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creating one of the biggest medical complexes in the country.


In this environment is important to make every penny counts.


We'll find out what this hospital in Birmingham could mean


for the healthcare of families throughout the region.


Destroyed by arsonists ` an historic home of the Cadbury


A warning to pilgrims heading for Mecca ` after a rise in prosecutions


This is a once`in`a`lifetime opportunity and they have been


duped, those are the most heartbreaking cases.


What does ?600 million worth of building look like?


We go behind the scenes at New Street Station, ready for


And as we say goodbye to a hot and sunny July,


I'll have all the details in the forecast later.


The Midlands could get a new children's hospital to rival


It would run alongside the huge Queen Elizabeth Hospital


in Birmingham, creating one of the biggest medial


The cost would be more than ?400 million, but parents at the existing


children's hospital, built more than 150 years ago, said today that it


Here's our health correspondent Michele Paduano.


Archie is six months old and has never left hospital.


The Children's Hospital is a world centre of excellence


for heart conditions like his and he needed an operation.


But when he was born at the Women's Hospital,


Alfie was moved and Emma didn't see him before


I couldn't stop crying because I didn't get to see him. It was really


scary, the thought that anything could happen.


Moving sick, young children is far from ideal.


Now the radical decision by both trusts is to merge by 2017 and


create a brand new joint hospital by 2022 at a cost of ?430m.


Both of the boards are committed to doing everything to make this


happen. In order to make this hospital happen we need to come


together as boards and create one single organisation. Clearly, that


has to happen by the time the hospital opens in 2022.


This building is not right for modern medicine, but the site is in


the heart of the city, so by selling it they can raise some of the cash


needed for the new hospital. Elsie May Goody was born at 24


weeks on the edge of survival. Now 33 weeks old,


she weighs just 3lbs 5oz. Twice she has had to be sent to


the children's hospital It would be better because then LC


would not have to go to and from first surgery, she would be in the


same place, so it is easier for her.


The new women's hospital will be built here.


It's not known if this site belonging to the university could


But a merger offers many cost savings and tough financial


Especially for small babies and girls that are reaching adolescence,


we are sharing patient anyway, so there is a lot we already have in


common and we can build on that. The relations between the different


clinical communities are already strong.


But the biggest winners will be the babies and children, Michele


This is early stages, will this new hospital become reality?


Has been talk for 20 years. In 2011 there were moves, but then the


chairman and chief executives resigned, partly over this issue. So


it has been moving forward very slowly. Because of the financial


situation, both hospitals now they cannot get themselves a new hospital


without doing this. All the savings that can be made from joining


together their backroom functions mean that as one director said to


me, this is a no`brainer. It really should happen.


What difference would it make to the healthier families across the West


Midlands? It would be better for the children


and appearance, and it would be better for the doctors who to travel


between the various sites. At one of the big things that is going on here


is that they are concentrating all this in one site, with the


university, and are hoping to create a research centre and the centre of


excellence to rival anywhere in the world.


You're with Midlands Today, good to have you with us.


The harvest is ahead of schedule, but farmers see that rules from the


EU could reduce the amount of food they can produce in the future. Join


me to find out why. An historic home of the Cadbury


family in Birmingham has been A member


of the chocolate`making family said today he was shocked and saddened,


and it was a loss to the community. Up to 100 firefighters tackled


the blaze Our reporter Ben Sidwell


joins us now from the scene. Ben, what kind of state has


the house been left in? As you can probably see, it is in


appalling state. The building, which has stood for 200 years, is most


completely destroyed, in just a few hours. That's how severe this fire


was. People around here in the whole community are now asking, can this


piece of the city's history we saved?


Going up in flames, part of Birmingham's heritage.


Northfield Manor was once the grand home of the Cadbury family.


This morning is was little more than a smouldering shell.


Real sadness, this is part of the area's Heritage. The important thing


is to retain the building if at all possible.


From above, the damage is even clearer.


The fire destroying almost all of the house.


It was the second time in 24 hours that West Midlands Fire Service had


We know that children have been using the site and were chased off,


and we know that Cruise in previous evenings have seen children here.


Putting that jigsaw together, we are going along the lines of arson, but


the investigation is ongoing. For members of the Cadbury family,


who used to live at Northfield Manor, shock at the fire and concern


for the local community. The sad thing of someone committing


permeates into the lives of so many permeates into the lives of so many


other people who have very strong and very happy memories, one hopes,


and it is a direct attack on their memory. They are the people I feel


sorry for, more than our own family.


