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rediscovering the feel of them. That is all for now. I will be back with


Good evening. the late news here on


The West Midlands UKIP MEP, Bill Etheridge, is calling for a national


newspaper to apologise, after it ran a front page story saying he'd told


the party's youth wing to emulate Hitler's style of public speaking.


Mr Etheridge says the Mail on Sunday's article is


A conference for the UK Independence Party's youth wing


During it a number of speeches, including one given


by this man Bill Etheridge the newly elected Midlands MEP.


He's now made it onto the front page of the Mail on Sunday


after it published claims he told his young audience they should copy


He says that's not what happened at all.


All I was saying is that through the years people have had different


Different speakers have done different things.


We speak of a whole range of people, Tony Blair gets a mention.


Yes he does but with the precursor that he was


However he had a particular style of public speaking that I was


He says he's furious about being headline news


They are looking for something juicier to have a go


at me and whole party on and it is not going to be allowed to stand.


I'm going to fight against this and I'm going to demand an apology.


This is the worst possible thing you can say to anyone,


Mr Etheridge has promised that if any constituents are concerned


about the article and want to talk to him, his door is open.


Amy Cole, BBC Midlands Today, Sedgley


A 26`year`old man from Sparkhill in Birmingham, has been arrested on


suspicion of attending a terrorist training camp in Pakistan.


He was arrested at Manchester Airport on Friday evening having


Officers believe he was at the training camp in 2011.


He's now been released by West Midlands Police on conditional bail.


The Kidderminster Arts Festival got underway this weekend,


with two special tributes to the First World War in the town centre.


Organisers say they hope the festival will help renew


a sense of pride in the town, which has been neglected


in recent years but which is about to undergo a major regeneration.


Kidderminster high Street has been transformed.


This is a tribute to the First World War.


An outline for every West Midlands servicemen killed in the conflict.


It is hoped the event will bring in new people


I really do it is nice to have some indifferent.


I don't know that it will help to be honest,


It is not just for a weekend as there are big plans


for several regeneration projects in the pipeline.


This is one of the areas for regeneration.


Some of these buildings will go and it'll become pedestrianised and this


It is a town with a proud manufacturing history but many argue


One resident is hoping to bring the past up`to`date.


This man wants to turn this disused printing factory in to wreak


With the other schemes going on, undoubtedly Kidderminster will be


in a better place in for five years time.


It has the potential and it just needs someone to press buttons.


Other businesses agree things are run up.


The weavers at Parc Lane has recently been


renovated and is benefiting from investment in the area.


This town was in decline but now we have two businesses


Hopefully now businesses going upwards.


It is good for us and give the people around.


The arts festival is on for the next two weeks and the first stage


in this major redevelopment could be completed as early as next year.


The internet retailer Amazon says it wants to increase the number of


people it employs at peak times in Staffordshire to 3000 by next year.


The company's looking to make changes to its Rugeley depot


at Tower Business Park, potentially creating another 350 full time jobs.


The expansion plans are due to be discussed by Cannock Chase Council


There's one football result to bring you today in the Championship,


and Wolverhampton Wanderers made a great start to the season beating


The goal came from Dave Edwards in the 64th minute, set up


Severn Trent Water says the firm's received four times


as many calls as usual because of today's stormy weather.


Teams have been on standby to deal with any flood related problems.


Seven flood alerts remain in place for the region.


So let's find out what's in the Midlands forecast now,


We are seeing the winds pick up. The Met office has a warning, be


prepared for 50 mile an hour gusts. There will be outbreaks of rain but


it starts to dry up. Not particularly cold, lows of 10


Celsius. Tomorrow there will be dry and bright spells around. In the


afternoon a few showers may creep in which could be heavy. They will pass


in the blustery wind. We were still feel quite cool and we will keep the


wind in the first half of the week. The national weather forecast is


next, while I'll be back with the late news bulletin just


after a quarter past ten tonight. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday


evening. Hello there. With reports of


flooding and wind damage in some parts of the UK, hurricane Bertha




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