26/07/2014 Midlands Today


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1,000 jobs are to be axed by Coventry City Council.


The authority says it needs to save ?60 million pounds


because of reduced funding from Government


and hopes all posts will be lost through voluntary redundancy.


But a union has warned that the city's public services


will be left on the brink of "collapse".


Four years ago, these Coventry City Council workers


Today, the authority says there's more pain to come.


They want to axe another 1,000 posts `


the loss of one in six jobs over the next three years.


allows people who want to leave to leave


and after that we will be able to re`divert remaining workers


into services that protect the most vulnerable.


The move, expected to be signed off next month,


will no longer be Coventry's largest employer.


There is a danger of collapse of services.


Although government is talking about a recovery,


certainly in Coventry, the jobs are not there.


So if you make people redundant, where will they go for a job?


The authority couldn't tell us which services will be reduced


but they'll protect the jobs of social workers.


following the tragic death of Daniel Pelka


and pressure to implement recommendations


Here, building work's underway on the Friargate business district `


Coventry City Council plans to move many staff here


as part of a wider scheme costing ?59 million.


A similar sum the Council says it's losing from central government.


Do you think you have got your spending priorities wrong


The move to Friargate, the new building


close to the train station, will save us money.


That is going to save us around ?500,000 a year.


Labour and councils have been speaking


about something called a graph of doom.


It marks the point at which key public services


And this authority says they could reach that moment


A man's died after becoming ill at the Global Gathering festival


The 20`year`old was taken from the event at Long Marston airfield


to Warwick Hospital but medics were unable to revive him.


Warwickshire police are treating the death as unexplained


and a post mortem examination is due to take place later.


in connection with a fatal shooting in Rugby.


The body of a man, in his 20s was found in a vehicle


A car was seen speeding away from the scene.


Warwickshire police say passengers on the X44 bus may be key witnesses


and are appealing for anyone who might have seen a silver hatchback


Hundreds of people have been taking part


in a march in Birmingham to protest against the fighting in Gaza.


The West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign


organised the march from Sparkbrook to the city centre.


A letter was handed into BBC Birmingham


ahead of a rally on the steps of the Mailbox.


Time for a look at what's been happening at the Commonwealth Games.


A second gold medal for Oldbury's Jodie Stimpson


She teamed up with the gold and silver medallist


and the bronze medallist, Vicky Holland, from the women's event.


It feels quite special. The last time we did the relay, things did


not work out. This is pretty special.


In swimming, Amy Smith from Kidderminster


are both through to the semifinals of the 50 metres butterfly.


Amy will also compete in the final


of the 50 metres freestyle later this evening.


Then there's the final for medal favourite Adam Peaty


from Uttoxeter, who broke his own record


at the 100 metre breaststroke semifinals last night.


In the cycling, Andy Tennant from Wolverhampton


is through to the cycling points race final


and Jess Varnish from Bromsgrove narrowly missed out on silver


and will compete for bronze in the cycling sprint.


The weather now, here's Charlie Slater.


Good evening. Police to say that if you sick and tired of being hot and


bothered, it will be cooler tomorrow. We have some showers which


could be heavy and thundery as be going to be early hours of Sunday


morning. It will still be another warm night. As we go through into


Sunday, it will be a cooler day. There will be a lot of cloud around


with a view showers in northern parts but those temperatures are


down to the low 20s rather than the high 20s. As I say, it probably


comes as good relief for some. We'll be back just


after 5pm tomorrow evening, that's with Michael Collie


here on BBC One. A bit of a change on the way, in


fact it has already started in the north and west of the UK. It will be


cooler, temperatures slipping back to where they


cooler, temperatures slipping back to where they should be for this


time of the year. Some sunshine, but also some outbreaks of rain. Ahead


of this crowd, some sunshine and heat, 29 in Southampton but only 16


in the Western Isles. Heavy rain for a time overnight working its way


deep words -- eastwards. Elsewhere, largely dry, particularly in


southern counties. Warmer in the south-east, 18 or 19 degrees. Any


rain on the eastern side of England doesn't last too long. The western


side of


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