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A new children's hospital could be built next to the Queen Elizabeth


Hospital in Birmingham, creating one of the biggest medical


It would cost ?430 million, replacing facilities, which in


Here's our health correspondent Michele Paduano.


Archie is six months old and has never left hospital.


The Children's Hospital is a world centre of excellence


for heart conditions like his and he needed an operation.


But when he was born at the Women's Hospital,


Alfie was moved and Emma didn't see him before


It was awful because I couldn't stop crying at the Women's.


I didn't get to see him and it was really scary as well, the


Moving sick, young children is far from ideal.


Now the radical decision by both trusts is to merge by 2017 and


create a brand new joint hospital by 2022 at a cost of ?430 million.


Absolutely both boards are committed to doing whatever they


In order to make the hospital happen, we need to come together


Clearly that has to have happened by the time the hospital opens


This building is famous. It is 122 years old but it is not right for


modern medicine. By selling it, they can raise some of the money


Elsie May Goody was born at 24 weeks on the edge of survival.


Now 33 weeks old, she weighs just 3lbs 5oz.


Twice she has had to be sent to the children's hospital


It will be better because then she won't


have to go to and from Children's for surgery. It is easier for her.


The new women's hospital will be built here.


It's not known if this site belonging to the university could


But a merger offers many cost savings and tough


Especially for small babies and for girls reaching adolescence,


There is a lot we have already got in common and the relationships


between the different communities are already quite strong.


But the biggest winners will be the babies and children.


The former home of the Cadbury family in Birmingham has been


Northfield Manor House had been listed as a Grade A historic


building and was about to be sold to a property developer.


But now its long term future is in doubt.


Going up in flames, part of Birmingham's heritage.


Northfield Manor was once the grand home of the Cadbury family.


This morning it was little more than a smouldering shell.


From above, the damage is even clearer.


The fire destroying almost all of the house.


It was the second time in 24 hours that West Midlands Fire Service had


We have to retain the building as much as possible.


We know children were using the site and were chased off at some point.


Putting the jigsaw together, we going along the lines


of arson but an investigation is underway.


For members of the Cadbury family, who used to live at Northfield


Manor, shock at the fire and concern for the local community.


The sad thing about somebody making such a crime is that, it permeates


into the lives of so many other people who have strong memories,


very happy memories and it is a direct attack on their memory and


Since 1953 it's been owned by the University of Birmingham


and used as halls of residence, but in 2007 it was boarded up.


The question now is simply, has Northfield Manor been too badly


Farmers across the region are making the most of recent dry weather


But some are concerned that because many chemical sprays have


been banned or restricted under EU law, their yields could be lower


than expected and claim their crops have been more prone to disease.


It means that despite the recent weeks of sunshine, they


probably won't be recording the bumper crop they were hoping for.


It was a mild winter so lots of the disease didn't get killed.


It was a wet winter and wet spring which may have had


A former parent`governor of Golden Hillock School in Birmingham,


which was one of the schools at the centre of the so called Trojan Horse


plot, says he'll continue to work to support his children's school.


A report into the alleged plot by Muslim extremists found there was


evidence of an aggressive Islamist ethos in some of the schools.


Mohammed Ashraf was taking part in a debate


about the political fallout from the row, which resulted in five schools


Our reporter Lindsay Doyle is at the Drum in Birmingham for us tonight


So Lindsay how did this debate come about?


It is the result of a debating society that follows on from a


famous debating society that used to exist at being `` Birmingham is a


site `` Birmingham University. It looks that people affected in


Birmingham. Tonight it was the subject of the Trojan Horse plots.


People were given the chance to express their views on what they


have thought of this story developing of the last four months.


He said he was impressed by the knowledge of the reports carried out


and says although he is no longer a governor, he intends to continue


fighting to improve children's education. We need to give our


children better. We're not going to go away. We have to make sure we


give our children every opportunity, every single parent and every


community a chance. We have to do that. That is a priority. This was a


chance for local people to give their opinions and views stop there


was no official representatives here from the council or from Ofsted. The


chance of people to say how they feel about the way things have been.


There was more medal success for our athletes at the


Commonwealth Games today, with one silver and two bronze.


The silver was won by 20`year`old Jazmin Sawyers from Stoke


Her final jump was just two centimetres short of


But there was disappointment for Shara Proctor in the same event.


Despite leading the rankings going into the final, the 25`year`old,


who trains with the Birchfield Harriers, pulled up injured in her


The Bronze medals came from the England team in the Para lawn bowls.


Birmingham's Bob Love showed great skill bowling with his feet and


Paul Brown, from Ross`On`Wye Bowling Club, helped England beat


Scotland in the bronze medal match with his last bowl of the contest.


We'll be back at Breakfast from just before 6.30 tomorrow morning.


I'll leave you with the weather from Rebecca.


It has been a day of sunshine and showers and as we had to the next


few days, we continue with that theme. We have more rain in the


forecast. There would be some sunny spells at times. Our temperatures


are going to be down on where they have been recently. Overnight


tonight, we have some clear skies developing. It is a dry end to the


day and dry as we head into tomorrow. Trumpeters will drop away.


Towns and cities, we are staying between 13 and 15 Celsius. Tomorrow


begins nicely in the south and east of the region. Across the north and


west, we have showers. It will become more persistent. Temperatures


are going to struggle. For the south and east, it is a little better.


There is more on the way in the National forecast next.


Rain for Saturday. Now to John who will take you through the national


forecast across the UK. Hello there. You may have to find


ways of occupying the children. A lot of rain for some, not so much


for others. That was the way in July but overall whelmingly warm. Not as


warm as last year but it continues the run of months with higher than


average temperatures. The eighth now in a row. On to August, a few


showers around. That is across the north and the west. Lots of dry


weather between. A mild night at dawn, the temperatures about the


mid-teens. You may wake up to sunshine but the general trend


through the day is for things to deteriorate across the northern and


western parts of England and Wales where the showers will begin to


merge into


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