27/07/2014 Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the Midlands.

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Businesses close to a major regeneration project in Coventry


say the impact of the ongoing work could cause them to shut down.


The development at Friargate is expected to transform the area


Early this morning, the concrete munchers moved in.


And by first thing tomorrow this bridge over Coventry's ring road


Health and future. Investing in the city to kick`start this project.


We're looking at 15,000 new jobs not including all be construction work


already taking place. And this is the vision ` the ?40


million Friargate development will see the demolition of some of


Coventry's dated office blocks and make the city more pedestrian


friendly. It will be generated as part of


Coventry and link the station to the city centre with a pedestrian


walkway at Boulevard through to the city.


But just around the corner in Warwick Road, not such a positive


picture. The small businesses here are surrounded by traffic cones and


heavy machinery. And the owner of this printing firm


says since the regeneration work began, trade has suffered.


Alan problem as I sort of print works business is: Will we still be


around to reap the benefits of Allah regenerated city. `` of of aware.


This footage shows the progress that's already been made with the


project ` described as a "once in a generation opportunity to change the


face of Coventry". The nearby businesses just hope that


they'll still be here as the new Coventry takes shape.


Details of a car believed to be involved in a fatal shooting


A man in his twenties was found dead in


Warwickshire Police say it's believed the offender sped away


from the scene in a Vauxhall Insignia, similar to this one, with


Three people have been arrested in connection with the killing.


Staffordshire swimmer Adam Peaty's struck gold at the


He won the hundred metres breaststroke and set a new record


And there was success for other Midlands athletes


in the pool and in weightlifting, as Giles Latcham reports.


The proudest of moments and a dream come true for Adam Peaty.


The 19`year`old from Uttoxeter has long idolised South Africa's Cameron


van de Burgh ` now his main competition in the 100m breastroke.


And van de Burgh it was, alongside him in lane three who set the pace.


Gradually though as the South African tired, Peaty reeled him back


into claim the gold with a new British record.


A huge maturity to allow him to go off like that you know how he


raises? I have watched him for a long time. He is my rival now. I


just did my best and it paid off. After a few hours sleep Peaty was


back in the pool this morning, setting a new commonwealth record in


his heat of the fifty metres. He goes tonight in the semi.


A fourth`placed finish from Amy Smith from Kidderminster was enough


to see her through her heat of the 100 metres freestyle.


Sarah Adlington from Shrewsbury added to Scotland's haul of Gold in


Judo's heavyweight category. And months of training at


Warwickshire College in Henley in Arden paid off for Zoe Smith who


muscled her way to gold in the The National Youth Orchestra has


been taking part in a special performance of the Last


Post at Birmingham Library today. It's to commemorate the last day


of peace before the First World War The international event began


in Italy, and other countries across the world have been taking


part in the project. A look at the Midlands' weather now


` here's Charlie Slater: Good evening. We are in for a cooler


and more comfortable night of sleeping tonight. Some rain spreads


down from the north or west of us. Temperatures way down on what they


have been. A couple of showers tomorrow. Some of them have the


potential to turn happy but otherwise it is a mainly dry day and


occasionally a bright day. 20 or 23 degrees.


I will be back at 10:25pm. Have a good evening.


Topped temperatures down 5 degrees on yesterday and much lower humidity


so the second part of the weekend has been much more comfortable. The


coming few days, if we get sunshine it will be pleasantly warm. It's not


a completely dried story because they will be showers dotted around


and it should be that bit cooler at night. The satellite sequence from


today shows some thunderstorms across the southeastern corner and a


lot of fine weather that into the West of Scotland this cloud has been


producing some fairly heavy bursts of rain and will continue to do so.


A bit of a breeze associated with that. It will sit south through this


evening and into the overnight period getting down into northern


and central parts of Wales by the end of the night by which stage we


will see showers


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