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She was overlooked for the Olympics but tonight Jody Stimpson is


the toast of the Black Country after becoming England's first gold


The 25`year`old triathlete from Oldbury struck gold just four


And, to complete a Midlands double, Vicky Holland from Newent in


A moment she'd spent her life striving for.


The anthem confirmed that Jodie Stimpson is the Commonwealth


This is like all year and I have to thank so many people who have got me


through. To share a podium with Vicky is really special.


Jodie's 25 and this a gold medal a long time in the making.


She took up triathlon aged eight and began competing aged nine.


She became a full`time athlete but funding was hard and a building


Her main aim was to compete at London 2012.


But she was controversially omitted from the team with the selectors


So today, she was determined to make it count.


Jodie was up with the pace through the swim, she


And after setting the tempo for the run she kicked for home.


She dashed for glory beating Canada's Kirsten Sweetland


into second with Vicky Holland, from Newent, in Gloucestershire


It is awesome that my family get to see me in a championship race after


missing last time. It's been an emotional day `


but one that Jodie Stimpson will And that was just the start


of the medal rush for the region. Most of the success came in the


velodrome as the cyclists fought out This is the first time that


paralympic cycling has been a Commonwealth Games event


and Halesowen's Helen Scott was Scott is the sighted pilot


for visually impaired rider Sophie In the final they faced a Scottish


duo with the roars of the home crowd driving them


on but it was Helen and Sophie who came out on top, winning the first


two races to clinch the gold. We don't know if we will be in the


Commonwealth Games again but it is fantastic that one of our events is


in. Maybe another one of our events may be put in as well.


There were other gold medal chances on the track too.


Kian Emadi from Stoke on Trent was third man in England's


team sprint trio and he gave it his best shot but


the New Zealand team were inspired and Emadi had to settle for silver.


It was silver as well for Wolverhampton's Andy Tennant.


He joined Sir Bradley Wiggins in the team pursuit


but they were comfortably second best to Australia in the final.


And there was yet another silver medal for Kelly Edwards from Telford


She was controversially beaten on disqualification in the final


And in the last hour there's been yet another medal.


Kidderminster's Amy Smith was part of the English four


by 100 metres freestyle team which won a silver in the pool.


For the first time, retailers in Birmingham city centre's biggest


The Muslim holiday on Monday marks the end of Ramadan.


Amy Cole joins us now from the city centre.


I have been hearing it has been successful. There has been a lot of


people out and about enjoying and making the most of it. The city


centre drive is underway but there are some local businesses that are


concerned the city centre is cashing in. As the sun started to go down,


the shoppers started to come out. The first time, shops and extended


their opening hours so they could begin buying their goods in time for


Eid celebrations on Monday. In trading terms, Eid is it on a par


with Christmas. Feedback so far has been positive. Selfridge's are very


busy and there is a lot more people out this evening and a lot more


families out. How have shoppers reacted? Now we are all shopping, it


is a good idea that they have done this. People leave it to the last


minute. Not everybody is happy. This woman owns a clothes shop. For years


she has stayed up late but is now worried about competition from the


city centre. People used to come to Asian shops that nowadays, they are


saying the city centre is open so they are rushing thereof than come


to the small shops. For retailers, it is a gamble but so far looks to


be paying off. Birmingham told me they would be looking closely at the


figures over the next few days, analyse and report fall and the


revenue that has been generated and if it is successful, they will look


to do it again in October when the next Eid Holliday takes place.


A teenage dwarf was asked to prove he was disabled when he tried to


17`year`old Kain Francis has now been refused travel five times


in the last two weeks because of the disability bike he uses to


It's a disability aid that helps him get around.


But over the last two weeks, when he's tried to catch the bus, it's


We got on the bus and the guy was not having it. He said I couldn't


bring my bike on the bus. He wouldn't let me speak. He asked me


if it had stabilisers on it. The 17`year`old from Kingstanding


in Birmingham has dwarfism Last night he was refused travel


twice in 20 minutes and in one case, in front of a busy bus,


the driver astonishingly asked him He was telling me that I had to


prove I was disabled and I couldn't come on the bus until I could prove


I was disabled. I asked him if he wanted to see my scars.


Kain's family have already had a written apology


from the bus company for the first incident two weeks ago,


but as we found out this afternoon the problems are still continuing.


We took the footage to show National Express West Midlands,


It is happening every time I have tried to get on the bus. It is


embarrassing. We are sorry for the inconvenience and didn't realise the


anomaly quick enough and didn't understand what was causing this


problem. We have acted very quickly and have got a letter out to him


today that he can show to every driver and I am confident he will


not experience this problem again. Kain and his family are hoping


that's the case and he won't be left We'll be back at Breakfast


from six tomorrow morning. Rebecca Wood has the weather


forecast, a very goodnight to you. There is very little change for our


forecast tomorrow. Things will get a little bit different but we do have


another sunny day to come tomorrow. It will be warm and staying dry for


the most part. We do have clear skies overhead and we could get mist


patches developing. It is another sticky night with temperatures


ranging between 15 and 16 Celsius. We start off tomorrow with those


clear skies which means the sun will be out for most of us. Our


temperatures are getting up to 27 Celsius. There will be a little more


cloud about which will take the edge of temperatures. By the time we get


through to Saturday, we have a weakening front that will bring


spirals of rain. is getting too much for many people.


By Sunday, the temp will be cooler than today. Tonight, another warm


and comfortable night for sleeping.


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