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has been hit by a missile in northern Gaza. That's all from


Success for Oldbury's Jodie Stimpson, as she takes the first


We'll be live at the Black Country club where it all started for


The family of a Worcestershire helicopter pilot who was killed


in the North Sea call for an independent review of the crash.


I want to see proper road `` proper, regular checks, with


penalties, finds. A bus company says sorry


after a teenage dwarf is repeatedly told he's not allowed onboard with


his special bike. A hundred years on, the new BBC


radio drama from Birmingham charting And the mercury's been bubbling `


temperatures were destined to hit the heights today,


but did we get there? She was overlooked for the Olympics


in London two years ago, but tonight Jodie Stimpson is the toast


of the Black Country after becoming England's first gold medallist


at the Commonwealth Games. The serious action had only been


under way for four hours in Glasgow when the 25`year`old triathlete


from Oldbury struck gold. And to complete a Midlands double,


Vicky Holland from Newent in A moment she'd spent


her life striving for. The anthem confirmed that


Jodie Stimpson is the Commonwealth This is like all year, and I have


got to thank so many people who got me through.


Jodie's 25, and this a gold medal a long time in the making.


She took up triathlon aged eight, and began competing aged nine.


She became a full`time athlete but funding was hard, and a building


Her main aim was to compete at London 2012.


But she was controversially omitted from the team, with the selectors


So today, she was determined to make it count.


Jodie was up with the pace through the swim, she


And after setting the tempo for the run, she kicked for home.


She dashed for glory, beating Canada's Kirsten Sweetland


into second with Vicky Holland from Newent in Gloucestershire


There are so many of my family here, which is awesome.


It's been an emotional day ` but one that Jodie Stimpson will


Well, Dan is in the Black Country for us where the next generation


of Jodies are in training ` I should imagine there's great


Wellcome to Oldbury, this is the club night for the swimming and


triathlon club junior section. Everyone I have spoken to, because


one of the owner has won gold. Jodie's family house is just through


the trees. Mark, you are the triathlon coach, how proud you of


her? It is great. Inspirational to the children and everyone in the


club. Encourages everyone when someone does so well. How quickly


did you realise she was a talent? The first time I saw her. But raw


talent takes you so far, it is determination and hard work that has


got her where she is. What does it into your club? It is


nice to say to the young children, some `` something to look up to.


Especially because of the younger club children being into swimming,


and that was Jodie's weaker side when she was young. And she is


coming back and taking part in a race. A week on Sunday, there is a


celebration of the Commonwealth Games, and she is going to come and


take part. There is no cycling, and the distances are not too big. Half


the distance of what she did today, and a short distance, a 400 swim and


2.5 kilometre run. How many people get the chance to compete against


their heroes? That is in two weeks' time.


And we'll return to Dan later in the programme to find out how other


competitors from the region have been faring on Day One in Glasgow.


Good to have you with us here on Midlands Today.


Plenty more to come tonight, including:


Our beautiful countryside ` how our meadows are being


Major stories stay open late in Birmingham in preparation for Eid.


The family of a pilot from Worcestershire,


whose helicopter crashed into the North Sea five years ago,


have called for an independent review into the accident.


24`year`old Richard Menzies from Droitwich was one of 16 men who


died when the Super Puma helicopter they were flying in crashed


In November 2011, the Air Accidents Investigation Branch found that the


aircraft suffered a "catastrophic failure" of its main rotor gearbox.


16 months later the Crown Office said the helicopter


operators wouldn't be prosecuted, because failings couldn't be proved


Last March, a fatal accident inquiry found the tragedy might


have been avoided if proper maintenance had been carried out.


Today the Worcestershire Coroner agreed with those findings.


It should have been a routine journey, but instead the Super Puma


helicopter plunged into the sea, leaving 16 families devastated.


Richard Menzies, who was co`piloting the aircraft, died instantly.


After today?s inquest, his father Andrew says the family?s


The coroner's powers are fairly limited what he can do given that


Richard's death was in Scotland. But Richard's father says he is


worried about the safety of the I am concerned on three levels, the


complacency of the operators, the lack of transparency, and inadequate


regulation. What would you like to see happen? I would like to see an


independent judge look at the evidence and satisfy the families


that the right decision was made. As a father, I miss him terribly. He


would probably be now a captain flying helicopters, probably wanting


to do their sea rescue which is what he wanted to specialise in.


The helicopter's operators, Bond Offshore,


have accepted they made mistakes and say lessons have been learned.


Richard's father hopes tighter regulations could help stop it


I say it out of a genuine concern, that Super Puma helicopters still


keep dropping out of the sky. For the first time, retailers


in Birmingham city centre are The Muslim holiday marks the end


of Ramadan, Tonight many stores will stay open


until ten o'clock, so people can break their fast


and shop ahead of Eid on Monday. Live now to Amy Cole who's


in Birmingham city centre ` It is just starting to pick up,


at 9pm. The big consumer drive got at 9pm. The big consumer drive got


under way and hour and a half ago, and some local businesses are


concerned that the city centre is now cashing in.