Since 1953 it's been owned by the University of Birmingham


and used as halls of residence, but in 2007 it was boarded up.


We did boarded`up. We have had long`term plans to develop it, so


pathetically, and have plans to make it into flats.


The question now is, simply, has Northfield Manor been too badly


So Ben, what happens now ` what's the building's future?


The future of the building is very unclear. As you can see, the roof


has gone, many of the chimney stacks could be dangerous, many of the


roofs and the floors have fallen through. They have to see how safe


structurally this building is. That'll be the decision as to


whether this is kept or not. There were plans going into Brogan City


Council into a committee next month `` Birmingham City Council next


month, to turn this building into flats. At the moment they do not


know what is happening because of the state of the building. The


building will first be made more safe, and then people can go inside


and assess the damage. The Fire Brigade have said there are lots of


loose timbers and loose slates, and some of the chimney stacks are


incredibly dangerous. Anyone thinking of coming to have a look


around, the advice is to keep away because this is a dangerous building


with an uncertain future. The Home Secretary Teresa May was


in Birmingham this morning to support the Conservative candidate


in the upcoming election for the West Midlands Police


and Crime Commissioner. Councillor Les Jones says


if he wins, he'll free the police to fight crime


and insist on tougher sentences. There is a perception among the


public that police arrest criminals and give them a slap on the wrist


and let them go. I want to make sure we're doing right by the people,


where criminals should be prosecuted, we take every step


possible to make sure they are prosecuted.


The death of a woman in custody is to be investigated.


30`year`old Sharmila Ullah was found dead in a cell at Bloxwich


She'd been in hospital overnight, but had been assessed


as being fit enough to be returned to custody the morning she died.


The privately run Oakwood prison near Wolverhampton is one


of two West Midlands jails whose performance has been described


The annual rating is the worst that can be given


Brinsford Young Offenders Institution


in Wolverhampton has also been ranked in the lowest category.


Figures given to the BBC reveal a rise in prosecutions


for mis`selling packages to pilgrims heading to Mecca.


Trading Standards Officers are warning travellers to be careful


The warning comes as many Muslims start organising their journey to


Saudi Arabia to take part in the annual Hajj pilgrimage.


It was supposed the trip of a lifetime, and they'd saved


for three years to afford it, but when Makhdoom Chishti and his wife


Tahseen booked a pilgrimage to Mecca it was nothing like he'd imagined.


It was chaos. We were not put in the same room, we were not looked after


properly. I had to share my bed with a man, it was a double bed, and that


was ridiculous. I had to sleep on the floor.


Makhdoom had to fork out an extra ?300 to get a room with


his wife and when he complained to the travel agent he was told because


he was on a spiritual pilgrimage it was wrong of him to get upset.


Millions of Muslims from across the world make the trip to Mecca every


year, and many of them are now being targeted by rogue travel agents:


There was just one prosecution back in 2012 which was the first


By the end of the reporting period in 2014


there'd been five convictions, with eight more awaiting court dates


And at the moment trading standards are already dealing with


a further 14 cases brought to them in the last few months.


We think this is underreported. As soon as we proactively went out and


looked for problems, we found problems.


This midlands MP is calling for more to done to try


We need to create greater awareness about the rules that apply to


booking these packages. There are protections in law which are strong


enough, it is just that people are not aware of them. Not everyone has


a bad experience. I have just come back, and I had a


good experience. If you go with people who are not


registered, this is where the problem comes.


Makhdoom and Tahseen are hope that by speaking out more people will.


Makhdoom and Tahseen want to go back to Mecca one day if they can afford,


but say they'll be much more careful booking the trip next time round.


A world first ` a joint women's and children's hosptial,


creating one of the biggest medical complexes in the country.


Your weather forecast to come, also, more medals from the Commonwealth


Games. And the Spitfire pilot turned photojournalist after stealing a


camera from the German force, capturing everything from the


battlefields to the Beatles. Birmingham's revamped


New Street Station will be completed by September next year `


according to Network Rail. The huge project includes


a shopping centre and is costing Our transport correspondent,


Peter Plisner has been checking No modern building, it seems,


is complete without one, but the framework that makes up New


Street Station atrium is certainly It's a bit like Meccano but


on a much larger scale. Soon they will be demolishing this


floor below me to bring daylight onto the Concourse station.


