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Good afternoon. sunshine in again.


Protestors have held a demonstration outside the grounds


of Hereford United football club, asking fans to boycott


Tommy Agombar has failed to deal with the club's debts as promised.


The shortfall was part of the reason its now playing


There was anger and distrust as many fans boycotted the first game. They


claimed the new owners want to asset strip the club.


We need honesty, accuracy and sense coming out.


The truth is not much to ask for. Until we get a proper club, run


properly again, we will be here. It is very frustrating


not being inside. For those people to be


outside, it is heartbreaking. Fans still came to watch.


I don't want to protest outside, it's not earning any money.


I've been a supporter since the 1960s.


There was as many supporters outside as inside.


This was the first match of the season.


The club should have been playing in the conference league but their


debts knocked them out of the game. Those debts were bought with


the assets. The new owner has insisted that he


is paying the debts and saving the club.


I love my football. I have come down here. I didn't know anything about


leases, I came down to save this club.


and saving the club. They should embrace Tommy


and give them a chance. He has put a lot of money


into the club. He could los that money.


We want to preserve the history of the club and turn


into a legacy for the future. But the money still is to be found


and there is a creditors meeting this week.


The owner says the land around the pitch may have to be developed.


They say they will be trying to save the club.


Almost 570 people watched the match, which Hereford lost, 2`0.


Firefighters across the region walked out today,


as part of a series of strikes planned for the next seven days.


The industrial action by the Fire Brigades Union is due to take


place every day between midday and two o'clock, and again from


It's part of an ongoing dispute with the government over pension changes.


Around 100 health campaigners from around the country travelled


to Staffordshire today to join the demonstration against paediatric


and critical care services being downgraded at Stafford hospital.


Protestors have been camping on a field next door to the site


They issued an open invitation today for supporters to join them for a


barbeque, and to share experiences about saving local NHS facilities.


A museum in Warwick held a special open day today to celebrate the


The refit of the Warwickshire Yeomanry Museum was


paid for with the help of a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.


The reopening was organised as part of the commemorations


of the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War.


It celebrates the history of the volunteer regiment that was the


Default very bravely in the Boer War and the first and Second World War


is. More recently, some other units have been out in Bosnia and


Afghanistan. `` default. Let's bring you


the football results now and in the Championship Birmingham City


lost to Middlesbrough 2`0. In League one, Coventry City


lost to Bradford, 3`2. While Port Vale drew


at home to Walsall,1`1. In League Two, Shrewsbury drew 2`2


against WimbledonCheltenham beat Bury, 1`0 while Burton Albion also


won against Oxford United 1`0. And finally in the Conference


League, it ended in a 0`0 draw for Nuneaton lost 3`0 at Eastleigh,


while Telford AFC against Welling Let's take a look


at the weather now. Good evening. After a fine day,


things go downhill. The Met office has a yellow warning in force for


heavy rain tomorrow. A fine day for many today. The renal start to creep


up from the south`west. Not cold, overnight lows of 14 degrees. We


could potentially see and ensure train tomorrow over high ground. The


winds will strengthen in the afternoon, gusts of 40 miles an


hour. That's all for now. We will be back tomorrow evening. Goodbye.


Good evening. Conditions in the next 24 hours may not match those of the


big storms of autumn and winter but they will make for an unpleasant


summer staples of already some unpleasant conditions here, wet and


very windy, but it is this low tide on to what once was hurricane


Bertha, which has now set its track for the UK as we go through Sunday.


Arriving to some southern and western areas as we start the day,


but let's concentrate on the southern half of the country for


tomorrow, this is where the wettest and windiest conditions will be to


begin with. Rain spreading across some parts, some of which will be


heavy. Strong winds across the South coast and then another surge which


could cause some damage pushing in from the west later. The most




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