegations date back to


between 2009 and 2010 when Ms Sinclaire was a member of


the European Parliament for UKIP. In a statement today she says she


'strongly' refutes the charges. A man arrested on suspicion


of the double murder of a Solihull couple has been sectioned under


the mental health act. The 23`year`old was arrested


after the bodies of Pin and Quoi Chang were found at their home on


Hermitage Road on the 7th of July. He will now be assessed


by mental health professionals. Two children who had been missing


from their home in Birmingham since midday have been found safe


and well. Four`year`old Adi Sava and


Saina Sava, who's 11, More than 800 people gathered to pay


tribute today to the West Midlands first Police and


Crime Commissioner Bob Jones, A celebration of his life was held


in his home city of Wolverhampton, which he'd served as a councillor


for more than 30 years. The numbers


grew and grew hundreds turning out to pay public tribute to a man who


gave his life to public service. Police officers provide a guard of


honour for his coffin, the mourners There were tears


but there was gratitude too from This was a man of outstanding


ability, a fine mind and a man with a mission. Bob was exceptionally


intelligent and has knowledge of policing was second to none. He was


assertive. He had a quiet confidence but never adopted in aid of


superiority. He carried quietly, the significant responsibilities.


After 30 years as a councillor, in 2012 Bob Jones became the


West Midlands first Police and Crime Commissioner, striking up


a close working relationship with the chief constable who noticed


a change in the commissioner's unique dress sense.


At the family's request, the abiding colour was read, a nod to his


socialist principles, but the colour of vibrancy and warmth. He knew my


name and I was a needle in a haystack for them. He was a lovely


person. He was such a hard`working, loyal person. He will be true loss


to the community. Bob Jones loved his country,


the countryside, castles, real ale, steam railways and above all


his family but he was a man who devoted himself to others and for


that he earned universal respect. A Worcestershire factory has been


brought back into use, thanks to an It's because there's


a nationwide shortage of bricks, resulting in delays on some projects


until supply can meet demand. Stanbrook Abbey near Worcester is


undergoing major refurbishment. On site you will see carpenters,


electricians and plasterers. What you won't see


at the moment are bricklayers Normally you would expect bricks to


be on a three or four`week delivery. On this project it is


about a 14`week delivery period. So we have effectively


a ten`week daily. Here at least, there's a lot


of other work to do well they wait For others it is


causing real problems. We have a project not far


from here that lost six weeks on an order of 360,000 bricks that


were suddenly stopped because production ran out and we


had to source alternative bricks. The fact that the demand


for bricks is outstripping supply is actually a good sign for the


construction industry as a whole. And you don't have to look much


further than this brickworks This place was mothballed


in 2008 when the industry crashed Now it is being


brought back to life. More demand means the


construction industry is building Vena Burger, which owns the site,


also runs this brickworks They are now looking to recruit 36


full`time workers at the Worcestershire plant


including apprentices. This year we'll probably build


something of the order You have to compare that to


2012 when it was as low as 120. The Government quite rightly


suggested we should be building a minimum of 200,000 going forward,


so it is that not just today?s demand, it is


the demand going forward that gives The brick shortage is expected to


level out but the industry is A new technique to tackle


fly`tipping is being tried out Instead of clearing away rubbish,


Telford and Wrekin Council is treating dumped waste as a crime


scene, putting tape up around the They're trying to raise awareness of


fly`tipping as a criminal offence. Twycross Zoo has been showing


off its two new leopard cubs. The Amoor leopards are some


of the rarest big cats in the world, with fewer than 50 now living


in the wild. They're on the verge


of extinction in their native Russia, but it's hoped


that this pair, being raised on the Warwickshire`Leicestershire border


will play an important part in Our next news will be in


at Breakfast just before 6:30am I'll leave you with the weather


from Rebecca. It is a calm and quiet night out


there at the moment. By the time we wake up tomorrow there will be


plenty of sunshine and it is going to be a lovely dry day. At the


moment, there are clear spells. We're getting a bit of mist and fog


forming over the North Midlands. For the risk of us, it is a calm and


quiet night but sticky, with temperatures between 15 and 17


Celsius. With clear spells, we wake up to glorious sunshine tomorrow


morning. It means our temperatures are going to be higher tomorrow


morning with high UV levels. Getting up to 20 Celsius with the moderate


easterly breeze. By Friday, we have some good spells of sunshine


continuing but we are starting to see a change of wind direction which


will mean that things are a little cooler. More in the national


forecast. of some showers and at Wilton cooler


from the north. The national picture comes from Philip Avery.


Unusually, I can say good morning. Wednesday has been noticeable for a


number of reasons. From a meteorological point of view, it was


the warmest day of the year for Wales and Northern Ireland. Nothing


like it across the East of Scotland, where the temperature was locked


firmly into the mid-teens thanks to the presence of the low cloud and


fog. It is there again as it has been, making inroads through the


Clyde Valley is, to the Tyne Valley and areas east of the Pennines.


Another very close night, 17, 18 or 19, something of that order. It will


take some time on


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