The city centre was already pretty packed this afternoon, but the


number of shoppers is expected to swell over the next few hours.


For the first time major stores are extending their opening hours so


that people can buy their goods in time for Eid celebrations on Monday.


Some retailers say they're already seeing an upsurge in trade.


We have seen our menswear business grow by almost 50% in the days and


weeks coming up to Eid. So we know there is a huge appetite for our


products and services at this special time.


Also noticing the demand is Selfridges,


It is tonight they are expecting the most amount of shoppers here. There


will be lots of interest in the store, such as Arabic calligraphers.


And for this evening only, the store has created a shisha


The children can stay out `` up late. I come from Dubai, so there


shops opening late for Eid is not so unusual. I'm not sure why it has not


done before. Atia Hussain owns a clothes shop


in Ladypool Road. For years she's stayed open late


in the run up to Eid, but is now worried about competition


from the city centre. People used to come to Asian shops


and think because it is Eid we can go to Asian areas, but nowadays they


are saying because machete `` the city centres are open they are going


there. For retailers, tonight is


a gamble they hope will pay off. I am joined now by a spokeswoman


from retail Birmingham. Why has this not been done before?


Many of the retailers have always had activity for Eid, we can bring


all the stores together and collectively put on an event such as


tonight. We hope it is one we can continue in the future.


Events such as these in terms of planning, it has taken almost 20 map


`` 12 months to put together. One independent store owner told us


she is quite worried that shoppers will be attracted away, when


traditionally they have always gone to more of the Asian areas. Our


remote is trying to push the hair and beauty offer for women, so a lot


of customers will stoke low for the traditional areas. `` still do. It


is not to detract sales from any area, but to add to the offer that


is already available. Eid is an important festival, is it


on a par with Christmas? It is on par with Christmas in terms of


trade. How will you be celebrating Eid on


Monday? I will probably be out shopping and spending time with the


family. There will be plenty to do over the


next few days, and the shops really will be staying open much later as


well. A teenage dwarf was asked to "


prove he was disabled" when he tried 17`year`old Kain Francis has now


been refused travel five times in the last two weeks because


of the disability bike he uses to It's a disability aid that helps him


get around. But over the last weeks, it has led


to him being refused to travel. They said, we do not want you on the bus.


He wouldn't let me speak, he went let me say it is my disabled aid.


And he asked if it had stabilisers on it.


The teenager from Kingstanding in Birmingham has dwarfism.


Last night he was refused travel twice in 20 minutes. In one case,


the driver astonishingly asked him to prove he was actually disabled.


He was telling me how I could prove I was disabled, and I said, can you


not see I am disabled? It has escalated into something much


bigger, where my young nephew Kain has been I think verbally assaulted


on a bus or a driver. Kain's family have already had a


written apology for the first incident, but as we found out this


afternoon, the problems are still continuing. This is a disabled bike.


You are refusing me to get on? It is now happening almost every


time I go on the bus. It is terrible. It is embarrassing as


well. We took the footage to show the bus


company. We are sorry for the inconvenience and the upset it has


caused. We didn't realise the anomaly quick enough and didn't


quite understand what was causing this issue, but now we have realised


it we have acted very quickly, we have given a letter to him today


which he can show to every driver. Kain and his family are hoping he


will not be left waiting for a lift home again.


Drug`resistant superbugs have been found in a Warwickshire river.


Scientists at the University of Warwick made the discovery


a mile downstream of a sewage treatment plant on the River Sowe.


The study claims processing human, farm


and industrial waste all together in one place makes it easier


for bacteria to become resistant to a wide range of antibiotics.


This river might look ordinary, but scientists have discovered it is


harbouring and invisible enemy, superbugs.


You could be colonised by very resistant bacteria, and those


resistant bacteria and then sitting in Europe died, and then you have a


risk they might cause infection. Scientists also found human gut


bacteria which had developed a resistance to an antibiotic used to


treat severe infections. Back at the laboratory one of the


scientists analysing the results says it is an important discovery.


It is a four`time super resistant strains have been found in UK


rivers. `` it is the first time. Severn Trent insists drinking water


is safe, but would like to see more research. We are aware that


antibiotics are in our sewage treatment processes, and we are keen


to work with other organisations to really understand where they come


from and how we can remove them to make sure they do not have an impact


in the `` on the environment. But don't you know enough at this stage


to take immediate action? I don't think so. If other authorities were


to advise us to do something differently, we would take our


environmental responsibilities very seriously and we would make any


necessary changes. Doctor Wellington says work due to


be published later this year is expected to see `` show a similar


story on samples found in the River Thames.


Success for Jodie Stimpson from Oldbury in the Black Country,


as she takes the first gold of the Commonwealth Games.


An even hotter day today ` Shefali's ready with your detailed


A hundred years on, the new radio drama, stretching over


all four years, charting events here at home during the First World War.


From today, millions of wildflowers are being


planted in urban areas across Birmingham and the Black Country.