And for contractors like Peter Creswell, the task


of putting on the roof comes with the benefit of stunning views.


This is great, this is why we do the job! We get to see things that


people don't get to see, we get to see the beautiful buildings from a


different angle. Birmingham, London, I've done most of them, really.


When it's all finished in September next year the atrium will become


a focal point of the new station and the Grand


There will be a wow factor. The space you can see here is the size


of Wembley football pitch. It will be exciting for Birmingham, and when


we open up the retail, it will be an exciting venture for the people of


Birmingham. And this time`lapse film


shows something others are This is the construction


of the new quarter of It'll promises be the company's


largest store outside London and it In addition to John Lewis, other big


names have signed up to Grand Central including The White


Company, Joules, Cath Kidson, But does Birmingham need another big


shopping centre? We have some fantastic shops, but


this will be the final piece in the jigsaw. There are lots of people who


live in the West Midlands who do not shop in Birmingham because they


further afield. This gives us an opportunity to make the city the


place everyone comes to the go shopping.


And with just over a year to go there's still a lot of work still to


do if the station and Grand Central are to arrive on time.


In farms across the region, the harvest is now underway


But some farmers say because so many chemical sprays have now been banned


or restricted by the EU, it's making their job much harder, resulting


Our rural affairs correspondent David Gregory`Kumar is on a farm


David, how is the harvest going so far?


Despite the odd shower it is going well. This was a field of wheat just


an hour ago, but now it is safely gathered in. Across the Midlands,


everything is pretty much ahead of schedule. But they are also saying


that there are problems with EU rules banning many of the chemicals


they rely on to grow these crops. From barley for beer in


Overbury Gloucestershire through to wheat for supermarket loaves


in Tamworth in Staffordshire. The hope was this year might be


a bumper year. One of the biggest factors affecting


yield is sunshine. If you look back to 2012 we can see all the grey


areas of below average sunshine. As we move forward we can see that the


month of June becomes more sunny and the hope was that would mean better


yields. But it seems the extra sunshine


hasn't been enough to increase Are mild and wet winter could have


damaged the roots. The crop will be more well rounded than last year,


but perhaps not as high as some people initially thought.


And tackling disease is something farmers say is now harder, because


the EU is banning or restricting the use of a number of pesticides,


Will have fewer products, so resistance in the crop will build


up, and that is not good. Harvest 2014 won't be the bumper


crop farmers hoped for a month ago. But with fewer sprays available it


might be the best we can do So why is the EU banning


so many agricultural chemicals? Has been a shift in how they think


about these chemicals. The knock`on effect is they are more risk averse


and they are restricting the use of some of them are banning them a


great. It is not just wheat, it is chemicals used on things like


apples. It is having a big impact on our reformers, and the fear that


some pests will become resistant to the fewer number of chemicals that


are still in use. We wanted to doctor the EU and called them


yesterday and today and you know them several times, but they have


and unable to put someone forward to discuss the issue.


After weeks of sun, there's a change in the weather ` how's that


It is a bit of a gamble. You could do what this farmer did and just


gather everything in. The yields might be lower, but it is money in


the bank as you have those grains and cereals inside the barn. Some


others are leaving things longer in the fields and taking a gamble on


the weather and that could mean higher yields. That something


farmers have to consider. Sport, the Midlands has won two


bronze medals at the And cricketer Moeen Ali has


also been making headlines. A remarkable bowling


performance today. Worcestershire's Moeen Ali took six


wickets as England beat India Ali, who is mainly in the side


as a batsman, wrapped up victory He finished with figures of 6


for 47 as England won The five match series is now level


at 1`all with two matches to play. The Midlands have won two more


bronze medals at the Para lawn Bowls Birmingham's Bob Love showed great


skill bowling with his feet and Paul Brown of Ross`On`Wye Bowling


Club helped England to beat Scotland in the bronze medal match with


his last bowl of the match. The England netball team will take


on the defending champions New Zealand


in the semi`final this weekend. And it will be a very special


occasion for one Birmingham family with a strong sporting tradition, as


Nick Clitheroe has been finding out. He's just like every other proud


father ` delighted to watch his daughter playing her heart out


in search of Commonwealth gold. Stacey Francis is a key part


of the English netball team's defence, but dad Kevin was more used


to scoring than stopping. For three years in the 1990s he was


a crowd favourite at Birmingham City Now he's learning what it's


like to be on the sidelines rather It was awesome. It one of those


things that until it happens you don't realise how much it means to


you. As a sportsman myself, being there is second to none. Seen her


was second to none. Hopefully I have improved since


2009. It is really emotional. I had to make sure I was focusing on the


game and not trying to find my dad in the audience. Just focusing on


getting the job done so we could talk about it afterwards.