Our reporter Nicola Beckford has been at one of the sites in Sedgley


Conservationists spent the morning here cutting and packing Harry, to


recreate new wildlife meadows. `` hay. They are building on similar


work carried out last year. This is one of very few such meadows left in


England. We want to expand their populations and bring them into the


city where people can have contact with that wildlife.


The operation is to be done in one day to make sure the seeds reached


the destination will still fresh. This is one of the areas where the


new Meadow will be grown. The land has been preprepared to receive the


freshly cut hay. Almost 30 days `` Wales have been


harvested and delivered to ten sites across the region, but these


volunteers wanted to work quickly, as if the hay gets too hot, the


seeds will die. The organisers feel confident


however that the new Meadow will grow.


We should eventually get some orchids coming up, which should look


really pretty and make the area much better than the brown grass you can


see here. This year's work will establish an


even bigger network of meadows. Rural idyll is within an urban


environment. `` idols. Back to the Commonwealth Games


action now, and Gold medallist Jodie Stimpson's not the region's


only competitor in action today. Let's rejoin Dan in Oldbury


for news of the others. So, Dan, who have we got to


look out for this evening? The kids behind take part in


cycling, which is where lots of other medals have been one today.


First of all Helen Scott, from down the road, she is the pilot in her


event and she writes with Sophie Thornhill. They won the two hates


and won the final. They are expressly proud to win gold. `` the


two seats. `` the two heats. It is info `` it is fantastic that even


one of our events is in. Maybe next time another of our events might be


put in as well. The team sprint once over this


afternoon, but they were beaten by New Zealand.


`` won silver. Andy Tennant from Wolverhampton has been in the team


pursuit, riding alongside Bradley Wiggins.


They also won a silver. Jess varnish from Bromsgrove,


discoloured at the London 2012 Olympics, was in the 500 metres time


trial today. She won bronze. Who have we got to look out for this


evening? The number one event to look out for


is the men's 200 metres breaststroke. Adam Piti from


Uttoxeter is through, also Michael Jamieson.


We have already had these medallists, it is day one of the


Commonwealth Games, plenty to look forward to this evening and for the


rest of the Games. The story of life on the Home Front


during World War I is being It's being recorded in Birmingham,


and it's an ambitious drama serial which will be broadcast over four


years with 600 episodes. More now


from our arts reporter Satnam Rana. The Great War ` usually remembered


as a soldier's conflict. Over 8.5 million men served


between 1914 and 18. But now Radio 4's new ambitious


drama Home Front is telling Actors play out their words, and


sound effects are added in the production suite.


Recorded at BBC Birmingham's radio astronomers studio, it is set in


Folkestone, and will also take us to Newcastle and Devon.


There were 40 million people who did not go to war, but who were


dedicated to the information from the front. If we could represent a


tiny proportion of those stories, that would be brilliant. I know you


mean well, but it is not realistic. One of these stories is told through


Isabel, a self`taught driver from a well`off family and ends up buying


an ambulance. Women with funds what `` went out and bought their own


ambulances and supplies. They literally got behind the wheel of a


car and learned to drive. And then I get very excited about buying


surgical bandages and then going across to France.


The stories are fictional, but each one has a historical fact hidden


within it. To find out what that is, tune in at mid`day on fourth August.


Exactly 100 years to the day Great Britain declared war on Germany.


You can find out more about the new show Home Front on the BBC website.


Now let's find out more about this scorching weather.


There were a few people today flustered by the heat, because it


was hotter than yesterday by 1 degrees for most parts, finishing


numbers were 28 Celsius for Birmingham.


29 Celsius in neighbouring Wales, and hottest race was worth it,


making it the hottest day of the year so far. `` the hottest place


was Dorset. There will be a drop of around nine


to 10 degrees by Sunday, but this cooler air is coming in as a result


of this home from `` this front. The cooler conditions will probably


persist into the middle of next week. Not to say they will not rise


before that, they could well do, but we also have some fairly prolific


showers breaking out. They could become widespread by the


end of the weekend. If you haven't been out there to enjoy the


sunshine, you could `` you should do the litmus test now because it is


cooling down to something more comfortable. Then we are into clear


skies for tonight. It is dry across all parts as well, we may see the


odd shower breaking out, but then those will fade away very quickly.


Temperatures falling to a minimum of 15 to 16 Celsius, possibly even 17,


so a very sticky night. For tomorrow, slightly cooler


conditions. We have more cloud drifting in from the east, due to a


slight change in the wind direction, temperatures perhaps will not reach


the giddy heights of today's values. That breeze is slightly lighter at


around nine miles per hour. As for tomorrow night we could see the odd


shower breaking out, very light ones however. Predominantly dry, with


clear spells. Saturday dry until those showers are.


`` arrive. A UN shelter in Gaza is hit


by an Israeli missile ? 15 people And Jodie Stimpson from Oldbury


in the Black Country wins the triathlon and takes the first


gold of the Commonwealth Games. Well, when did we start funding


projects in Gaza? How do you know people


are telling the truth? Well, when did we start funding


projects in Gaza? I should never have done this.


I should never have agreed to this.


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