But the story is even more remarkable than that.


Kevin emigrated to Canada in 2005 to become a policeman.


Stacey, then 17, stayed behind to pursue her sporting dream.


I was prepared to drag her ticking and screaming, she put up a good


argument and stayed here. And she was true to her word, she focused on


education and sport, and it has paid dividends because she is here


today. The only problem is, Kevin will have


returned to Canada before the final. So if Stacey does win gold he'll


have to get up in the middle But there's been disappointment


for the Wolverhampton Gymnast Yes, he won a team gold on Tuesday


and qualified for the final of the men?s floor but this afternoon


his misjudged this tumble. That cost him penalty points and he


finished 8th and last in the final. So with three days left, where might


other Midlands medals come from? Well, Kristian Thomas competes again


tomorrow in the finals And Jamie`Lea Winch


of Rugby is guaranteed at least a silver tomorrow in the final of


the women?s pairs in the bowling. Spitfire pilot, daredevil,


photo`journalist ` Terence Spencer When war ended he stole a camera


from the German air force and began photographing everything


from battlefields to The Beatles. His work captures the spirit


of the swinging ?60s ` and his daughter's put some of it


on show at a new gallery, as Giles Ace fighter pilot,


globetrotting photographer. He loved the natural ones, catching


people off guard. At her home near Shrewsbury


his daughter cherishes his photos and her memories of a father for


whom life was one big adventure. Somebody said he was Biggles and


James Bond rolled into one. He said the RAF set him up because he


learned to head for danger when everyone else was running away from


it. At Shrewsbury's old music


hall, newly re`invented as museum and art gallery there are


pictures of the conflicts he covered from Vietnam to the Congo `


as well as scenes for the streets Isn't it wonderful to think that


back then they were tough guys and now they are sweet East End


grandfathers. The Fab four also loom large. It was


his daughter who told her dad she should be photographing them.


He followed them all around Britain, they were not famous then, so he got


some great photographs of them in their dressing rooms and fooling


around. He said that since it was my idea I should come along and meet


them. It was fabulous. Mary Poppins, Dick Van Dyke, it just


brings all that back to me. Name a celebrity from the 1960s and


he probably photographed them. So many iconic images. We are


celebrating his life and his work. He was a character. He worked hard


and he played hard. That's what people in that generation dead.


# Talking about my generation #. The photographs of terror and


Spencer are on show until the middle of August. There was welcome rain


for the gardens around. We can find out if there is more to come.


You can bridge what can on stand`by for the next few days at least. Not


everyone will see the rain, we will have some sunny spells, and by the


end of the weekend things are starting to turn a little windy.


This afternoon we had some showers working across the region and


reports of thunder and lightning in Warwickshire and Worcestershire this


afternoon. Cloud has been spilling in from the West for much of the


day. The last of the showers are clearing away and it will be a


pleasant evening. Overnight we have clear spells, saw temperatures will


drop a little particularly in rural spots. It is still not feeling cold


overnight and it will be a little humid. Tomorrow is a flip`flop from


today. We have low`pressure starting to take charge and that drives and


unsettled period of whether and when switch we will see by the end of the


weekend. The south`east got most of the showers, but tomorrow it will


stay dry for much of the day before the showers started piling through


the afternoon. Across the North and West we start with showers in the


morning and they will band together and become persistent rain.


Temperatures struggling under the cloud and rain. 17 up to 20


Celsius. On Saturday we continue to see rain, it will be with us through


Friday night and into Saturday. Saturday is a grey, wet and


miserable day. The rain continues throughout the day. It will march


northwards. The good news is that by the time we get through to Sunday


things are looking better. It will be brighter, it will feel warmer.


But still unsettled next week. Israel says it won't stop


its attacks on Gaza until all the tunnels built by Palestinian


militants are destroyed. I'll be back


at ten o'clock with the latest on the lasting impact of the so called


"Trojan horse" plot to Islamify some


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